Cute Punishment For Your Boyfriend: Best 30 Romantic Idea

Cute punishment for your boyfriend – the items in this list are not just for an average boyfriend. These are punishments that will be sure to get his attention and make him regret whatever deed he has done.

If you’re feeling a bit feisty, check out these cute punishments for your boyfriend!

This list of cute punishments for your boyfriend will help you know just how to give a punishment that will leave him speechless and make him uneasy about committing the same deed again. Some are cute and tender, while others are unsightly and hurtful!

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Cute Punishment For Your Boyfriend: Best 30 Romantic Idea

At the top of the list, here is a cute punishment for your boyfriend to do based on you really love him. The idea behind this is that by making this cute punishment for your boyfriend, you are letting him know that no matter what he does, he will always have someone who truly loves him.

Maybe not all men can turn heads with poetry, but they can’t deny that they need appreciation from their significant other.

Best 30 Cute Punishment Ideas For Your Boyfriend:

1. Write Shopping List On His Back

This one is simple, but that doesn’t mean that it’s all good. By writing a shopping list on his back, you’re letting him know that you’re putting him in a tight corner. He’ll need to do something big to get off the punishment this time.

2. Make Him Walk Through The Neighborhood In His Underwear

Again, this is a simple one. If he’s home alone at midnight or hasn’t finished his shower yet, have him go out walking around town in his underwear and ask him to do it until he feels like getting back home.

3. Write A Love Letter To Your Boyfriend

Look, it’s obvious how this will work. He’ll probably get caught somewhere, and your boyfriend will always have a reason to ask you for forgiveness.

Cute Punishment For Your Boyfriend
Cute Punishment For Your Boyfriend

4. Give Him Lipsticks From The Women’s Department At Macy’s

After he’s been caught by his friends or his girlfriend, he’ll be pestered to come clean about what he did.

Then, when he does finally reveal the truth, give him some lipsticks from the women’s department of Macy’s. This is going to be hard for him! And then let him go before he gets in more trouble at home!

5. Give Him A Haircut From The Barber

This is one for the ladies, but it can work with men too. What’s really tough about this punishment is that your boyfriend will have to tell everyone he knows that you’ve made him cut his hair.

He’ll be thinking that you’re watching him the whole time… that kind of fear will be tough to take.

6. Give Him A Brand New Outlet Charger

He won’t even know what happened! He’ll wake up with some new outlet charger in his room and ask you what happened. Don’t tell him anything! Send him on a walk to think about it on his own!

7. Make Him Go Shower With His Horrible Socks

Maybe it’s been a while since you’ve seen his socks. But when you look at them, let him have it. He’ll ask why, and then just tell him to shower with them on! This will be very difficult for him, so give him a time limit.

8. Give Him The Receipts From All Of The Items You Bought In The Last Month

This one is another that isn’t so serious. But it proves the point – you are watching him! He won’t have time to get comfortable because now you’re watching all his moves.

9. Make Him Listen To A Love Song While Getting Peeled And Smeared With Chocolate

This one will be very, very messy. Maybe you’re feeling feisty today, or you just want to get back at him for spending too much time on his phone!

Put this on his head! Let him walk around and let the rest of the chocolate fall on your carpet for a little bit.

10. Give Him A Repulsive/Cute Look With Your Makeup Brushes

You might think that this one is silly, and that’s because it is! But you can give him this look that he’ll want to run away from.

This will depend on what kind of punishment your boyfriend would like. Maybe he’s not the gentlest person on earth, so this punishment will work perfectly!

11. Give Him An Old Shoe For A Hug

This one is perfect for men who can be very awkward and shy. If your boyfriend is like that, give him an old shoe to have as a pillow. He’ll take some time to come home to this smile and hug, but you’ll know that he’s thinking of you!

12. Make Him Read The Receipts From All His Purchases For The Month

This punishment is perfect for men who always take people out and spend money in excess. Once they’ve gotten home and realized what they’ve done, they’ll be so happy that they can’t help but throw the receipt away.

13. Make Him Go Outside And See If There Are Any Snakes

This one is perfect for a man who doesn’t like to be alone or gets scared when it’s dark. He’ll come back to let you know there aren’t any snakes in the street!

14. Give Him An Old Phone Call From His Ex-Girlfriend

This punishment is perfect for a man who has been with his girlfriend for a long time but who also likes to play around on his phone every now and then. If he keeps doing this, make him take the old phone calls from his ex-girlfriend.

