Girl Says She Doesn’t Want A Relationship But Keeps Texting Me: Top 30 Reasons

This girl says she doesn’t want a relationship but Keeps texting me! Girls, they’re great. We know this. But sometimes, it can be hard to understand them and their motives for doing things.

If you are a man and have been texting with a girl, she is not interested in dating you, but she still texts back every time; this article will help explain why that might be the case.

Girl Says She Doesn’t Want A Relationship But Keeps Texting Me: 30 Reasons Why

Do you have a girl that is texting you but doesn’t want to be in a relationship? The girl says she doesn’t want a relationship but keeps texting me: 30 reasons why.

1.She is insecure

She is insecure about herself, and she feels the need to keep you, just in case.

Insecurities are deep-rooted problems that don’t disappear overnight. It’s not an issue with one person but rather something that affects her entire view of life, relationships, and people who love her.

In the meantime, she may not be able to see your worth because her insecurity is blocking out all other rational thoughts.

Girl Says She Doesn't Want A Relationship But Keeps Texting Me
Girl Says She Doesn’t Want A Relationship But Keeps Texting Me

2. She is unstable

She may know that she doesn’t want a relationship, but her emotional instability makes it impossible for her to say no.

If you feel like your conversations have an underlying tone of “I don’t want this,” then brace yourself and prepare for the worst.

This can be very frustrating because there is little chance of making progress or finding out what she wants in life.

3. She doesn’t like being alone

She may not be ready for a relationship, but she doesn’t want to be lonely.

The idea of being alone with her thoughts can make her feel depressed and anxious. She might enjoy the attention you are giving her so much that it becomes addictive or obsessive when she realizes what is happening.

This can also lead to distress because she doesn’t know how to stop texting you, and she is afraid if she does that it will mean the end of the relationship.

She might find herself constantly thinking about what you are doing, who you’re with, or when you are going to text her back. She may have trouble focusing on other things because she can think about when a new text will come in.

4. She is not into you, but she is lonely

She may be feeling lonely, and that is her need for connection. If you respond to those texts, then give her the space she needs to explore what she wants.

She Is Lonely

If she is not interested in you, it’s time to break from the texting and see if this girl becomes more receptive when given space.

5. She is simply bored as hell

If a girl you’re texting is bored, she will continue to text back and forth with you because that’s what people usually do when bored.

If she is texting you and not asking for your company, then it means that she wants some entertainment. It could be because her other friends are busy or away, so she doesn’t have anything to do. The problem is that she is taking up your time.

6. She likes you, but she is cautious

A woman might like you, but she will be cautious because she doesn’t want to get hurt. She is afraid that if she lets herself fall for you, then it means the end of her freedom or at least a lot more restriction on what she can do and go out on dates with other men. It also involves getting emotionally invested in you and accepting that she is not the only one in your life.

She might also think that any attention from her to you means she must want something more, so she doesn’t know how to behave around men anymore because they either don’t like her or see her as a friend. She thinks if there is a chance that she likes you, then there is also a chance that you will reject her because of how she behaves.

That’s why she might still text back but keep it strictly casual and not ask to meet up or do anything other than talk on the phone for hours about nothing in particular. This way, no one can get hurt, and she can still have her freedom to do whatever, when, and with whomever she wants.

7. She loves the attention you are giving her

The number one reason girls say they don’t want a relationship, but then keep texting back is that she loves the attention you are giving her. Women love to feel desired and wanted.

She Loves The Attention

They would sometimes even be willing to take on a man who they know has no intention of being with them long-term so that they can feel desired.

8. She is keeping her options open

She’s not committed to any other man, and she still wants you, so if her boyfriend breaks up with her or something happens to him, it might be okay for them to date.

9. She finds you interesting

One of the most common reasons a girl might text you back is that she finds you interesting. You may not be her type, but there could still be something about your conversation, demeanor, or personality that has piqued her interest and made it worth responding to some of your texts.

She Finds You Interesting

She may also find your messages refreshing in comparison with other guys she has been talking to.

10. She is freshly out of a relationship

She is not ready to jump into another relationship so soon after her last one ended. It takes time for a person to feel like they are really over someone and have space in their heart for somebody new; she needs more time on her own before dating again.

11. She is polite and chatty

Some girls will text you back because they are just really polite and don’t want to be rude.

12. She thinks you are funny/interesting/clever

There is nothing wrong with having a friend who you find interesting and funny. Maybe she finds it comforting to have someone talk to her for no reason other than they make her laugh or are great at giving advice.

13. She sees you as a friend only

Some girls are just really into texting and don’t have many people to talk with. You might be the only friend she has who is willing to listen, so if you want her as a girlfriend, then that means letting go of your friendship.

14. She wants you as a fantasy but not a reality

There are some women who like the idea of having a man in their lives but don’t want to be committed to one. They have this type of relationship with all types of men, either as friends or casual dates. This is why she keeps texting you back-she likes the attention and uses your interest in her to get what she wants.

