Changing Your Mindset Permission and achieve your goals

Changing your mindset permission and achieve your goals. Most people have a set of beliefs that are the foundation for how they see themselves.

These beliefs shape their thoughts, emotions, and actions and keep them stuck in what’s called “The Trap.”

The Trap is where people who are unhappy with their life stay because they believe it’s not possible to be any happier or more successful than they are now. They don’t even know there is an alternative to this mindset!

If you want to change your life, you need to change your limiting beliefs first. This article will show you how!

Changing your mindset

Beliefs aren’t something that you decide to have. They are just there, existing in your subconscious without any input from you whatsoever.

This means it’s usually not enough to change the behaviours and actions of people who are unhappy with their life – they also need a new set of beliefs so they can change at a deeper level.

Many of us don’t even realize we have limiting beliefs about ourselves, our lives and the future. They are so ingrained in every aspect of your life that it seems normal to feel a certain way or behave a particular way without considering other possibilities.

And this is why these beliefs maintain such power over you: they’ve been with you for so long, it’s hard to imagine being any other way.

There are many ways the subconscious mind can limit your success and happiness in life: for example, by generating feelings of self-doubt that stop you from taking action; or limiting beliefs about what is possible with a given situation. These limits can be deeply ingrained into your subconscious as well.

Changing your mindset permission and achieve your goals

In this post, I want to talk about how limiting beliefs can be a major roadblock to success. And in order to get past them, it’s important that you are able to identify the belief first so that you know what needs changing! So I’ve created a list of major limiting beliefs that I’ve seen for myself and others.

Limiting Beliefs:

  • I’m not good enough to succeed at this goal/dream
  • It’s impossible; it can’t be done!
  • Others are better than me, so there is no point in trying out maybe next time? (People only have one chance)
  • I can’t be good at more than a few things/accomplish different goals at the same time
  • If I don’t do this now, it will never happen! (It’s too late!)
  • This is how life is supposed to be. There are set rules that we need to

Now that you know what your limiting beliefs are, it’s time to take a step towards changing them! Below is a list of steps I’ve taken with myself and others in order to help build up new positive beliefs:

  • Deconstruct your belief- why do you believe this? Is there any truth or facts behind it?
  • Figure out a new belief that you are comfortable with and get more in tune with your true self
  • Look for evidence- what has happened before? How can you make this work for you now? What do other people who have the same goal as me say about it?
  • Think of examples from your life when things didn’t go as planned but still turned out okay
  • Develop a new belief statement and repeat it to yourself every day- the more you believe in it, the faster your limiting beliefs will start changing!
  • Be mindful of what you say about yourself and others. Notice how often these statements are negative or self-inhibiting

I hope this list is helpful and that you go on to achieve your goals.

Changing Your Mindset Permission
Changing Your Mindset Permission

Steps I’ve taken with myself and others in order to help build up new positive beliefs:

  • Deconstruct your belief- why do you believe this? Is there any truth or facts behind it?
  • Figure out a new positive belief to replace it
  • Repeat the new statement as often as possible. The more you believe in your new beliefs, the faster that limiting beliefs will start changing!

Why can’t I change my mindset?

Why is it so hard for me to change my mindset?

What are some of the things that might be preventing me from changing my mindset?

  • I have a lot of negative beliefs about myself and others. These limiting beliefs tend to hold me back in life, affecting everything from relationships and friendships to how much money I make.
  • I’ve been living with these beliefs for so long that they feel like a part of my personality. Changing them feels impossible, and life without them seems unimaginable.
  • It may be hard to imagine what it would be like to live free from the limitations imposed by limiting beliefs, but you can start experimenting by replacing one
  • I keep my thoughts private, so it’s hard to change them.
  • Changing my mindset is too risky – if I try and fail, then everything will be worse than ever before!
  • If I could change the beliefs that hold me back from reaching my goals, what would happen? What if all of my limiting beliefs were replaced by empowering, life-changing ones?

I’m excited to see what will happen if I start changing my mindset

It may seem like a huge task or too overwhelming, and that it can only be accomplished with weeks of hard work. Changing your thoughts is easier than you might. A shift in mindset is what I need to grow and change. Changing my mindset will take time, but it’s worth the effort!

Changing My Mindset

Changing your mind can be daunting at first. It may seem impossible that you could live without these limiting beliefs or fears holding you back from achieving your goals. But this difficult to imagine what the results of changing my beliefs would be.

Changing your mindset permission and achieve your goals!

Are you allowed to change your mind?

I have been in this situation before where everything felt like it was going wrong, and there didn’t seem to be an option that seemed any better than another, but changing my mindset can feel scary at first because you might not know what life will look like with a new mindset. Changing your mind is hard because if I don’t start changing now, nothing will change at all.

But it’s worth the time and effort if you want something different in your life? Changing my mindset permission and achieve your goals!

Am I allowed to change my mind? It may not always be easy, but it will make a huge difference in achieving what we want.

More Info

Can you really change your mindset?

Yes, if you let yourself. Changing your mindset permission and achieve your goals!

What does changing my mind entail? Changing my mindset means I need to take time for myself every day. It’s also important to give up thoughts of what could happen in the future or dwell on what has happened so far because it won’t help me achieve my goals. Changing your mindset permission and achieve your goals!

How can I change my mind? There are plenty of ways to do it. You may need help from a professional, or you could try the following:

  • Think about what you’ve already achieved with changing your thoughts – What limitations does this thought have?
  • Write down your thoughts and see them in black and white (this will help you to get clarity) – Changing my mindset permission and achieve your goals!
  • Ask yourself what is motivating this thought. Is it fear? If so, write the answer on a sheet of paper or share it with someone else who can offer support.
  • Alternatively, remember how you feel when you are achieving your goals. Try and think of a time where this happened and recall the feelings.
  • It’s also important to take care of yourself by eating well, exercising as often as possible, sleeping enough etc

Changing your mindset permission and achieve your goals!


The key to changing your mindset is really about permission. You have to give yourself the go-ahead by giving yourself a chance, and you’ll be surprised at how much more confident and motivated you feel when you do so. Setting goals for what we want in life also helps us achieve them because it provides us with clear direction.

If there’s anything I’ve learned from my own experience of going through this process, it’s that if someone truly wants something for themselves, they will find their way to get it. It may not always be easy, but please comment on our social media handles or comment section below!

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