15. Make Him Polish A Pair Of Shoes

This one is fairly simple. This will be hard for your boyfriend, and it’s not that romantic! Make him polish up some shoes and clean them up nice

He’ll feel bad about his decision to mess with your things and get back at you. Then let him go home, and he might change his ways!

16. Give Him A Glass Of Water With Something Gross In It

This one is quite a shock for your boyfriend. You can give him a glass of water with something gross in it, like a dead fish or something, or even something like rotten eggs. He’ll have to deal with this one on his own, and you’ll be out of the house, relaxing!

17. Make Him Hold His Breath To See If He Can Make It Until You Come Back Home

This one is perfect for a man who likes to try new things and is ready to test his boundaries.

18. Lie In The Middle Of The Road With Your Ladies Night Out Bag At Your Side

He’ll have no choice but to pick you up in the middle of the road! You’ve got your ladies’ night out bag waiting for him next to you.

This is a good idea if he likes to go out late and stay out late without calling you…

19. Give Your Boyfriend A Weird Name Or Phone Number

This punishment will only work if your boyfriend has a weird name or phone number. This will be easy for you to do, and you’ll have him laughing himself silly once he realizes what happened!

This can work on the sly, too – if he doesn’t ask you anything because he’s still laughing!

20. Make Him Listen To A Love Song And Not Be Disturbed By Anything

Make him listen to a love song on repeat and not be able to say anything about it. That’s cruel! He’ll have to stay home all day until you get back from school, with nothing but this song running in the background.

21. Give Him A Variety Of Red Foods To Eat, And Make Him Think About Your Love For Him

This one is simple. If he’s been thinking about your love for him, make him eat red food! This will turn his stomach and remind him of your love all at the same time.

22. Give Your Boyfriend A Halloween Costume

If you know that your boyfriend loves Halloween costumes, give him one so he can wear it around the house while you’re gone!

Maybe his costume is of a character from an old cartoon – or maybe he’s a vampire! Don’t tell him how long he has to wear it, though… let it be a surprise!

23. Make Him Watch You Get Ready For A Night Out

Make your boyfriend watch you get ready for a night out with your friends. He’ll feel like he’s missing out, but he’ll realize that he didn’t get to go at the end of the night.

24. Give Your Boyfriend A Joke As A Call-Back Number

This punishment is more embarrassing than anything, and it’ll make him feel bad! Give him the number of a joke hotline and make him call it.

Ask his friends if they know the joke, and then have him go home and figure out why he’s being made fun of.

25. Give Your Boyfriend An Oreo Cookie With Heavy Glue On The Crunchy Side

This one is pretty funny! Take an Oreo cookie, and spread heavy glue onto one side. Then give it to your boyfriend to eat!

It’ll take forever for him to get through this cookie, but when he does get through it, he’ll realize that there are two sides… one side is really yummy, but the other side is hard as a rock!

26. Make Your Boyfriend Clean Up The Kitchen Before He Leaves For His Trip

Make your boyfriend clean up the kitchen before he leaves on his trip! He’ll be thinking about this one for quite a while after you’re gone.

27. Give Your Boyfriend A Coupon Holder, But With One Coupon

Give him a coupon holder… but make sure that there is only one coupon inside! Maybe it’ll say that he can’t go out until he tells you how much you mean to him… or maybe it’ll say that he needs to tell his parents that he loves them!

28. Put Your Boyfriend In A Romantic, White Tuxedo And Make Him Wear It Every Day

This one is pretty funny. If he enjoys wearing a tux, make him wear one every day! He’ll be really happy about this punishment once you’re gone, and it’ll make him think of you all day long!

29. Get Rid Of All His Credit Cards

This punishment is pretty simple. Just take all his credit cards out of his wallet and throw them away! This will force him to ask people to buy him food or drinks when he goes out… but he won’t be able to hang onto the receipt because there won’t be any way for him to stay out! Perfect!

30. Make Your Boyfriend Eat Dried Up Mango Seeds

This punishment is a pretty good solution for men who are picky eaters! You have to get some dried mango seeds and put them in the fridge.

Then make your boyfriend eat them! He’ll love you for this one, but it will ruin his appetite for mangoes for about three days!

The Bottom Line

Sometimes, your boyfriend can get on your nerves, and these punishments will teach him a lesson. If he doesn’t do the things you want him to do, then these punishments will make him think twice before he tries them again!

If you’re feeling mean today, try out any of these punishments – they’re pretty funny!

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