15. She wants something casual

She doesn’t want a relationship, but she will text you back every time because it is just something that feels good. She might be bored and lonely, or maybe there are so many other guys messaging her on social media sites like Tinder that she can’t tell who likes her for real.

She knows if you find out what she is like, you will end up leaving. You are just texting her to fill the time when she is not in a relationship and can’t find anyone else to text or date.

16. She is afraid of commitment

She might be afraid of commitment and doesn’t want to date you because she is too scared to lead to marriage. She wants some attention, not a relationship.

17. She feels bad about how things ended

She may be texting you back because she feels bad about how things ended. It may feel like a form of closure to her, and that’s why she continues the conversation with you.

18. She is still angry about the break-up

She has been in a relationship before, and it ended badly. The girl might not want to date you because she is still angry about the break-up, which could come across as passive aggression for any other potential partner.


19. You are a sounding board for her relationship

The girl might want to get advice from someone else who has a different perspective than her boyfriend. This is the perfect way for her to vent without seeming like she is talking about him behind his back. It also gives you an opportunity to be a good friend and offer advice that might help her.

If you feel like the two of you are becoming friends, she could ask for your opinion on things and then take it into consideration when interacting with him later or make changes while in the relationship. They will appreciate having someone who understands what they go through because they know there is someone who is on their side.

20. You are reading too much into her texts

A woman might respond to your texts just so it doesn’t seem like she is ignoring you, but if you are reading too much into all her messages and come across as desperate, that will turn her off. If a girl wants something with you or does not want anything at all, she will make sure to let you know. Stop assuming the worst.

21. She is confused about what she wants

She may be confused about what she wants in her life. Maybe she is not sure if she wants to date and have a relationship or keep things casual with no strings attached. She has been hurt before and doesn’t want another heartbreak.

She feels like it would be too much work for the lack of rewards from a relationship.Or, she may be confused about what kind of man would make the best partner for her.

22. She just broke up, and she is hurting

The girl might be in a tough place right now because she just broke up with her boyfriend. It’s hard to get out of that headspace, and it will take time for her to start thinking about the next step, let alone a new relationship.

23. She is just flirting for fun

This is a classic example of flirting for fun, which is not the same as being interested in someone. Girls like to flirt and have tons of guys vying after them without feeling any pressure from these interactions. In this case, she may be stringing you along because it’s amusing or her friends are watching on social media. It doesn’t mean she likes you, and it just means that flirting is her hobby.

24. She is an attention hog

If she is constantly asking you to text her or sending a lot of texts for the same purpose and doesn’t want to talk on the phone, it might be because all she wants is your attention. It could also mean that she needs someone to listen, so try listening more instead of talking in these situations!

25. She is addicted to the chase

You might not be the only one struggling to get a response. She is addicted to the chase, and she loves it when you text her because of that thrill; however, if you were dating her, she would never have any excitement in life anymore, which means no texts from anyone!

26. She enjoys playing mind games

Girls can be cruel, and they enjoy playing mind games. They want to have power over males just as much as the other way around.

27. She wants you on her roster

If she texts back every time, there is a chance that you are not the only guy on her roster. She is a player, and she wants you on her roster as an option.

28. It’s just an ego boost

A man might text a girl back because she wants to feel empowered and validated that someone, especially the opposite sex, still wants her. It can be an ego boost for some confident girls but not getting what they want from their relationships or life.

Ego Boost

29. He finds you legitimately intriguing

It might have something to do with your banter. Maybe he’s a fan of how witty you are and finds it refreshing that you’re not afraid to say what’s on your mind or call him out for being inauthentic.

You may be completely right about his intentions, but at least he is entertained by the time he spends talking to you.

30. She thinks starting as friends is his best shot to become more than friends

Women will often start a relationship as friends. If she is not interested in dating the guy, this gives him time to change her mind and get to know each other on a friendly level first.


How Do You Know If A Girl Is Not Interested In You Through Text?

If you’re a guy and want to know how to tell if the girl on the other end of that text is not interested in you, there are a few things you can do. The most obvious sign will be if she stops responding after a while. If she never responds then, it’s pretty safe to say that she’s not into you.

Why Does She Text Me But Not Say Much?

Why does she text me but not say much? She may be trying to play it cool. Or, she could be playing hard to get and test your interest.

Will A Girl Text If She’s Interested?

Girls don’t text you unless they’re interested, so if she’s responding to your texts, then it’s a definite sign that she cares about you.


You are probably asking, “What the heck is going on?” And I would have to agree. There’s a lot about this situation that doesn’t make sense, and it isn’t clear what she wants from you or if she even likes you at all.

It sounds like there was some sort of misunderstanding between the two of you, which might explain why things got so out-of-hand in such a short amount of time. The only way to know for sure what her intentions are is to ask her outright–and do so respectfully!


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