Dating An Older Married Man: 7 Facts You Should Know

Dating An Older Married Man is not for everyone. Many people find it morally offensive and feel it is just wrong.

This article talks about the psychology behind a woman’s decision to date an older married man and why she might be drawn to him.

It also discusses 7 facts you should know before dating an older married man or cheating on your spouse with him.

In the end, we will also address the dangers of dating an older married man and how to prevent yourself from getting hurt.

Is It Wrong To Date An Older Married Man?

When a woman decides to cheat on her husband or boyfriend, she often cheats on the man she feels least attracted to. Some women do this for money and others for love.

But before you start thinking that older married men are a better choice than younger ones, you should know some things first.

What Is The Psychology Behind Dating An Older Married Man?

Women consider older men more handsome and masculine than younger men. As a result, they subconsciously think that they would be able to have more sexual pleasure with them than with younger men because of the difference in experience and confidence.

7 Ways To Date An Older Married Man Without Getting Hurt

1. Do Not Let Him Flirt With You

He will have to flirt with you and do everything that he can to romance you before taking things further. You should not allow this and make it clear that your heart is not available.

2. Do Not Fall In Love With Him

Even though you might think that he is perfect for you and even feel attracted enough to him, it is important for you to understand that he is married and therefore unavailable!

Dating An Older Married Man
Dating An Older Married Man

3. Ask Him Openly About His Wife

It would be a good idea to ask him openly about his wife in order to find out how much she means to him. There is nothing more to be gained from this than understanding his feelings for her.

4. Do Not Think About The Possibility Of Divorce

If you are thinking about divorce, then there is no point in thinking of dating him or becoming involved. And if you are also thinking of divorce, do not engage in any sexual relationship with him at all. If your spouse finds out, they will certainly divorce both of you!

5. Do Not Make Him The Center Of Your Love Life

If you are all thinking about him and his bedroom skills, you are already in the wrong and too vulnerable. If he becomes the center of your love life, then you will be the one cheating!

6. Do not Let Him Start To Talk About Marriage

One of the worst things that can happen to a woman who is interested in dating an older married man is when he starts talking about marriage. If this happens, it could make her run. Never allow him to bring up marriage as if it were a matter of time before they get engaged!

This will prevent you from falling in love and giving away too much information before you have an opportunity to think clearly.

7. Make Sure That He Is Not Approaching You

If he does manage to get his foot in the door, try not to let him in too far or give him too much encouragement. You can always shut the door on him and tell him that you are not interested, leaving you a clear conscience.

The Benefits Of Dating An Older Married Man

Of course, there are benefits to dating an older married man. Certainly, from a woman’s perspective, there are benefits.

1. He Has Been Where You Are

He has been where you are and been through what you are going through, so he can relate to you, and this will make him more approachable and patient and understand your situation as a woman.

2. You Do Not Have To Be So Renewed

Sometimes, women who want to cheat on their husbands feel unkempt and disheveled or not beautiful enough that they could possibly attract a younger lover. Older men will not notice these things and will still pursue you.

3. He Has The Ability To Be A Good Provider

Younger men might have the energy to chase younger women, but they do not have the time to be a provider and make ends meet financially. Because older men are already established and have made their money, they are very attracted to powerful women who can provide for them.

4. You Can Feel Confident In His Love For You

He would love you for who you are and not judge you on your looks or how successful you are at making money, unlike many younger men who only care about your looks or how much money you make!

5. He Will Be More Attentive

Older men are more attentive and will take time to talk to you and listen to what you have to say. If a younger man has got the attention of a younger woman or wants a relationship, he will be much more likely to play games and make promises that he cannot keep. If a young woman wants an older man, she can be confident that he will be loyal and devoted for life!

What Are The Dangers Of Dating A Married Man?

Although you might get the sense from the title of this article that there are many dangers of dating an older married man, there are actually few. The main dangers are actually for the man who is cheating on his wife or girlfriend.

1. His Wife May Be Jealous

The main danger for him is his wife discovering about it. If she does, she will not be able to forgive him and may even divorce him! That is why younger men should not cheat on their wives at all, or else they will catch hell from their wives!

2. She May Be Married To A Better Man

This is the main danger for a woman who is cheating on her boyfriend or husband with an older man. If he is not as attractive, charming, or desirable as her current husband, then she may catch hell from him, and he will be the one filing for divorce!

3. He Can Get Caught By His Wife

Although this is a danger for both men and women, if you are doing things like going to his house and having sex with him, it may become obvious that he is cheating on his wife or girlfriend. He will definitely have to be careful about his activities when married women are involved!

4. He Will Be Concerned About His Wife And Daughter

He will be very worried about his wife and daughter finding out. You should always be very careful that you do not leave any clues or evidence of your tryst together, such as having sex with your wife’s underwear or the presence of an unopened condom in the bedroom!

5. If She Is Younger, He May Be Sent To Jail

If you are not married and you are caught sexually involved with an older man, he may get sent to jail for it. This is more dangerous for young divorced women but is possible for all. Do not risk it if you are younger!

6. Never Give Away The Secrets

You must never reveal the secrets of your tryst together to anyone else. He will be so worried about his wife finding out that he will do anything to prevent her from knowing about your tryst together, and it is not just his wife that he will be thinking about as he might get caught by his daughter as well!

Can A Married Man Love Both His Wife And Another Woman?

There has always been the odd man out who has loved both women he has been married to, and many are in this situation today. Some men who are cheating on their wives might also love other younger women as well as a woman they have been married to. This is not unusual and normal!

The Bottom Line

It is important for you to remember that dating an older married man is never a good idea unless there are some very important and valid reasons for doing so. If he is old, ugly, disabled, or just plain boring, you do not need to have sex with him at all! Older women should also beware of men who look like they are on the way down like an aging celebrity.

If you want to date an older man but you are worried that he might be a drug addict, then make sure that he is not approaching you in any way! You should also avoid marrying him as he is likely to cheat on you too. You do not want to get divorced and end up with nothing!

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