Healthy food Bordeaux: Best 10 Healthy Restaurants And Their Menu

Healthy food Bordeaux can give you a wide range of benefits, from helping with weight loss to improving your general health.

The quality is also typically superior, meaning you won’t leave hungry while getting your nourishment. By making sure to order some dishes, you’ll be able to enjoy a healthy meal in Bordeaux without a problem!

What Are The Specialty Of Healthy Food At Bordeaux?

There are many specialties of eating at Bordeaux. Here are a few of the many:

  • You will never leave hungry with the wide range of dishes that you can order in Bordeaux.
  • The quality of food is superior, and it will keep you nourished.
  • Ordering healthy food can be done effortlessly at Bordeaux due to their incredible range of dishes and toppings.
  • Cafés and restaurants in Bordeaux cater to all types of dietary requirements, giving you the opportunity to pick what type of dish is best suited for you.

Healthy Food Bordeaux: Best 10 Healthy Restaurants And Their Menu

1.Dubble Bordeaux Ravezies

Dubble is a small cafe/restaurant on the front market of Palais des Comtes in the center of town. What makes it so special is that they have a huge range of healthy dishes and toppings to choose from!

You can select something like veggies with hummus, salmon, or quinoa; or have a bowl of hummus with lentils instead of rice.

You can also make your own bowl and get a sandwich. They have plenty of different dressings and sauces to choose from as well to complement your meal.

2. Melobowls Poké

Melobowls is a small eatery that provides the best healthy food in Bordeaux, with tasty poké bowls and healthy juices made with fresh fruits and vegetables. It is located at Chemin du Marienbourg in Saint-Michel, Lormont, near Place Saint-Michel.

This restaurant has everything you’d expect in a regular restaurant plus unique toppings you won’t find elsewhere, like tofu or roasted yam; they also provide gluten-free options!

Healthy food Bordeaux
Healthy food Bordeaux


MUNCHIES is a health food takeaway that serves cooked and raw food for salads, including veggies in quinoa, lentil, salmon, crab, and prawns.

They have a small selection of drinks to choose from and also sell a few groceries. The food they provide is so fresh and high quality you will never leave hungry.

4. Smart Green Corner

Smart Green Corner is a small health food café located at 27 Rue des Célestins, in the 2nd arrondissement of Bordeaux.

They serve a range of dishes, such as the rice bowl with kimchi, quinoa, and lentil; salmon avocado bowl; zucchini noodles with veggies, hummus, and sesame sauce; or a bowl of quinoa with veggies and lentils. You will certainly leave this restaurant satisfied.

5.PNP – Personne n’est Parfait

At PNP – Personne n’est Parfait (meaning Nobody is Perfect!), you can easily find healthy food in Bordeaux. They provide everything you need to make your own healthy dishes, such as a base of brown rice, lentils, quinoa, or sweet potato.

You can then add salmon, avocado, eggplant, beetroot, or mushrooms to the bowl. They also have a salad bar that you can use to create whatever combination of vegetables and toppings that you like.

6. Eat Salad

You will find this restaurant at 5 Rue Géraud Morice in Bordeaux center. They offer dishes made with fresh ingredients and do not add any extra fat or oil. They have a wide range of healthy salads and some delicious sandwiches and wraps.

7. Ici la Terre

Ici la Terre is located in the city center of Bordeaux at 21 Rue des Halles. They serve a wide range of food, with everything you’d expect from a normal restaurant, including chicken wings and burgers.

They also offer dishes made with fresh ingredients that are high quality, such as tofu and quinoa salad; tacos with salsa, guacamole, and pico de gallo; or veggie burgers made with avocado. There are several other dishes to choose from, too, such as curry chicken curry or fish fillet curry!

8. O’s Family

At O’Wise Family, you’ll find healthy food that Bordeauxians and visitors love. They have a large range of fresh salads and dishes made with fresh ingredients.

They also have plenty of side dishes, such as hummus, lentils, and quinoa. There are also many healthy drinks, like carrot juice or mango smoothie.

9. Suzzi

Suzzi is a family-run restaurant that has been serving organic food in Bordeaux since 2009. They are located at 26 Rue Suger, in the 1st arrondissement of Bordeaux. Their menu contains a range of dishes made with fresh ingredients, without any oil or fat.

They offer salads as well as cooked food, including veggie burgers and vegetable pasta. Their cakes and desserts are also made without any additives or fat, so you can enjoy sweet treats in Bordeaux too!

10. Richelieu

Richelieu is a healthy café located at 3 Rue Richelieu in the 4th arrondissement of Bordeaux. They serve food made with fresh ingredients and without any additives or added fat.

