How To Create Avatar Inspired Eye Makeup?

An avatar inspired eye makeup is an eye makeup look that mirrors avatars in virtual worlds. Virtual worlds are simulated environments where people’s avatars can do new things, experience many different things, and have real lives.

Avatars are the representation of a person in these worlds. Avatars inspire the makeup in this look. A lot of people have been looking for the right makeup look that can look like an avatar.

They have been coming up with a variety of ideas, such as the selfie makeup face, tribal makeup, and some others. Some people have even tried to combine these things to make one look like an avatar.

This article will give the readers some ideas about creating avatar-inspired eye makeup.

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The History Of Avatars In Media And How They Came Into Fashion

Avatars have been around since the dawn of time. In the Avatar: The Last Airbender series, people portray themselves as avatars in their virtual worlds. These avatars are created by the users themselves and have become very popular in the late 2000s and up to now.

Some people have even gone as far as to have their own virtual world or even a social-media application where people can create avatars for themselves and other people who join this service.

Avatar Inspired Eye Makeup
Avatar Inspired Eye Makeup

How To Create Avatar Inspired Eye Makeup?

1. Choose A Color Scheme: Choose colors that represent your favorite avatar. You can choose colors that you think match the avatar’s primary color(s) or colors that represent their culture. For example, a water tribe avatar may choose blue and white colors as their main colors. You can also choose the colors that fit into the avatar’s personality and emotional state.

2. Choose A Pattern: You can choose a pattern that resembles your favorite avatar’s texture or create a texture inspired by the avatar. For example, an avatar that is made of metal may have metal texture makeup, or an avatar with leaves and flowers may use leaf and flower patterns.

3. Choose A Tinted Eye Base: Apply a tinted eye base to create a solid color for your eyeshadow to be applied on top of.

4. Apply Eyeliner: Choose a liner color that corresponds with the tinted eye base color.

5. Apply Eye Makeup: Apply an eye shadow on top of the liner to create an eye makeup look that looks like your favorite avatar

6. Apply Highlighter: Use a highlighter eyeshadow to enhance your skin texture and create a radiance effect for your eyeshadow look.

7. Apply Mascara: Apply mascara on your eyelashes to create the effect of an avatar’s eyes.

8. Add Eyeliner: Apply a thin liner line to create the avatar’s eyes, eyebrows, and lashes.

9. Apply Lipstick: Add a lipstick color that compliments your skin tone and creates a print effect for your face look.

What To Wear With Your Avatar Makeup?

Any makeup look will be incomplete without being paired with the right outfit to wear. Since most of the time, people wear a costume piece or a skin when they make their avatar, it is recommended that you wear clothes that are made out of similar materials as the avatar.

Anime Makeup Tips:

You can check out these makeup tips while creating your avatar-inspired eye makeup if you are into anime.

1. Practice Makes Perfect: If a design or pattern is too complex for you to do, start off with something simpler and easier and gradually move on to more complex designs.

2. Use Eyeshadows: In addition to liner and mascara, you can use eyeshadows to create colorful eye makeup. You can also use colors that represent your favorite character or television show.

3. Use Colored Mascara: Use colored mascara on your eyelashes to create an eye makeup look.

4. Try Various Makeup Techniques: Try out different techniques such as winged eyeliner, sponged shadow application, or using different textures for your eye makeup looks. You can also use techniques on your eyeshadow, such as strobing or using metallic colors.

5. Mouth Makeup: You can also try out different mouths makeup techniques such as using lip liners, lipsticks, and glosses for different designs for your mouth.

Last-Minute Tips For Trying Out The New Look

When you are trying out a new makeup look, try it out before going to the party so that you will know how it looks when you put on makeup.


Creating an avatar-inspired eye makeup is actually a lot easier than it seems. You can choose a light-colored liner to add some definition to your eyes, whereas for your lips, you can choose a lipstick or gloss that gives off a shiny effect. Now that you have learned how to create one, what are you waiting for? Try creating this look out of different patterns and textures.

You can share and tag your look photos on Facebook and Instagram to have your friends and fans see what you have created. You can also share it with us on our page.

We would love to see and know about your creations so that we can bring the best out of them for our followers. So, let’s get started!

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