Healthy Food Naples Fl: Best 12 Healthy Restaurants

Healthy Food Naples Fl is becoming a trend. With fast and junk food consumption sharply diminishing, more people are turning to healthier options for their meals.

Whether it’s a vegan diet, raw foods, or anything in between, these restaurants serve numerous dishes that are sure to please taste buds.

Current studies released by the New York Times and the Fast Brands Index report that the number of fast-food consumers has dropped to about 42%. The percentage of consumers who are hunting for healthier options is much higher.

What Are The Specialty Of Healthy Food Naples Fl?

The best part about healthy food is that you don’t have to sacrifice taste. These restaurants have a variety of options for all types of diets, so finding the one that works for you is a piece of cake.

Healthy Food Naples Fl: Best 12 Healthy Restaurants And Their Menu

There you have it, 12 healthy restaurants in Naples, Fl, that you should definitely visit. These are only some of the amazing restaurants in this area, but there are many more that you should check out if the ones mentioned above don’t suit your fancy.

1. True Food Kitchen

This is the place to go if you are looking for a 100% organic restaurant. It specializes in sharing plates of healthy and delicious cuisine prepared with fresh and authentic ingredients.

The ingredients are carefully selected so that each one of them possesses the maximum amount of nutrients to give you the most nutritious meals possible.

The restaurant has a healthy list that gives its customers access to options other than meat or seafood. It also has a gluten-free list if you avoid this particular protein. Just like its name suggests, the restaurant specializes in healthy food.

2. The Bowl

The Bowl offers fresh and delicious meals that are incredibly nutritious at the same time. The best part about this place is that each dish on the menu is served in a bowl!

Bowls can be combined with different grains, seeds, veggies, and even fruit to give you an entirely different eating experience from your usual meals. All their ingredients are organic and locally-sourced so you know they are real and taste good.

3. Cafe Nutrients

Although this place is known more as a cafe, it offers some of the most delicious and nutritious meals that you’ll ever taste. They serve breakfast bowls that are so amazing that you’ll feel like an entirely new person every time you visit.

The best part is that it offers healthy fast food! Their menu has items like rye bread with black bean burgers, oatmeal parfaits, organic eggs, and much more.

Healthy Food Naples Fl
Healthy Food Naples Fl


The Bowl Bazaar is a health-conscious restaurant in the heart of Naples, Florida, serving fresh, wholesome, homemade, and incredibly delicious vegetarian-vegan food.

This restaurant offers all types of healthy meals, like sandwiches, wraps, and salads. It also has a variety of options in case you are looking for something more than just meat.

5. Food & Thought

Food & Thought serves delicious food that is lovingly crafted for people who want to eat healthily but still want to enjoy something a little bit more special and flavorful than the average salad or pasta dish.

The best part about this place is that its ingredients are locally sourced so you will never be eating junk food here!

6. The Boost Juice Bar & Kitchen

This is the place to go if you are looking for a juice bar that offers healthy food. They have a variety of options in case you are looking for something warm or cold.

You can have your meal served on the spot or take it with you if you are in a rush. Just like its name suggests, the restaurant specializes in juices, all made with fresh ingredients!

7. Green Apron Café

If you want to eat healthily, but don’t want to be bothered with changing your life completely just yet, then this is the place to go.

The best part about this place is that it offers healthy vegetarian food alongside the regular menu, so you don’t feel like you are missing anything. If you are a meat lover, this place has everything you need.

8. Vegan Kitchen

If you are looking for a restaurant that serves healthy food and meat options, then this is the place to go. The best part about working with real chicken and other organic ingredients is that every bite of your meal is as good as possible! Vegan Cuisine specializes in preparing its meals with the highest possible quality standards.

9. Nature’s Garden

From salads to sandwiches, Nature’s Garden has a healthy menu that you will surely love. They specialize in making bread with gluten-free ingredients so that you never have to worry about any major issues. The best part about this place is that all of its ingredients are organic and locally sourced.

10. Tropical Smoothie Café

If there is one thing that can be said about Tropical Smoothie Café, then it is the fact that they offer very healthy smoothies!

If you want to drink a lot of fruit juice but don’t want to feel guilty afterward, this place has covered you with its nutritional ingredients and flavors.

11. Keli’s Kitchen

If you are looking for a restaurant serving delicious healthy food, this is the place to go. The best part about their menu is that it offers all types of options. With their huge selection of healthy dishes, you will never feel like you are missing out on anything.

12. Burger Republic

If you have had a rough day and just need to sit back and have a meal that won’t put stress on your body but will still leave you feeling full and satisfied, then this is the place to go.

Their entire menu has all sorts of options for every type of diet. Eating healthy doesn’t have to be so difficult anymore!

Why It Is Important To Eat Healthy Food When You Travel?

Eating healthy food is one of the most important things that you can do for your body. The problem is that most people don’t like eating healthy when they are traveling.

This article aims to provide you with some of the best options for healthy food in Naples, FL, so that you can take advantage of it.

It is important to understand that our bodies are made up of cells, and every single cell needs nutrients to function correctly.

If you eat unhealthy foods all the time and don’t invest in eating healthy food regularly, then you will inevitably suffer from a serious health condition at some point. Unhealthy food contains chemicals, preservatives, and harmful ingredients our body doesn’t need.

5 Tips For Eating Healthy On A Road Trip

1. Planning Is The Most Important Thing

Planning your meals just a little bit in advance can help you immensely in this situation. You should always have healthy snacks and food options, so you don’t have to resort to eating unhealthy food on the go.

These days, most gas stations and stores near highways sell healthy snacks like fruit and vegetables. That way, when you are hungry, you will be able to find something healthy to eat without having to resort to eating unhealthy fast food at some stop that has nothing else!

2. Avoid Ordering High-Calorie Items

Restaurants are known for serving delicious and mouth-watering meals that are high in calories. However, this doesn’t mean you have to order these meals. Avoid ordering burgers and fries; order stuff like salads, tomato sandwiches, and vegetable soups.

3. Ordering A La Carte

You should never ever feel like you are cheating yourself by not eating all the food on your plate. Whenever you are out with friends or family having dinner somewhere, try ordering individually instead of ordering everything at once.

This way, everyone will get to explore different options while still eating healthy food without putting too much pressure on themselves or others around them.

4. Drink Water

It is important to drink plenty of water on a road trip. Water helps our body in many ways, and it is nice to have something refreshing with you (instead of sodas or other sugary drinks).

5. Order Dessert

Sometimes, being healthy is not about what you order for the main dish but what you end up ordering for dessert!

When you are out having dinner with friends or family, make sure that you order something that doesn’t have too many calories.

Fruit salad or parfaits are great options since they contain fresh ingredients, but they also won’t make a big dent in your calorie intake.

The Bottom Line

From fast-food restaurants to regular dining establishments, there are plenty of places in Naples where you can get healthy food. If you want to eat healthily but don’t want to be bothered with having to make a big change in your life, then these restaurants should definitely give you a reason to visit Naples again!

These days, eating healthy has never been more fun and easier. Whether you choose to go out with your friends or family or stay in and cook for yourself, you will never feel like eating healthy is taking the enjoyment out of life.

Naples has plenty of options for those who are looking for dining experiences that are healthy and full of flavor.

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