Average Lifespan Of A Rebound Relationship

The average lifespan of a rebound relationship is 6 months. This is the time that it takes for this kind of relationship to reach a conclusion.

That’s what makes it so important to know how long a rebound relationship is to avoid any issues that may arise during its lifespan.

In trying to figure out how long a rebound relationship lasts, it’s important that one takes into account the fact that there are no clear rules or regulations for the amount of time that it takes to recover from the loss of a loved one.

It all depends on what kind of person one is and how long it takes to bounce back from any loss. Some people recover quickly, whereas others take longer. The same can be said for the duration of a rebound relationship.

Take note that every man or woman goes through this stage from time to time in their lives – it’s just normal and natural for them.

What Is A Rebound Relationship?

A rebound relationship is one that occurs after a relationship has ended and is kind of an unusual way of dealing with this particular occurrence.

It can be a love-at-first-sight type of situation in which you think you will never find another person as compatible as your ex.

However, this feeling quickly subsides when the excitement begins to wear off, and the curiosity gets to work. You are now convinced that the original relationship was not working for you, and you need a change.

Average Lifespan Of A Rebound Relationship
Average Lifespan Of A Rebound Relationship

The Average Lifespan Of A Rebound Relationship

The lifespan of a rebound relationship is 6 months. This is the time that it takes for this kind of relationship to reach a conclusion.

There are different reactions to this kind of situation, and it all depends on how fast you want to move on with your life and how much you love your ex.

If you loved her deeply, then the process will take longer than if you were not that attached to her in the first place. In cases like this, the rebound phase will start in a few days and last for weeks.

After that, it will last for months until the emotions die down and you can move on with life without thinking about your former partner.

Do Rebounds Make You Miss Your Ex More?

Rebounding does make you miss your ex more than you would if you chose not to. When you break up with someone, it’s natural that you will have some regrets of your own.

You will now see just how great they truly are while they are gone. Everything begins to change and get worse when a rebound relationship progresses.

Then, it begins to wear off again, and you remember why you ever allowed yourself to be in a relationship with your ex in the first place.

How Long Do Rebound Relationships Usually Last?

The average lifespan of a rebound relationship is 6 months. This is the time that it takes for this kind of relationship to reach a conclusion.

That’s what makes it so important to know how long a rebound relationship is to avoid any issues that may arise during its lifespan.

Is It Still A Rebound After 6 Months?

After 6 months, the rebound phase will be over, and you may think that this kind of relationship is a thing of the past. However, it’s only a matter of time before things return to how they were before.

After all, is said and done, you may realize that their first 6 months were not wasted at all. You are stronger now because of it, and you are ready to move on with life in your own way.

All those little quirks that my ex once took for granted seem to disappear, and now he seems like someone else altogether.

How Long Does The Honeymoon Phase Last In A Rebound Relationship?

The honeymoon phase takes approximately six months to begin in a rebound relationship. After that, you begin to understand just how much your ex loved you, and the magic begins to wear off.

You are now in a very strange situation because it’s one thing for someone else to be in love with you and them to leave you when it’s time for them to move on.

How Long Does The Honeymoon Phase Last In A Rebound Relationship

It’s another thing entirely when they are always around and continue to make your life difficult even though they know that they do not want you.

Do Rebound Relationships Move Fast?

Rebounds usually start out slowly before picking up speed. However, some rebound relationships move faster than others.

If you are someone who does not want to get over your ex as fast as possible, then this is probably not the type of relationship for you. Without stressing you out too much, these relationships will move as fast as they need to.

Rebound Relationship Success Rate

There is no real success rate with these types of love affairs because this kind of rebound relationship can be a real nightmare if the rebound is the original partner.

However, if the rebound person is someone completely new who has little to no ties to your ex, then the chances that this will work out, in the end, are high.

According to statistics, many couples come back together and stay together without any problems whatsoever.

Rebound Relationship Stages

The stages of a rebound relationship follow the process of grieving. You will have to go through denial, anger, bargaining, and acceptance before you can finally move on with your life and avoid looking for a new person to be in a rebound relationship with.

The best course of action is to allow yourself to fully understand the initial stages of this love affair before moving forward with it.

Rebound Relationship Stages
Rebound Relationship Stages

It’s better to consider this as another type of grieving process where you come to terms with your life after your former partner passed away or left you in any other way possible.

Rebound Or Second Chance?

Many people choose to get into a rebound relationship in order to feel better about themselves and not think so much about their ex. It can be an easier way of returning from the relationship and providing what you need in those dark times.

If it’s a second chance, then you will want to avoid the rebound phase completely and work on your issues head-on. If your ex is willing to give you another chance, then don’t waste another minute making up for lost time.

Rebound Relationship Stages For Dumper

The stages of a rebound relationship for the dumpee will be very different from the dumper. This is because you are dealing with two different sets of emotions.

You are still upset about losing your former partner, and, at the same time, you are becoming excited about your new love interest. To clear all confusion on how this will work, we are going to look at both sides separately.

Signs Rebound Relationship Ending:

If you find yourself in a rebound relationship, you will have to accept that this relationship will end at some point in time.

However, if you are not looking to get over your ex, this may not be the best way to do so. You will want to move on with your life but not just yet.

