Difference Between Principle, Strategy, And Tactic

In this blog post, we will discuss the difference between principle, strategy and tactic planning.

Principle is when you have a central idea or purpose behind your actions. Strategy is what you plan to do in order to reach that goal.

Tactics are specific steps planned for a given moment of time with the end goal being something other than just achieving an objective.


A principle is an eternal truth or statement that people live by.

Principle can also refer to a moral stance on something, for example “The Ten Commandments are the principles God wants us all to follow”.


This word is used to refer to a rule or standard that guides your activities and decisions. Principle comes from the Latin principium, meaning “a beginning”; someone who has principles lives by them and doesn’t deviate easily.”


  • Respect your brother and sister.
  • Honor your parents, as you would have them honor you.


If you have decided what your end goal is and how you want to achieve it, then you have a strategy.

For example, if your goal is to be able to run 100 meters in under 16 seconds by the end of the year. And you want to achieve that through training for twice as long each day with one less rest period per week, then this would be your strategy.


Strategy is best definedfined as a plan of action designed to achieve one or more goals under conditions of uncertainty. It may refer to the art and science of creating plans, policies, decisions etc., especially in military matters.”


To help honour our family members we should try to visit more often than once a month during the holidays. Or even just make time for a short phone call twice per week.


A tactic is a way of achieving your strategy in the short-term.

For example, if you need to do some research on running techniques for 100 meters then this would be a tactic. Because it will help you achieve your goal through training.


A tactic is an act that is done deliberately for some purpose; it often refers to ares to a small-scale, crafty plan.”


  • Call your parents once per day for a short conversation.
  • Plan what you will talk about in advance. You should also have some questions ready to ask them.
  • Tactic planning is the process of identifying and using tactics that will bring us closer to our goal, which in this case was honouring our family members.
  • The first step of tactic planning is to identify the desired outcome or goal, in this case honouring your parents and siblings.
  • Next you need to determine what tactics will help you achieve that goal, such as visiting more often during holidays or making time for a short phone call twice per week.”

In summary, the strategy involves planning for the desired result or goal. A tactic is an act that creates and accomplishes something without requiring too much forethought. A single move in chess might be considered a tactical decision as it has no long term implications on the gameplay but behaviour.

The principle of doing your best is a good example. Because it guides our behaviour and helps us to reach new heights in our work or relationships.

Principles VS Strategy VS Tactic

A principle should be guiding our behaviour and helping us to reach new heights in our work or relationships.

The strategy we undertake with a partner can have long term implications for that relationship; so it is important to consider what will happen after the course of these plans is over.

A tactic is the act of doing something without requiring too much forethought.

Difference Between Principle And Tactic

“Principles vs Strategy” Principles may not always seem like they are worth it. Because they do require more thought (and often more effort), but if you apply them well then your goals will be accomplished effectively–not just while the plan lasts, but also afterwards.”The strategy involves planning for desired results or goal; tactics refer to small-scale craftsmanlike decisions made to meet a specific goal.

“Strategy vs Tactic” Strategy involves planning for desired results or goals; tactics refer to small scale and sometimes craftsmanship like decisions made to meet a specific goal. Strategies are often used by businesses as well as government agencies with tactical plans being created within those larger strategies

In order to have success, it’s important not only that our strategy be sound but also how we implement these strategies on the ground.

Principle, Strategy And Tactic Planning

The differences between principle, strategy and tactic planning can help businesses create a more focused direction for their work.”Strategy And Tactic Planning” In general people like principles.

Because they provide clear guidance about how one should behave or act; tactics refer to small-scale craftsmanlike decisions made according to specific goals already laid out by strategizing with desired outcomes in mind.

Strategies tend towards large scale human and institutional configurations or arrangements in which principles and tactics are embedded. “In the context of social justice organizing,” writes Brenda Elsey Brownlee, “tactical questions become strategic ones: How is it possible to generate the most powerful social change with the resources that we have?”

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What makes a good strategy?

A strategy is a set of plans to achieve a certain goal. And a good strategy needs to be backed by data.  A strategy should also focus on what can go wrong as well as what will happen if you take no action at all.

The best possible way to plan for something that goes wrong is to have an alternate plan in place so that you are not stuck when the unexpected happens.

To make it easier, here are five steps for developing your own personal strategy:

  1. Decide what you want from your life
  2. Collect data
  3. Create goals
  4. Develop strategies
  5. Implement them into your daily routine and repeat this process every day or week depending on how often you would like to evaluate your progress.

How do I know if I am a strategic thinker?

“Are you a strategic thinker? We all have moments when we think strategically. But are there ways to tell if we’re more of a strategic thinker than others?”

Strategic thinkers can be described as people who continuously look for the best way to solve problems. The difference between being a strategic thinker and someone who is not is how often they look for that solution.

A person’s ability to find solutions can range from one time per day to multiple times in an hour or even minute-by-minute.

Strategic thinkers are also able to identify what the problem is with minimal information; they don’t need all the details before coming up with ideas on how it could be solved. They usually have long-term goals in mind and work towards them.

What are the characteristics of strategic thinking?

Strategic thinking is the ability to think ahead and plan for an uncertain future. Strategic thinkers are able to identify problems before they happen, find solutions that will work.

And monitor progress towards their goals. They take into account a variety of factors when making decisions such as risks, rewards, costs/benefits, and competition.

What is the importance of strategic thinking?

Do you know anyone who is good at chess? Did a friend of yours ever beat you, or even win the game every time? If so, then they have excellent strategic thinking skills.

Strategic thinking is an important skill in any walk of life that can help people make decisions. And solve problems more efficiently.

How do you develop strategic thinking?

Strategic thinkers are people that have the ability to see a problem from all angles. They can break it apart and use its parts to form new solutions.”

“There is no one-size-fits-all solution for developing this skill. It takes work, practice, patience and a willingness to experience failure before you succeed.”

“One way of becoming more strategic is by reading books on strategy like The Logic of Strategy or Thinking Strategically; The Competitive Edge in Business, Politics and Everyday Life.

You can also consult with experts in the field such as Wikipedia’s list of best business books about strategy. Or watch YouTube videos on strategies like “5 Ways To Make Your Company More Competitive”.


The difference between principle, strategy and tactic planning is that a principle is an idea behind what you want to do. A strategy is how this can be achieved in different circumstances based on research that has been done by your team or outside researchers.

A tactic is an action plan for achieving these principles in specific contexts such as email marketing campaigns. Once you have identified your goal and determined where it falls within one of the three categories, you will need to develop strategies for realizing them. And tactics for implementing those strategies. If any query please comment on us!

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