Ex Still In A Relationship With Me On Facebook: Is It Healthy?

How do I handle my ex still in a relationship with me on Facebook?

Do you feel like it’s not a healthy relationship to keep in touch with your ex-partner? Is it unhealthy to keep in touch with an ex if they’re dating someone new? Your thoughts on this article are important; please take our poll down below!

Is It Ok To Have Exes On Facebook?

After a breakup, your ex will determine whether or not they’re going to remain friends with you on Facebook, but this doesn’t mean that it’s a comfortable situation for either of you. While trying to move on, your ex may feel crazy bouts of regret and loneliness.

By remaining friends with your ex on Facebook, they can easily send secret messages and flirtatious comments and keep the fires burning.

Keeping in touch with your ex on Facebook can also make them jealous and insecure, which may cause them to want to continue their relationship.

On the other hand, if your ex has a new relationship in their life, they may not want the attention you give them on Facebook.

Many people believe it’s best to have as little contact with an ex as possible, but some benefits come from keeping in touch.

You can provide support and encouragement they’re going through a rough patch and keep tabs on how things are going at work or school.

As long as you keep your comments tasteful and refrain from crossing any boundaries, this level of communication can be healthy for both of you.

Why Do Guys Keep Their Exes On Social Media?

There are a few reasons that guys keep their exes on Facebook after a breakup. Guys usually have more friends on their social media than girls, so they’re able to cut their ex off without losing touch with all of their other friends.

In addition, they may hope they’ll get back together with you someday and do not want to delete your information just in case this happens.

If you have a lot of mutual friends, the two of you may be forced to see each other at social events. Sometimes this can bring closure, but most of the time, it just serves as an uncomfortable reminder that things didn’t work out.

This is another reason why guys keep their exes on social media: you can keep up to date with what they’re doing in their life and if they’re doing well.

Ex Still In A Relationship With Me On Facebook
Ex Still In A Relationship With Me On Facebook

What Does It Mean When Your Ex Still Has You On Social Media?

If your ex still has you listed as friends on Facebook, it’s probably safe to assume that you’ll be friends for a long time.

There are lots of reasons why an ex will continue to list his or her ex as friends on Facebook after a breakup. If your ex wants to be friends, he or she may not want to feel like he’s losing the relationship.

If your ex wants to be friends, they might still feel a strong connection to you and don’t want to admit that the relationship is over.

Your ex may not want to get rid of all reminders of your relationship together because it will be too much of a shock for him or her. Some people also fall out of touch once their relationship ends, but cutting an ex off completely is too difficult for some people.

Sometimes your ex may have trouble letting go and don’t know how to move forward after a breakup. If this is the case, he or she may need more time before deleting you from Facebook.

How Do You Know If Your Ex Regrets Breaking Up?

If your ex regrets breaking up with you, he or she may continue to keep you as friends on Facebook.

How do you know if your ex regrets breaking up? A few signs indicate that your ex doesn’t want to end things completely.

If your ex keeps sending messages and comments and continues to initiate contact, it’s possible that he or she wants to get back together.

If your ex keeps commenting on pictures and responds quickly to messages, he or she probably still has feelings for you. These are also signs that they may be secretly hoping to get back together.

Ex Still In A Relationship With Me On Facebook: Is It Healthy?

While you’ve moved on, your ex may have a difficult time letting go and moving on with his or her life.

If your ex keeps you listed as friends, it may be a sign that he or she is struggling to move on from the relationship.

Sometimes people will keep their ex-listed as friends on social media sites just in case they want to get back together someday. If your ex still has a lot of feelings for you, it might be best to block him or her from Facebook so that he or she doesn’t have any way of contacting you.

Your ex is probably going through a rough patch in his or her life and needs some support from other people who aren’t involved in the relationship. If your ex still keeps in touch with you, it might motivate him or her to move forward with his or her life and start dating someone new.

If your ex keeps in touch and you’re not dating, this situation is where having a relationship gives your ex an excuse to talk to you.

The best thing that you can do when you find out that your ex is keeping in touch is to let them know that you don’t want to be friends any longer. This will make it easier for them to cut contact with you on Facebook since they won’t have any more time wasted on an idle conversation.

What Does It Mean When Someone Keeps Coming Back Into Your Life?

Some people are very clingy, which is not always a good thing. They may have a hard time letting go of the past and think it’s still in the future.

Exes will often come back into your life for different reasons. Some are happy to see each other at social events or want to stay friends on Facebook. There are also those who want to be with you again but can’t admit that the relationship is over and need more time before getting rid of all reminders of it together because it’s too much of a shock for them, or they just don’t know how to move forward with their lives after ending things.

In other cases, some exes will keep coming back into your life if he or she regrets ending your relationship in the first place.

Most of the time, this happens because you still have feelings for each other, or your ex is hoping that he or she can get back together with you someday.

The Bottom Line

A lot of potential problems can come from keeping an ex on Facebook; however, if you’re both happy to still be friends and aren’t part of a relationship, it’s probably safe to leave it alone.

Hopefully, I’ve given you some insight into what keeps exes on Facebook after breakups and showed you how to get rid of them for good. If you have any questions, please feel free to leave a comment.

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