Healthy Food In Kannada: Best 12 Healthy Food Items

Healthy Food In Kannada is an initiative to list a range of healthy food items available in Kannada. The list may grow as the author visits more places or learns new names in Kannada.

This list is not exhaustive and can be improved over time. Also, many healthy food items may be available in other languages and can be added on the same line.

Readers visiting this list should also add more healthy food items in the comments [below the article].

Healthy Food In Kannada: Best 12 Healthy Food Items

I have tried to list the items of vegetable and non-vegetable origin that are available in Kannada. If you know of more names, do share them with me.

Best 12 Healthy Food Items In Kannada:

1. Udakka

It is a dish made with urad and spinach. The seasoning they use is black pepper, coriander, cumin, mustard, red chilli powder, turmeric, etc. It goes very well with rice and tastes awesome.

2. Dosa

A commonly found dish in South India, Dosa is made using rice ground into a batter, which forms one of the major ingredients in the stuffing.

The stuffing usually consists of rice flour and urad dal that is added to the batter. Black pepper and chili powder are added along with some sesame seeds to make them flavorful.

3. Karela

It is a common and essential ingredient of most vegetarian dishes here in Kannada. It has a slightly bitter taste compared to guava fruit but tastes yummy when cooked with other ingredients or eaten with rice or chutney/pickle during meal time.

Healthy Food In Kannada
Healthy Food In Kannada

4. Chutney

It is a delicious fruit-based condiment that tastes fantastic when combined with rice or bread. It is made using a variety of ingredients such as cashews, peanuts, coconut, and tomatoes. There are also wide varieties of chutney, and they vary according to the fruit or vegetable used in making it.

This is one of the healthy food items you can easily get in Kannada without traveling outside Karnataka state if you know a little bit of English.

5. Veg Biryani

Sweet and yummy stuff, this dish tastes awesome with basmati rice that gets all sticky with ghee after adding it to the dish. It is a dish made using rice and vegetables. You can also get it in Kannada as a healthy food item.

6. Vegetable Sticks

These are long sticks of deep-fried vegetables like brinjals, carrots, french beans, etc. These are available in packaged form and taste awesome when served with bread or chapati with masala and chutney.

I buy these sticks from Gopalan vagu at Jayanagar 5th block, Bangalore. They do not have any taste of oil and are very light to eat.

7. Pongal

This is one of the most popular dishes in South India. Pongal is made using rice, jaggery, and ghee. It is eaten during the months of January to June as an everyday cuisine. Pongal recipe varies a bit according to the family, but the ingredients listed are common for all.

8. Coconut Rice

This is another healthy food item that you can easily get in Kannada without having to travel outside Karnataka state if you know a little bit of English. It tastes great with idly / dosa and rice. Coconut rice can be cooked in the microwave too.

9. Bhatkothi

Bhatkothi is a very delicious dish made using yogurt and spices like fennel seeds, black pepper, etc. It tastes best with puris or rotis and some chutney/pickle or tomato sauce accompaniment to my meal. It goes very well with rice too (but I prefer it without).

10. Sambhar

Sambhar is another name for a vegetable dish made using lentils. This can be prepared with rice too. I have tasted it prepared with rice, and it tasted delicious, but no one in my family liked other vegetarian dishes cooked with rice as they are not fond of rice cooked in gravy.

11. Gajar Ka Halwa

Gajar Ka Halwa is an awesome dessert that you can easily get in Kannada without having to travel outside Karnataka state if you know a little bit of English.

It tastes great when served with different types of sweets or even plain bread and butter. There are many types of halwa/pudding, and each has different taste and sweetness levels.

12. Sago Paaya

Sago Paaya is a healthy food item that is easy to get in Kannada without having to travel outside Karnataka state if you know a little bit of English.

It is basically a highly nutritious food item made using sago, coconut, and jaggery. It can be eaten alone as a dessert or with rice and chutney/pickle as an accompaniment to my meal.

Other Useful Indian Names In Kannada

Other useful names for vegetables in Kannada include:

1. Bisi Bele Dosa: Dosa stuffed with Peas

2. Kadu Ka Roppa: Rice ground into a batter and made using eggplant with masala

3. Sembiya Masala: Coriander seeds, garlic, curry leaves, red chili powder, etc., prepared as a spice paste and added to the stuffing before making dosa/idli/poha or kathirikka.

4. Pachadi: A dish made using different types of vegetables with green chutney/pickle, without any added oil.

5. Kootu: It is a steamed dish made using vegetables, naturally without oil or ghee but with some yogurt added to achieve the same purpose as ghee

6. Kuttu: Usually served during special occasions like family meals, this dish tastes awesome with rice and has a mildly sweet taste. [Kuttu also means gravy]

7. Aviyal: It is a mild curry prepared using coconut and coconut flour or extract made into curd and used as a seasoning

8. Paruppu Kaal: This is a dish made using different types of beans

The Bottom Line

It is evident from the above list of healthy food items in Kannada that listing all such dishes would take a long time.

So there are very few items in this article, and I am sure you will get them easily in your local store, and it will become part of your daily diet, and you will not miss it once you go back home even if they were not included here.


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