Why Do Bipolar Sudden Breakups: Best Tips For You

Bipolar sudden breakups can be a very difficult time for those involved and people who know them.

It can come on suddenly, just as it did for my partner and me, going from something that was great to be cut off with no warning or explanation.

It’s also incredibly painful when you are someone bipolar has pushed away because they feel like they do not want to talk or think about the potential difficulties of their illness.

This article will cover some of the most important information anyone could want to know on what I call bipolar sudden breakups.

We will give you some tips on what to do and what not to do, how to prepare for one, how to spot it coming, how to get out of the way, and so much more.

What Is A Bipolar Sudden Breakups?

A sudden bipolar breakup is when your partner suffers from bipolar disorder and has a drastic change in mood and behavior. This can happen without warning; for example, my partner was very happy on the phone one day, and then the next day (afternoon), I got off work at 1:00 pm, and she went crazy on me, saying she wanted to break up with me.

This sudden change of mood can also be accompanied by their reasoning for having a breakdown or a separation. They do not want to talk about it or explain why they feel this way even though they were perfectly fine just hours before.

Do Bipolar People Struggle With Breakups?

It is important to note that bipolar people who suffer from prolonged sickness and take medication for their bipolar illness still have a tendency to go through a bipolar breakup. Whether it be weeks or months, they are going through this transition.

My partner was living with me, had never had a bipolar breakdown, was on medication and taking it regularly, but then all of a sudden, she developed severe symptoms of disease and felt she needed to break up with me because she didn’t think her condition would ever get better.

Some people that are bipolar do not have to struggle with breakups, but unfortunately, it is a common occurrence.

Bipolar Sudden Breakups
Bipolar Sudden Breakups

Why Do Bipolar Push Partner Away?

When my partner had her bipolar breakdown, she didn’t realize that I wasn’t going anywhere and we were going to work through it as a team. She was in denial of what was happening and believed everything would work itself out.

Then she would go off on me and blame me for her illness because I was the one who had to “push her away” or give a speech about how much I cared about her.

After her bipolar breakdown, she didn’t afford me any time to process what was going on and how I could help her. She felt that it was my job to get out of the way and let her do what she wanted because she was sick.

Can A Breakup Trigger Bipolar?

I believe a sudden breakup can trigger a bipolar breakdown because it is taking away from their normal life routine and throwing something in the mix that is causing them stress. This stress, for many, then turns into depression or anxiety, which can cause symptoms of bipolar disorder.

They may also believe that getting rid of their partner (some people you love because of their bipolar disorder) will allow them more time to do the things they want to do and give them that feeling of normalcy.

Bipolar Sudden Breakups Explained

Basically, a breakup is when someone gets pushed out. They are left feeling uncomfortable and pushed aside in their own relationships.

When they notice that they are going through a breakup, this can cause them to feel upset and confused because they cannot understand what’s happening or why?

If a person feels this way, they have entered into a bipolar sudden breakdown described in the next section.

Bipolar Sudden Breakups  Group

This is a group for people who are partners to others with bipolar disorder but also want to talk about this recurring issue. Sometimes it can be heartbreaking when your partner goes through a bipolar breakup and doesn’t tell you they are going through it.

They may deny it or lie to you, and you may have no idea that your loved one is having a problem. Bipolar people will have certain triggers, and often times their diagnosis will play a huge role in how they act during the breakup process.

They may lash out at you, speak harshly to you, or ignore all contact with you. This can be very hard to handle, especially if you are with someone long-term and you do not understand that a bipolar breakup is going on.

Bipolar Sudden Breakups Medication

My partner was on medication and had been taking it regularly. She saw her doctor every three months, and they both agreed that the dosage she was taking was sufficient and there should be no problems.

I saw her every day at work but didn’t register the fact that she was starting to dip into my prescription because of her bipolar disorder.

I thought everything was great, but one day after work, she called me off the phone in tears, wanting to break up with me. She was having a bipolar breakdown and felt like she needed to be alone because I pushed her away.

How Bipolar Sudden Breakups Affects Your Relationship?

The longer you are in a relationship with someone, the more comfortable you become with them. If you aren’t aware of major things going on in their lives and appear to be fine, then it can be very difficult when they have a bipolar breakdown. It is hard to understand that they are not okay or that their condition is getting the best of them.

It can also affect your own mental health when you feel the person that you have committed your life to is disappearing from their own space for no reason at all. You may be left feeling very depressed because they don’t seem to care about you anymore, or they have completely shut you out.

My partner had been dating me long-term, and I thought she loved me (even though we were very different). It’s hard to understand that even when someone says they love you, that doesn’t mean they will not still experience symptoms of bipolar disorder.

How Do I Know If I Am Having A Bipolar Sudden Breakups?

I believe that the first time you develop a bipolar breakdown, you have no idea what is going on or why? You may be sitting in your room sobbing and not knowing why. Some people will blame the person they are with or blame themselves.

They will feel like they have no control over their emotions and feelings and end up feeling completely lost and alone.

If you do not take the time to understand what is going on, it can last for a long time, sometimes years, before someone finally realizes they are having a bipolar breakdown.

