Capricorn Man Libra Woman Break Up: Top 7 Reasons

Capricorn man Libra woman break up is one type of star combination that has its own uniqueness. The earth and Saturn rule it. Libra represents the female sign, while Capricorn represents the male sign.

This relationship might seem like an eternal love story, but it does not last for long in reality. Once the relationship ends, life will be very harsh for both parties involved.

To improve this relationship, one must give up all their desires for Capricorn man Libra woman and make them work together to achieve their goals and dreams.

Capricorn Man & Libra Woman

Capricorn Man

Capricorn man is known as the king of very ambitious, passionate, and hard-working people. They always have something in mind to do but are still good with giving time to others.

They also have a big heart that loves everyone and is capable of giving a second chance to anyone who has broken his heart before.

They never compromise two things in life: success and enjoyment without any regrets. The Capricorn man is always proud of his achievements but very shy to share them with others. They are also passionate and strong in their convictions.

Libras Woman

Libras are the most romantic signs. They love idealism, creativity, and all things related to love. They have a strong personality, they might sometimes seem superficial, but they have a good heart and a very warm nature.

Libra woman never leaves her parents, she is very sensitive to those who care for her, and she loves her family very much.

She has a unique way of loving others; she can treat them as she wants to be treated, which ultimately improves the relationship between Capricorn and Libra women.

Capricorn Man Libra Woman Break Up
Capricorn Man Libra Woman Break Up

Why Is Capricorn Man Libra Woman Break up? Top 7 Reasons:

1. One of the main reasons for this break up is that when two signs are so different in their attitudes and preferences, conflicts in making decisions will arise, which could lead to sudden endings of relationships.

2. Another reason is Libra is the most feminine of all the signs. She loves to be pampered and likes to give in at home. On the other hand, Capricorn man is far from being feminine, and he likes to control and manage everything in life.

Libra woman will face problems if she decides to live her life as per the rules and regulations set by him as she would like to focus much on love and romance than other things of life.

3. The third reason is even though both adore each other, there will be some opposition between them on many levels of their relationship.

Libra woman loves freedom while Capricorn man prefers commitment in relationships. This will lead to many problems and disagreements.

4. The fourth reason is since both of them are opposite signs, they do not tend to be compatible with each other in the long run.

If a Capricorn man thinks he has found his soul mate in the form of a Libra woman, but later on he realizes that she is not what he is looking for, he’ll become restless and think that his love has lost its charm.

On the flip side, if a Libra woman gets to know that her partner is not happy with her, she would want to change him/her into something else, which would make him/her feel uncomfortable.

5. The fifth reason is they both live in a world of their own and don’t pay much attention to each other. A Capricorn man will tend to be more responsible and practical, and a Libra woman would like to enjoy her freedom.

He’ll find it hard to face all the changes that may take place in his life if he decides to live with his partner for long, and he’ll start looking for someone else.

6. The sixth reason is that both of them are slow movers, so it will take time before they start sharing their feelings with each other, which makes it quite difficult for them to get into a relationship at first sight.

7. The seventh reason is; Capricorn man and Libra woman are totally opposite to each other in their approach towards love.

While a Capricorn man would take his time to make his feelings clear, a Libra woman would want to express her feelings right away, and that may lead to more trouble rather than assuring her of his commitment.

Does Capricorn Man Come Back After A Breakup?

Yes, they do feel the pain of separation, but as soon as they gather their senses, they move on in search of someone else who is better than their past partners.

They know that not everyone is going to be loyal and keep them happy for long, so they don’t expect anything from anyone in life.

They are not afraid to keep looking for new partners even if they have broken up with their current ones.

Does Libra Woman Come Back After A Breakup?

Yes, the Libra woman does return to the life of her former partner, but it will be quite a different story from the last relationship that she had with him/her.

She feels that she is quite different from her partner and feels like he/she is no longer attracted to her.

Her dates will be less demanding than what they used to be before, and as she starts living life on her own terms, she will feel that there is no need for such a serious relationship anymore. She will try to forget her past relationship and start a new one.

What Do Capricorns Think Of Libras?

A Libra woman will be good for a Capricorn man, but he’ll find it quite difficult to establish a relationship with the girl in an initial stage.

He’ll find it difficult to get along with her after a long time, and she’ll keep changing him/her as she expects him to be more responsible towards her.

He’ll feel that he is not understanding her as he is not able to respond in the same way that she wants him to.

Why Do Capricorns Hate Libras?

The reason is Capricorns are completely different from the Libra woman. They are extremely conservative and do not appreciate the way in which a Libra woman thinks and lives her life.

He feels that he cannot live with such a free spirit, which is not going to make him happy.

How Will Capricorn Man Act After Breakup?

After falling for an idealistic girl only to find out that she is not what he expected, she will look for a new partner who would be similar to her in some ways (both of them are money-oriented).

If she finds such a person, then she’ll move on with him/her. If she does not, she might start facing the consequences of living life on her own terms.

How Will Libra Woman Act After Breakup?

A Libra woman might decide to live a more quiet and lonely life, but she’ll be doing it to reduce the pain of loneliness.

How Will Libra Woman Act After Breakup
How Will Libra Woman Act After Breakup

She will try to forget about everything and start a new relationship where there will be no fear of getting hurt.

She’ll start feeling bad about her past relationship and will try to forget about him/her completely.

How Long Will It Take For Libra Woman To Move On?

The Libra woman will move on quite fast, as she’ll be ready to forget and start a new life. She’ll find it hard to remember her past relationship if she finds someone new, which is why she decides to move on.

How Long Will It Take For Capricorn Man To Move On?

A Capricorn man will take much time in moving on with a girl, as he’ll have other plans for the future. He’d rather not commit himself to any relationship due to having some important plans for the future.

Are There Any Symbols That Show The Capricorn Man And Libra Woman Relationship?

A Libra woman may wear a light blue color and match it with a scarf. A Capricorn man might wear darker colors.

Both of them may be seen wearing the same shades of colors, which indicates that their relationship could last for a longer period of time than what is expected to be.

It also shows that they are not afraid to live life on their own terms if they feel that things aren’t going according to plan.

Are There Any Other Similarities Between The Two Signs?

The answers will depend on the partners’ compatibility. The only similarity that both of them share is that they live their lives on their own terms and are quite conservative in nature.

The Bottom Line

Capricorn man Libra woman break up is one of the most common breakups between two opposite signs.

A Capricorn man will find it hard to deal with the changes that might take place in his life and will feel like moving on without any regret.

The Libra woman will not feel good about her breakup with her ex and will try to forget about him/her as soon as possible.


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