The Best Eye Makeup For White And Gold Dress

Applying eye makeup for white and gold dress can be done in several different ways. It all depends on the look you are trying to achieve.

Some of the most popular looks are smoky eyes, creating an ombre effect with your eye color, or creating a shadowed look with products such as browns or beiges.

All of these looks are very common, but if you want to draw attention to your eye, there are a few different ways to do this.

Carefully Consider Your Style

If you are one of those who like to look “natural” when they go out, this is the appropriate makeup look for you.

It looks beautiful with that white dress, and no one will notice that much makeup when they see you because it’s so subtle but radiant.

Eye Makeup For White And Gold Dress

You can go all out with your makeup and do this for a night out, or it’s okay to do a simple white look. First, the eyes should be done first.

While you’re doing this routine, you can have one of these on hand to create a beautiful smokey eye look:

Eye Makeup For White And Gold Dress
Eye Makeup For White And Gold Dress

Eye Makeup Primer

To begin your eye makeup, start with a primer that will help your foundation stick better so that it doesn’t smudge much throughout the day. Try this eye primer to help you get the job done:

Eye Makeup

Start with the eyes by applying your eye primer. Apply the flesh color on the lid and smudge a bit before you apply the white color on top of it.

After this, use a white or silver shade to highlight under your brow bone, just above your eyelid, for an Instagram-like picture look!

Use black or gray color on the outer corners of eyes and along the upper lash line; then, put a small amount in the middle of the eyes. It will help make your eyes look bigger.

Eye Shadow

Apply a shimmery color to the entire eye lid or just one shade concentrated on the lid with a small amount of product.

If you like to have bold eyes, a neutral color is okay too; however, avoid dark shades because they can look heavy when used on the lids.

These will look good when you use a light shimmery eye shadow along with it for more vibrant and elegant eyes!

False Lashes

If you want to create a more glamorous look, applying lashes is a must. Apply it on the lower lash line and make sure that both of your natural lashes are curled!

You can curl them with your eyelash curler if you’ve done this before. If not, go to a local beauty supply store and buy it. Getting false lashes at the beauty supply store is usually cheaper than buying it at Sephora or a high-end makeup store.


Apply two layers of black mascara onto your upper and lower lashes at the top. Use a lengthening mascara first, then use a volumizing one afterward. Now, since you have fake lashes on, you can use either one.

However, if you’re wearing false lashes and want to keep them looking nice for more than one day, try using a lengthening mascara first because it won’t weigh down your natural lashes as much as the volumizing type would.

Eyeliner Or Pencil

Now that you’ve chosen your mascara, you can choose to put either eyeliner or pencil on your eyes. If you use a pencil, use a black eyeliner to line the upper and lower lash line; if you use gel liner or kohl, then make sure that it’s waterproof!

Use the same color as your mascara to give it more definition. You can also put this on the waterline of your eye for added definition and for an all-day smolder look!

Highlighter For Face And Eyes

After you’ve applied your mascara and eyeliner, use a highlight color to the top of your cheekbones and above the brow bone.

If you want to add some more glamour, you can also use a highlighter to the center of the forehead. This will give your face more depth!

Foundation And Powder For A Flawless Finish

Finally, apply foundation on your face. Choose a medium coverage one with a dewy finish for everyday use. Also, make sure that it matches your skin tone and will last throughout the day.

For a flawless finish, choose a loose powder to set your foundation. Apply it on top of your face using a powder brush and after you’ve applied this on your face, brush the excess off by using a makeup brush.

Setting Spray

If you want to set your face, use a setting spray to help keep the makeup from melting off. If you’re planning to go out for the night or go on a date, buy the one with anti-aging ingredients in it. Some of the best ones include Chanel and Lancôme.

The Bottom Line

This is how to do white and gold eye makeup. White and gold eye makeup is very popular. It’s very feminine and beautiful. If you want to do this look but need some time, you can watch makeup tutorials on YouTube.

We hope that this article on white and gold eye makeup will be helpful for you, and we also hope that it will help you to create your own white-and-gold look!

One of the most important things to get right is your eye makeup for a well-put-together look.

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