Healthy Food At Zaxby’s: Best 12 Healthy Food Items

Healthy Food At Zaxby’s is one of the best restaurants for all occasions. The franchise is known for having an extensive menu with a wide variety of food choices that are healthy, appetizing, and good for your wallet.

Zaxby’s is a family restaurant for those who love eating out and enjoying good times with friends and loved ones.

In addition, the healthy options at Zaxby’s are ideal for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. With just a few items from Zaxby’s, you can eat healthy meals every day of the week!

What Is The Healthiest Thing From Zaxby’s?

The healthiest thing from Zaxby’s is the Grilled Chicken Sandwich. It is the best sandwich there is. It’s low in fat and sodium, making it well within anyone’s healthy diet.

The chicken breast is grilled to perfection and then paired with fresh crisp veggies like lettuce, tomatoes, onions, and pickles.

There are no artificial ingredients in the chicken sandwich from Zaxby’s. The only thing missing here is guilt for you when you eat it!

Healthy Food At Zaxby’s: Best 12 Healthy Food Items

For those people who are willing to list all the best healthy food at Zaxby’s, we have created a list of them for you below:

1. Grilled Chicken Sandwich

The grilled chicken sandwich is the best sandwich at Zaxby’s. It is made of grilled chicken breast, lettuce, tomatoes, pickles, and onions with mayo.

The low-fat content in this sandwich makes it healthy for your body and useful for those on a well-balanced diet.

2. Boneless Wings

The boneless wings are another popular item on the menu of Zaxby’s. It has a low-calorie count making it an ideal choice for any person wishing to stay in shape and obtain a healthy weight.

The wings are made out of the chicken breast and spices, coated in flour, deep-fried, and then served with celery, honey mustard sauce, and blue cheese dressing.

Healthy Food At Zaxby's
Healthy Food At Zaxby’s

3. Mini Cheeseburger

The mini cheeseburger is another healthy food choice from Zaxby’s. It is a combination of ground beef and peppers on a roll with tomato slices, onion slices, and cheese.

It can also have extra toppings like bacon or chicken strips and ketchup or chili sauce to add some more flavor. The sandwich from Zaxby’s has a whopping 341 calories per serving with no trans fat content either!

4. Zaxby’s Tex-Mex Chicken Sandwich

Zaxby’s Tex-Mex chicken is a fast food restaurant favorite. It has a mixture of grilled chicken breast, pico de gallo, and cheddar cheese on white bread. The sandwich from Zaxby’s has 346 calories, with 6 grams of fat and 8 grams of protein!

5. Zaxby’s Buttermilk Biscuits

Another great item on the menu of Zaxby’s is their buttermilk biscuits. The biscuit sandwiches have no trans fat content, and you can add bacon or extra cheese as well as butter to them to make them a healthier alternative to other biscuits.

6. Side Salad

Zaxby’s has a very healthy choice on their menu: the salad side dish. It is a combination of chopped lettuce and tomato with croutons and cheese.

This can be accompanied by your choice of dressing, which is available in thousand islands, mayo ranch, or blue cheese.

The healthy salad from Zaxby’s is excellent for people who are trying to go on a diet to lose weight but still want to try something different from their regular food.

7. Gourmet Grilled Cheese

Zaxby’s also has grilled cheese sandwiches which are also very healthy for you. They are served with a side of honey mustard sauce and come in varieties like cheddar and mozzarella that can be combined together to form a gourmet grilled cheese sandwich.

8. Zax Bites

Another healthy choice at Zaxby’s is their Zax Bites. These chicken nugget-like snacks come in breading varieties like barbecue, honey mustard, or plain.

They can also be purchased with a dipping sauce such as honey mustard, ranch or blue cheese, and ketchup. The calories in these chicken nuggets are very low, between 130 – 170 per serving.

9. Side Salad With Italian Dressing

Side salads with Italian dressing are another healthy food choice at Zaxby’s. The salad has several options for dressing, including thousand islands, mayo ranch, blue cheese, raspberry vinaigrette, and traditional Italian dressing. The ingredients used in the salad are similar to that of the healthy side salad from Zaxby’s.

10. Avocado

Avocado is a great food choice because of its high fat and low-calorie content. The avocado is cut into small cubes and served with a side of cheddar cheese on white bread.

This can be an ideal choice for people trying to gain weight or BMI out there as avocados contain healthy fats that help gain or maintain optimum weight levels.

11. Honey BBQ Wings

The honey bbq wings are a healthy food choice at Zaxby’s. They are made of chicken breast with a barbecue sauce, celery, and blue cheese dressing.

The ingredients used in the honey bbq wings from Zaxby’s are low in fat and high in protein. These wings also have around 150 calories per serving.

12. Zax Bites With French Onion Dip

Zax Bites with french onion dip is another healthy food choice at Zaxby’s. The Zax bites are grilled chicken nuggets served with french onion dip. The french onion dip adds a different dimension to the taste of the Zax bites.

Is Zaxby’s Salad Good For You?

Zaxby’s is a fast-food restaurant that offers a variety of healthy food choices on its menu. To start off, the salads are all great because they have various dressings to accompany them.

The dressing includes a thousand island, mayo ranch, and blue cheese, as well as raspberry vinaigrette which is made with 100% raspberry extract.

Top 5 Healthiest Zaxby’s Salad

1. Chicken Caesar Salad With Blue Cheese Crumbles

The Zaxby’s Chicken Caesar salad is amazing for you. The first thing you will notice about this salad is the chicken. It has fresh, shredded white meat chicken, which is excellent for you.

Coming to the dressing of this salad, it has crumbled blue cheese mixed in with plain caesar dressing, making it taste yummy and healthy for you!

2. Chicken Caesar Salad With Honey Mustard Dressing

The Zaxby’s Chicken Caesar salad has a dressing that is made out of honey mustard which is great for you. This salad is also topped with crumbled blue cheese prior to serving.

The dressing on this salad makes it a healthier choice because of the blue cheese, which makes up for the calories in it.

3. Zax Caesar Salad With Grilled Chicken

The Zaxby’s Zax Caesar salad is made of white chicken breast, full of flavor and nutrients. The croutons in the salad have been baked instead of fried, making it healthier for you. It also comes with crumbled blue cheese to make it taste even better.

4. Strawberry Poppyseed Salad With Grilled Chicken

The Zaxby’s Strawberry Poppyseed salad has grilled chicken breast in it, which is great for you. It also comes with crumbled blue cheese and a honey balsamic vinaigrette, making it an excellent choice for people who are trying to lose weight.

5. Bacon Ranch Salad With Grilled Chicken

The Zaxby’s Bacon Ranch salad is in a league of its own. The first thing you will notice about this salad is that it comes in a huge bowl.

The bowl is filled with shredded chicken, crumbled blue cheese, and grilled to perfection. The ranch dressing on the salad provides an excellent balance to its sweetness, giving it an excellent taste and being healthy for you!

What Are Some Health Benefits From Eating Healthy Food?

The health benefits of eating healthy food are wide-ranging. Some benefits include weight loss, improved memory, decreased heart disease, and cancer risk, and increased life expectancy.

The Bottom Line

We hope this article has helped you in learning about the different healthy food choices on the menu at Zaxby’s and that you will now be able to make healthier choices when it comes to eating there.

Although fast food is generally unhealthy, these salads are just what your body needs to combat the effects of fast foods.

You can try any of these salads or combinations thereof, as they are all healthy options when dining at Zaxby’s.


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