Girl Says She Likes Me But Wants To Take It Slow: Top 10 Signs

The girl says she likes me but wants to take it slow. You’ve been seeing this girl for a few weeks now, and you like her.

But she always seems to want to take it slow, and she doesn’t seem as invested in the relationship as you are.

You’ve tried talking about it with her, but she insists that there’s no problem and that everything is fine. She just seems reluctant to take it to the next level.

So what do you do? Do you have hope that things will change? Or should you give up and move on?

Thoughts of giving up may be tempting, but if she really likes you too, there are definitely ways to show it. Read this article and find out why this girl may be acting the way she is and what you should do to make things right.

Top 10 Signs Girl Says She Likes Me But Wants To Take It Slow

Here are ten signs that a girl who says she likes you might not be telling the truth…

1. She tells you that she’s not looking for anything serious, even if you’re only in the early stages of dating.

2. She frequently makes excuses and cancels plans on you last minute.

3. She gives mixed signals on the phone or through text messages-making sexual innuendos one minute, and acting distant the next.

Girl Says She Likes Me But Wants To Take It Slow

4. She never initiates conversations when the two of you are together, and she makes sure to keep her answers non-specific whenever you ask if she’s seeing anyone else.

5. You’re always way more invested in the relationship than she is. (In other words, she likes that you like her).

6. You find yourself wondering if she’s actually interested in you… or if she just wants to increase her number of Facebook friends.

7. She tells you that she really likes you but needs more time before the two of you can take things further.

8. You ask her out, and she agrees, only to cancel on you at the last minute.

9. When you ask her if she wants to be serious, she tells you that it’s too early for her to think about something like that. Then a few days later, when you confront her with this mixed message, she denies even saying it in the first place.

10. She keeps up an active Facebook or Instagram presence but won’t follow you back on Twitter.

Reasons why Girl Says She Likes Me But Wants To Take It Slow

She’s not interested in you, I know it sucks, but she might just not like you that much. She doesn’t want to hurt your feelings, so she keeps trying to convince you that everything is okay, even though deep down she knows it’s not.

Here are some  reasons why a girl that seems to like you might be playing “hard to get”:

  • She wants to seem cool and aloof. If a woman actually likes you but thinks that admitting it will make her look too eager, then she might try to act uninterested.
  • You’re not their type. This sounds harsh, but it’s a possibility. If she doesn’t want to admit that you aren’t her usual type, then she might act as if she’s not that into you… even though deep down inside, she is interested in you!
  • She wants to feel like she has to work for you. Again, this may sound harsh, but if a woman sees you as someone she thinks is easy to get, then chances are she won’t want anything to do with you!
  • She’s not ready for a relationship and doesn’t know how to tell you. Some women out there just aren’t ready for a relationship, and they don’t know how to tell you that.
  • She’s not interested in you at all, and she wants to let you down gently. If this is the case, she might try to avoid telling you the truth by stringing you along: “Oh, I like you… but I just don’t think we’re compatible.”

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How do you deal with a girl who wants to take it slow?

You might want to come right out and tell her that you like her and would like it if she were more open about how she feels. She might feel embarrassed by your directness, but it’ll be better than continuing to go on wondering what the deal is.

If you want to continue dating this girl, I recommend getting some clarity on where she stands. Ask her for a timeline of when she thinks she might be ready to start dating and keep revisiting this discussion often (every 2-3 weeks at least). It’s possible that she really does like you and is just waiting for the perfect time before telling you, so be sure to give her those “dates” as promised.

If things don’t change after a few months and she’s still not talking in labels, then you might want to drop her. No relationship is worth someone acting like a “player” just to keep you on the hook.

If she never actually wants to be with you, then there isn’t much that you can do other than respect her wishes. If this is the case, then you’re just going to have to be mature about it and move on.


If you’re looking for signs that a girl likes you but wants to take things slow, then there are some key indicators. Take note of how she behaves around you-does she initiate conversations? Does she seem interested in what’s going on with your life? Or does it always feel like the two of you are just “hanging out”?

If there is any confusion about whether or not this girl really likes her, try getting specific by asking her if he would be willing to date exclusively and have something more serious down the line. She might say no at first because girls want to protect themselves from feeling vulnerable (especially when they’re still figuring their own feelings out), but pushing through will give both of you peace of mind. If she’s still not budging a couple of months down the line, then it might be time to cut your losses and move on to someone else.


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