How To Create Avatar Inspired Eye Makeup?

Avatar Inspired Eye Makeup

An avatar inspired eye makeup is an eye makeup look that mirrors avatars in virtual worlds. Virtual worlds are simulated environments where people’s avatars can do new things, experience many different things, and have real lives. Avatars are the representation of a person in these worlds. Avatars inspire the makeup in this look. A lot … Read more

Pony Makeup Eye Contacts: Benefits And Disadvantages

Pony Makeup Eye Contacts

Hello! Today, I’m going to be talking about Pony Makeup Eye Contacts! There are tons of types, but I will only be discussing one type available for purchase on Amazon called “Pony Pro Beauty Eyelashless Invisible Eye Lenses.” The price ranges within the $60-$80 range. Clinical Trial The clinical trial for these contacts is unknown. … Read more

Maura Higgins Eye Makeup: The Best Tutorial

Maura Higgins Eye Makeup

Maura Higgins is an Irish television personality, model, and beauty pageant holder. Maura Higgins eye makeup look is always so perfect! The contestant finished in second place on the eighteenth season of the British reality series “Love Island.” Maura Higgins, the Irish contestant on “Love Island,” has been accused of using lifts and botox by … Read more

Lucy Liu Eye Makeup: Top 5 Tips

Lucy Liu Eye Makeup

Today I will discuss about Lucy Liu eye makeup tips. Lucy Liu is an American actress and model who is best known for her role as the neurotic detective, “Empress” Jie Yuen Wu, in the CBS television series “The Mentalist.” Liu has also done other films such as “Ride” and ABC’s sci-fi series, “Lost.” In … Read more

Khaleeji Eye Makeup: Dramatic Arab Style

Khaleeji Eye Makeup

Khaleeji Eye Makeup Khaleeji is an Arabic makeup style developed in the UAE and Saudi Arabia. Khaleeji eye makeup consists of three steps: eyeshadow, eyeliner, and mascara. Khaleeji eye makeup can be used on most people with brown-colored eyes, including those who are Indian or Pakistani as well as anyone else from the Western world. … Read more