You can choose from a wide range of dishes, such as veggie burger, tuna tartar, or chicken wings, without any added fat!

You can also ask for drinks like water, tea, coffee, and smoothies. This café will give you fresh, healthy food in Bordeaux!

The Healthy Cafes Of Bordeaux


In the city center of Bordeaux is L’Etage, a cafe where you can find healthy dishes and organic products. They offer healthy salads with organic meats as well as vegan and vegetarian options. They also have delicious healthy desserts that are all made with fresh ingredients.

2. Le Petit Hôtel

Le Petit Hotel is a health food café located at 15 Rue des Ecoles in the center of Bordeaux. They serve meals made with fresh vegetables and fruits, with no additives or fat, as well as all kinds of dairy products such as yogurt, cheese, and butter.

You can also buy organic and locally produced products like jams, honey, fruit juices, and sweets.

3. Gouté Gourmet

Gouté Gourmet is a unique health food cafe located at 59 Boulevard de la Trinite in Bordeaux center. They offer delicious vegetarian and vegan dishes like grilled vegetables with couscous or falafel burgers and healthy desserts!

4. Antidote

At Antidote, you will find a range of dishes made from fresh ingredients with no additives or fat. They have fresh, organic desserts such as pure fruit juices and milkshakes, smoothies made from fruits like banana and avocado, or cakes without refined sugar.

5. Café Coton Bio

Café Coton Bio serves organic dishes and products at 13 Rue d’Amsterdam in Bordeaux center. They offer healthy dishes, organic seafood, meat, eggs, and dairy products. Try their delicious desserts or enjoy some snacks on the go!

6. Tout Est Bon

Tout Est Bon is a health food takeaway located at 6 Rue du Salin in the 2nd arrondissement of Bordeaux. They serve raw food with no fat, added sugar, or additives, like salads with quinoa and lentils, seaweed, or pumpkin seeds; veggie burgers with rice, cherry tomatoes, and hummus, or mushroom caps stuffed with rice.

They also have boules and bread made with wheat-based flour. You will discover a wide range of healthy snacks in Bordeaux!

7. The Healthy Food Shop

At The Healthy Food Shop, you can find a huge range of healthy goods such as organic salads and smoothies, desserts, and drinks made with fresh fruits or vegetables.

Their selection of raw food includes spirulina, bee pollen, bee pollen protein, bee wax candles, bee cocoons, and some other products that are very hard to find in other places.

8. Le Deux Jours

Le Deux Jours is located at 14 Rue de l’Aubry in the 4th arrondissement of Bordeaux. They serve vegetarian food with no additives or fat. They have plenty of healthy snacks such as vegetable sushi, sandwiches, and wraps.

They offer fresh juices, smoothies, milkshakes made with fruit, vegetables, or seeds, and vegetable patties made from chickpea flour or quinoa.

9. La Cantine de Bibi

La Cantine de Bibi is a health food takeaway located at 46 rue Très Cloîtres (Saint-Germain-des-Prés). It offers vegetarian dishes with no added fat that is high in protein.

They offer food made from quinoa or tofu, with hummus and vegetable sushi. You can eat in their little restaurant or take your dish to go.

10. L’Epicerie Vivante

L’Epicerie Vivante is a health food takeaway located at 69 Quai de Paludate in the 4th arrondissement of Bordeaux. They have a wide range of products such as vegetarian and vegan dishes, organic juices, smoothies made with fruit or vegetables, and healthy desserts!

Why It Is Important To Eat Healthy Food When You Travel?

It is important to eat healthy food when you travel because when we travel, we often have less access to our normal daily foods and drinks.

Traveling can be tricky because many of the foods that are usually consumed in your country might not be the same in other countries.

For example, if you are a vegetarian and you visit a country like France, it would be difficult to find vegetarian dishes that are healthy enough for you.

In order to stay on track with your diet while traveling, it is important to pack some good everyday meals that will keep your body satisfied as well as healthy.

What Are Some Health Benefits From Eating Healthy Food?

The health benefits of eating healthy food are numerous. Eating healthy means consuming nutritious foods and minimizing the intake of junk foods or fast foods. This means that your body gets all the vitamins and minerals needed to stay strong and maintain a healthy digestion system.

The other benefits of eating healthy are that you will feel better, lose weight, lower your risk for developing diseases like diabetes or heart disease, and most likely live longer!

The Bottom Line

If you want to enjoy tasty food while you are in France, go to the restaurants that promote healthy food. This is a good way to enjoy the most delicious dishes of France while staying on track with your diet at the same time!

If you find it difficult to make healthy meals, then look at the shops and cafes that offer takeaway health food so that you can grab a quick and healthy meal on the go.

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