Bipolar Sudden Breakups Curing

It can take years before someone finally gets the help they need. If you want to know how to help someone with a sudden bipolar breakdown, I suggest reading my article on the topic “How To Help A Bipolar Person With Their Breakdown,” located below.

There are a few things that you can do if you are in a relationship and they are having a bipolar sudden breakups such as-

Help Them Understand What Is Going On

Try not to jump in and tell them all the bad things that may have caused their breakdown. Instead, give them time to practice and figure out what has caused this breakdown.

Ask Them How You Can Help

Sometimes, the person in the middle of a bipolar breakdown might not understand what is happening, but they do want or need help. Don’t give up on them or push them away when they initially seek your help.

Listen To What You Hear

You may be able to help because it might be something small that you didn’t realize was affecting their life. If this is the case, then let them know that you want to help and think about how you can do so.

Alternatively, if you feel like there is no solution for their problems, then even just talking it over with someone else can be helpful.

Help Them See That They Are Not Alone

If they want to leave, but you don’t want them to, then help them understand that you do not want to hurt or reject them. Even though bipolar disorder will always be there, they can appreciate your love and support if they know that you believe in their recovery.

Seek Professional Help

This may be the best option because there are programs out there that help people with bipolar disorder get the help they need.

The goal of those programs is for them to learn various coping skills and learn about the triggers that cause breakdowns and the best ways to deal with them.

Bipolar Sudden Breakups Survival Tips

If you find yourself in this situation, there are several things that you can do. I have listed a few of the best tips below to help your partner through this moment and allow them to move forward.

I also want to stress that those who are suffering from bipolar disorder need professional help, and they should not suffer alone in their room day after day because they feel lost, depressed, and scared.

Here are some tips and tricks that can be extremely helpful when it comes to helping someone with a bipolar sudden breakdown:

Talk About It

Try not to get defensive every time they speak harshly or act like you don’t exist. Share with them what you are feeling and talk about their feelings as much as possible.

You may help them understand bipolar disorder a little better or give them someone to talk to who understands the broken-down experiences.

Offer Solutions

It may be hard for them to understand what they need in order to get through the day, but if they are willing to let you help, then try offering a few options. You can also ask how they feel about each option before deciding what is best for them.

Don’t Leave If They Are Not Ready

If your partner is not ready to support you, don’t push yourself too hard or too fast. Give them time to practice coping with bipolar disorder to keep their minds busy enough not to be overwhelmed.

Let Them Come To You

Don’t expect them to come to talk to you right away. It may be hard for your partner to bring up the bipolar disorder and explain why they are feeling so down. Instead, let them get through the day and then sit down and just listen when they are ready.

If you leave their space for long periods of time or constantly check up on them, it will make the person suffering from bipolar much more uncomfortable.

You are better off letting them come back when they are ready rather than inadvertently helping the cause by being intrusive or pushy.

Help Them Find A Therapist

Although they may not know it or realize that they need help, someone who has been through a sudden bipolar breakdown will eventually feel so lost that they will need to talk to someone.

If you see that they are in a downward spiral, then you can try to set up an appointment with someone who specializes in helping people with bipolar disorder.

Don’t Make It Worse

If you tell them a story about how you were in the same spot and grew stronger, it will only make them feel worse about themselves. It’s best to not talk about your own experiences unless asked and instead let them vent if needed.

Make Sure They Have An Outlet

Whether it is humor, sports, movies, or art, you can help your loved ones find an outlet that does not involve drugs or alcohol.

They will be able to find a new way to deal with their stress and bipolar disorder that does not involve hurting themselves or others around them.

Trust Them

The one thing your partner will want most is for you to trust them. No matter what they say or do after the bipolar sudden breakdown has occurred, take everything in stride and trust them when they tell you how they feel about things.

You may need to apologize for past mistakes but remind yourself that this person needs your support more than ever.

This is one of the hardest things to do, but it will help them feel like they are worth it.

One last thing that I want everyone to realize is that bipolar disorder is not as easy to deal with as you may think. You may think that your partner would be able to get over their bipolar disorder on their own, but you will find out soon enough that this isn’t always the case.

These tips can help your partner stay strong while they deal with the bipolar return symptoms and save your relationship from breaking down even further.

The Bottom Line

A lot of people experience bipolar sudden breakups, and they are really difficult to deal with. They can occur because your partner got sick or because you discovered bipolar disorder, leading to a momentary breakdown.

Either way, you need to know how to help the person suffering from bipolar disorder get through this rough patch and move on with their life.

Hopefully, these tips will help you get through the situation and leave with a better relationship than when you started out. One last thing that I want everyone to realize is that if you discover that your loved one is suffering from bipolar disorder, then don’t give up on them.

Trust them and try to understand the situation before making any rash decisions because there is no reason you should lose someone you love because of a treatable disorder.

Thank You for Reading.

If you found this article useful, please share it with your loved ones who may be struggling with what to do after a bipolar sudden breakdown if you have anything to add or want to ask any questions, feel free to post a comment below.

I hope that everyone who reads this article found it helpful in some way and you are all able to get through the situation in the best way possible.


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