The Best Eye Makeup For Dark Purple Dress

This article will tell you what dark purple is and give advice on the best eye makeup for dark purple dress. Purple is a color that takes the wearer away from the traditional colors of black, grey, and brown.

It’s not your traditional earthy color. But because of that, it seems like this color comes with a lot of rules.

Some people say to avoid wearing black at all costs; others say they wear natural tones in your dress to be appropriate for this time of year. But none of these rules actually exist.

So, I’ve decided to write this article so that people can get an idea of the eye makeup you should wear for dark purple dresses.

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What Does Dark Purple Look Like?

Purple is in itself a very complex color that changes based on the color of the accessories or the clothing it stands out on. There are several biological reasons for this.

Purple is a color that has the ability to vibrate with color and energy; it removes you from the space you are in and projects you into another space. As a result, it acts like a prism in your body that can release energy from any other color out of its spectrum.

As for clothing, purple is often associated with royalty or people with certain social ranks. So it should be no surprise that dark purple eyeshadow is worn at royal balls, weddings, and parties.

Purple is the color of the night and spring because it signifies change. Its energy is very spiritual and romantic, so it’s perfect for a dress like this one.

Eye Makeup For Dark Purple Dress
Eye Makeup For Dark Purple Dress

Eye Makeup For Dark Purple Dress

Step By Step Tutorial:

Step-1: Start with a clean face and eyes. Apply a simple eye shadow to the eyelid using a natural angle.

Step-2: Apply black eyeliner only around the upper lid crease. The rest of your eyeliner should be on the outer edge of your lower lashes.

This gives the eyeliner a defined shape on the outer edge without creating any harshness or light reflection at the inner corner of your eyes.

Step-3: Apply purple eye shadow all around the eye and in between your lashes. When applying eye shadow, add a line of black shadow at the outer half of your lower lash line. This creates a very defined line on the upper lid, which is then filled in with eye shadow.

Step-4: Apply purple eyeliner on top of the eye makeup. Be careful not to use too much color, or else it will look overdone and unnatural.

Step-5: Use purple eyeshadow to cover any harshness in the eye makeup and make them more even and blended.

Eye Colors That Compliment Dark Purples:


Brown is a pretty stable color on the eye, which means it works well with purple. You don’t need to worry about anything looking too bright or too dark. Brown is also a complementary color, so applying it in the right spots can make your eyes pop and look radiant.


You can use green to give your purple color variation without overdoing things. You can play with dark green and medium green for different effects.


Blue gives you a more dramatic eye because it has an almost royal look, so you need to be careful not to overdo the blue on your eyelids.

This is because blue is very close to purple, so putting too much of one color on top of the other will look unnatural and off-balance.

Tips And Tools:

You can use eye shadow to create a subtle shimmer on your eyes or use eyeliner. Both these methods have their own pros and cons.

If you want to do your eye makeup entirely with eye shadow, then I recommend getting a light purple shadow that matches the purple of your dress.

You should also buy an angled brush and an eye primer so you can get a smoother finish to your look.

If you want to wear eyeliner, I highly recommend using liquid eyeliner that comes in a felt tip pen. This is easy to do and comes with a lot of different options for you. It’s also very easy to use, which makes it the best choice for a beginner.

The Bottom Line

I hope this article gave you an idea of what eye makeup to wear for dark purple dresses. The most important thing is to make sure you are comfortable with your look and that it feels appropriate for the time of year.

Don’t worry about what other people say; only worry about yourself and how you feel. There’s nothing wrong with wearing a dress that looks unusual or even out of season, as long as it makes you feel good.


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