20 Years Old No Job No School: What Can I Do?

If you are 20 years old no job no school, then this blog post is for you!

We will answer your questions about what to do if you’re 20 years old and unemployed. There’s hope for the future; there are things that can be done to help make life a little easier.

You don’t have to live with your parents forever – no matter how much they want you to.

Read on below to learn more about what we feel 20-year-olds should know when they have no job and no school.

How am I supposed to find a job when nobody’s hiring?

If you’re at a loss on how to find a job when nobody is hiring, don’t worry. You can take steps to make yourself more marketable and then plan for the future. Starting with these three tips will help you find your way out of this difficult labour market.

  • Identify your skills
  • Find out what you’re looking for in a job
  • Get an idea of the market demand and cost for certain jobs
  • Look at job postings online to see if they match up with what you’re looking for
  • Apply, apply, apply – be persistent!
  • If all else fails, try volunteering or interning somewhere that interests you while you look for a full-time opportunity!

Can you get a job without ever going to school?

You don’t have to go to college or graduate school if you want a job. There are plenty of jobs for 20-year-olds that don’t require any education at all! You can be employed as an office administrator, receptionist, event planner, and more without ever going to school.

I’m 20 years old no job no school

Twenty can be tough. They have a lot of pressure to find success in their careers or at least get an education. They often feel like they don’t know what to do with their lives and that the only option is living with parents for the rest of their life. But there are things they should know when they have no job and no school.

20-year-olds should know that it’s not too late to get a career or an education – the worst thing for them is 20 years of unemployment, which is common when you’re 20 with nothing on your resume.

20 Years Old No Job No School
20 Years Old No Job No School

I don’t know what to do with my life

20-year-olds should know that 20 is the time when they can figure out what their passions are and find a job in those fields. They shouldn’t worry so much about where to go to college or if they need graduate school; instead, they should focus on figuring out what kind of life goals they want for themselves.

My parents are worried about me

20-year-olds should know that 20 is the age where they can get a job and pay for their own living expenses. They who live with their parents shouldn’t be too worried about not finding work because they are sometimes just at the beginning of starting careers or jobs.

What should I do now that I’ve graduated high school and am still unemployed?

If you’re feeling lost about what to do now that you’ve graduated high school and still don’t have a job, take a look at this blog post. Here I’ll be sharing some of the most helpful tips on finding work after graduation. First, make sure your resume is up-to-date and in good shape before applying for jobs. Next, check out these five steps to find the right job for you:

  1. Identify your skills;
  2. research companies or industries that could use those skills;
  3. create an online portfolio of work samples from past experiences;
  4. apply for seasonal work with employers who are hiring near where you live;
  5. put together an interview outfit.

Is it bad not to have a job at 20?

It is common to feel worried about not having a job at 20.  What are the risks? How will I live my life without an income? These worries can make you lose sleep and eat poorly, which in turn could affect your health. Let’s talk about some pros and cons of being unemployed at 20 years old.

Pros: You have more time for school or other interests, such as volunteering or travelling;

Cons: You may be tempted to spend money frivolously because you don’t have any coming in; You might get too comfortable with unemployment, so it’ll be even harder when you do find work again.

Is it normal not to have a job at 20?

It’s a common misconception that at 20, you should have already found your dream job and be well on your way to building a successful career. But the reality is, many people don’t land their dream jobs until much later in life. In fact, it can take up to 10 years for someone to find their ideal profession.

It’s very normal not to start working right out of college—even if you’re an engineering major or computer science graduate- so it doesn’t mean anything when there are no jobs listed under experience on your resume now! You’ll just need more time before landing a great position with all the qualities you want.

Is it too late to get a job at 20?

If you are a job seeker who is over the age of 20, then it might seem like your options for employment have dried up. No worries! There are many companies that will hire people in their 20s and 30s as well as their 40s and 50s. It’s never too late to find a job!

Is working full time and going to school hard?

Working full-time and going to school is hard, but it can be done.  One of the best ways to balance your work schedule and your studies is by taking a part-time job that you enjoy.

If you are able to find a part-time job with flexible hours or one that does not require much traveling, then this will make balancing both worlds easier for you. It will also give you more free time in the evenings and on weekends, which means more studying time!

However, if working at least thirty hours per week seems too difficult for you, there are other options such as night classes or online courses (which allow students to complete their coursework on their own schedules).


The most important thing to remember is that you are not alone. You might be feeling lost and hopeless, but don’t let this discourage or stop you from trying new things to find your way back on track. If any of the suggestions we recommend seem like a good fit for you, give them a try!


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