Catering How Much Potato Salad Per Person: Let’s Know The Facts

In catering how much potato salad per person, it is important to have a rough idea of how much potato salad you plan on serving per person.

In this blog post, I will go over the math and why it is so important.

In general, for any type of side dish that is going to be served with the main course, there should be about one ounce per person.

That means if you are making five pounds of potato salad for a large event, then there should be around 30 ounces per person in order to keep your food costs low and still provide enough servings.

Figure two ounces per person as a good starting point for smaller events or those where you want more variety at each table.

Potato Salad

Potato salad is made up of diced or sliced potatoes that are mixed with a vinaigrette or mayonnaise dressing. It also commonly will contain bacon bits, green onions, celery and/or hard-boiled eggs.

Catering How Much Potato Salad Per Person?

The answer varies depending on how you are portioning your potato salad.

One way of determining the amount of potato salad per person is to calculate the ounces per person, but it all depends on what type of presentation you will be putting out.

If you want people to eat more than one helping, they need to have a decent size that they can be satiated with. On the other hand, a smaller portion leaves people feeling dissatisfied and looking for more food.

If you are going to be serving your potato salad in a buffet style, then use the two-ounce per person rule to see how much you need to prepare so that nobody goes hungry, but if it is going on the main course and you can serve as much as they want then use one ounce per person.

Catering How Much Potato Salad Per Person
Catering How Much Potato Salad Per Person

What is the portion size of potato salad for a wedding?

The amount varies and depends on what you are serving along with it. If you plan for between 80 to 120 servings, then two ounces of potato salad per person would be good.

However, if you are serving other food alongside it, such as a main dish and vegetables, then figure out the total number of ounces required for them and add two ounces to that.

If you want to be on the safe side and not run out of potato salad at your event, you should prepare five pounds per person because there will never be a shortage of food.

It is best to go with the average amount of servings, which is four people per pound, to prepare for any size event. You can also make less if you are worried about running out of potato salad at your party.

What is the proper serving size of potato salad?

There is no one correct answer for this as it really is up to you and what you think is good portion size. A lot of people say that the amount per person is about two ounces, but if you want to serve more or less, then go by whatever your preference leads you to choose.

If there are other items on the table, people will eat less of the main course, so figure out how much food is going onto each plate and then put that amount of potato salad on there.

If you are not worried about running out and want to prepare enough for leftovers after your party, then go with the five-pound serving size per person. This way, you will have plenty for everyone, and any leftovers can be stored away until the next event where you need them.

What is the average serving size of potato salad?

The most common answer for this question would be two ounces per person, but if you are concerned about your guests not getting full, then go with one ounce instead. Most people will have more than one helping of food anyway, so two ounces is usually enough to hold people over until their actual dinner.

If the event you are hosting has many other dishes on the table, you can either make less potato salad or decrease the serving size per person, but if it only has one main dish along with it, then go with two ounces for each person.

If you are planning to make enough for leftovers, then go with the average of five pounds per person. This way, everyone will be able to eat their fill, and there is always leftover potato salad if someone wants seconds or thirds.

The Bottom Line

The amount of potato salad you prepare will depend on your main course and other items that are going onto the buffet table. If it is a big event, you should plan for at least four people per pound because nobody likes to go home hungry.

The same applies if there are many other dishes available, then determine how much food each person has and then divide that amount by two.

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