Signs Rebound Relationship Ending
Signs Rebound Relationship Ending

In order to know when the right time and date is for the end of this kind of relationship, pay attention to these signs and how they relate to your partner:

  1. The person starts to get less and less interested in the relationship.
  2. They begin to take you for granted and expect you to be at their disposal all of the time.
  3. They have less and less time for you as days go by.
  4. The person stops trying to make you happy and is just out looking for their happiness at all times.
  5. The person begins to make excuses instead of showing up when they say they will be there for you in the first place.
  6. The person starts to act differently and may even become passive-aggressive at some point.
  7. The person begins to avoid you as much as they can instead of reaching out to you when they need something.
  8. The person begins to withdraw from any kind of social activity that has anything to do with their new partner.
  9. The person stops communicating altogether and stays out of the picture when you try to contact them.
  10. The person starts spending more time with their new partner than they do with you in the first place.
  11. The person becomes more and more disinterested in your relationship, and it shows more and more. It is not just wishful thinking on your part.
  12. The person stops doing little things for you when you need a little pick-me-up. They can’t do the small things that make you feel at home with them any longer if they ever did at all in the first place.

What Should I Do If My Rebound Relationship Doesn’t Have A Good Ending?

If you are someone looking for a rebound relationship but only to move on from your ex, then the chances of this ending in a bad way will be quite high.

You can be single while dating this person, but that doesn’t mean that they are going to give you what you need.

It is probably best to make it clear right away that there is no future between the two of you. Whatever feelings, thoughts, and emotions you have for each other will all get lost in time.

What Should I Do If My Rebound Relationship Is Going Really Well?

Despite all of these signs or warnings, it doesn’t mean that this rebound relationship should never happen at all. There will be some of you who are not even looking for a rebound relationship but must have ended up in one.

This is the kind of love affair that you will want to hold on to and cherish no matter what happens. You may have found the person of your dreams or someone who can help you to move on with your life without so much hurt or grief.

What Are Some Things I Should Watch Out For When Starting A Rebound Relationship?

The discovery period is the most important phase in any relationship. You need to be prepared for the following situations, whether you are on the rebound or not:

  • Accidents
  • Feeling all alone when there is no one else around.
  • Being convinced that they are being “unfaithful” because they were out with their ex-partner instead of being at your side all of the time.
  • Fears that they still love their ex-partner or someone else completely and will leave you again at any moment in time. You may also be worried about all of those things that you cannot control and cannot do anything about either, for that matter.
  • Extreme jealousy and insecurity.
  • Fear of change in your relationship that might be forced on you by the other person who is in a different kind of relationship than the one they are in at the moment.
  • Anger towards the new partner that they are still with their ex instead of being with you. You will have to learn how to deal with these kinds of situations which haven’t even happened yet and still, may never happen if this is not what you want out of a relationship or out of life altogether, for that matter.
  • Pressure from the new partner to get married or to start having children. For some people, this is all an added pressure that they do not need in their life at all. In essence, it can be a sign that your head is ruling you and that you have already been hurt too many times before for anything.
  • Fears of ending up with someone who doesn’t have the same kind of relationship as you have had with your ex or who doesn’t even understand it at all could cause some confusion and frustration on your part as well if they really don’t understand it any better than you do.
  • Not being able to be happy with someone new and trusting that they can deliver the kind of happiness you want from a relationship.
  • The fear of them ending up with someone who they do not really love at all or are too scared to really open up and let into their life as a whole or have anyone else in it.
  • Not trusting yourself, thinking you will be hurt in some way down the road without even knowing it yet when all of this is over in your mind anyway.

Can A Rebound Relationships Work?

A rebound relationship can work, or it can fail just like any other kind of relationship. The idea is to really think about what you want from life and from this person you are getting involved with.

If you are still looking for an ex-partner, then there is a chance that this will fail at some point in time. It can also be very draining on your part if you don’t know that it is not what you want in the first place and only do this out of obligation or a sense of duty.

If it doesn’t work out after your rebound relationship takes place, then don’t blame yourself for anything, including the amount of time you have taken to heal and recover from your last relationship. If your ex “did you wrong,” then that is their problem more than yours.

Are Rebound Relationships Dangerous?

Yes, they can be dangerous. Many people go into relationships with rebound mates thinking that they will be guaranteed the kind of happiness and love that they got out of their last relationship but do not really think about where it comes from or what it is that they want from this new person.

Rebound relationships can be very good and fun as long as you ensure that you are safe and responsible. Know what kind of person you are getting involved with, and make sure to have someone who has a lot in common with your ex or who is at least open to change on your part.

How To End Rebound Relationship?

There is no easy way to do this. A simple text message or a phone call will not be enough, so you need to be prepared for this in advance. You need to take care of things no matter how hard it will be for you. This is the only way that you can move on from anything and not look back at any point in time.

You may want to try again with your ex if they have done something to win back your heart and prove it all over again, even though there are no guarantees that this will work out in your favor at all.

What Happens When A Rebound Relationship Ends?

Something will happen when a rebound relationship ends, and it doesn’t have to be a bad thing at all. When you get over your ex-partner and move on from the situation, you can consider yourself in the clear.

You can go back to living the way you were before or make some changes that you need to make in order to be happy before anything else happens.

If this is not what you want out of life at all, then it is time for you to re-evaluate your life, your current situation, and how things went wrong not only with your ex but in other places as well.

The Bottom Line

A rebound relationship can end up turning your life upside down, and it may not be a good way to start getting involved with someone new. You need to know what your limits are, what you want out of life, and from someone else as well.

This is not a normal relationship, so you have to think about things differently here. Make sure that you get it right this time, and don’t repeat the same mistakes repeatedly for the rest of your life once this is all over in one way or another.


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