Heinz Vegetable Salad Recipe: Best 7 Health Benefits Of Vegetable Salad

Heinz Vegetable Salad is one of the best salads to serve with a yummy Heinz Vegetable Salad Dressing. Chopped fresh vegetables are seasoned and cooked in a savory dressing.

The salad is full of variety and is suitable for any occasion. The salad also contains many health benefits. The best part is that the salad doesn’t contain any cholesterol and has a light and fresh taste.

This recipe is a great combination of vegetables and has plenty of health benefits.

What Does Vegetable Salad Contain?

Vegetable salad is a mix of various vegetables like spinach, carrots, peas, and corn. The salad is distributed in multiple varieties with different flavors and textures.

This is one of the best salads to serve at an Easter celebration party along with steamed corn, boiled eggs, and spring rolls.

What Is The Difference Between Green And Vegetable Salad?

The vegetable salad contains a mixture of green vegetables like spinach with other vegetables like corn and carrots.

Green salad is a less popular form of vegetable salad containing only green vegetables such as lettuce and cabbage.

Heinz Vegetable Salad
Heinz Vegetable Salad

Heinz Vegetable Salad Recipe

The ingredients required for the Heinz Vegetable Salad recipe are:

300 grams of mixed vegetables, an equal quantity of onion, corn, and carrots, 30 ml of mayonnaise, 20 ml of ketchup, and 1 teaspoon of mustard.

The steps involved in preparing the salad are as follows:

  1. Chop onions like fine dice. Slice carrots into finger lengths. Cut corn in half; boil peas with some water until tender; drain peas off the water and add it to other vegetables. Add all these vegetables to a bowl or pot.
  2. Add mixed vegetables from Heinz Vegetable Salad Dressing without adding dressing to the vegetables.
  3. Mix the salad well by mixing and kneading the Heinz Vegetable Salad.
  4. Chop onions, and cut carrots like fine dice; add corn and peas to Heinz Vegetable Salad so as to make it mixed well.
  5. Stir in Heinz Vegetable Salad Dressing with mayonnaise and ketchup, and mix well lightly with a fork.
  6. Add mustard to the salad after you mix it all by hand once again.
  7. Stir the salad well.
  8. Add some more Heinz Vegetable Salad Dressing if it looks dry.

Serve With

Heinz Vegetable Salad goes well with potato wedges or baked potato and cornbread. You can serve leftovers of the salad, but make sure you store them in a refrigerator to maintain the freshness and crispness of the salad.

Heinz Vegetable Salad Dressing

Add 30 ml of Heinz ketchup, 30 ml of Heinz mayonnaise, and 1 teaspoon of mustard to the abovementioned ingredients [for making vegetable salad]. Do not add the dressing while stirring; rather, add the dressing after you mix it in a bowl or pot.

Heinz Vegetable Salad Nutrition

A serving of Heinz Vegetable Salad (half cup) contains about 25 calories and about 2 grams of carbohydrate. It also provides amounts of Vitamin C, Vitamin K, copper, Vitamin B6, and Folate.

2 grams of carbohydrate amount to barely any in a meal plan. But when we look at the nutritional value and the health benefits of Heinz Vegetable Salad, we will find that it is worth having this salad as a part of your regular diet.

Best 7 Health Benefits Of Vegetable Salad

The health benefits associated with this vegetable salad are as follows:

1. It Is A Great Source Of Potassium

Potassium is essential for the normal functioning of the cells, muscles, and nerves in the human body and to keep our blood pressure down. It also helps us absorb calcium from food, on which our bones depend for growth and strength.

2. It Is A Cholesterol-Free Good Source Of Dietary Fiber

The fiber reduces the risk of stroke, heart disease, digestive disorders, cancer, and diabetes. Fibers help with weight loss as well! Also known to create bowel movements that are easy to pass!

3. Vegetable Salad Is A Wonderful Source Of Vitamin C And Vitamin K For Your Diet Plan

Vitamin C is a powerful antioxidant that helps reduce the risk of cancer, Alzheimer’s disease, and cardiovascular disease. It also boosts the immune system and improves respiratory health and skin complexion.

Vitamin K is essential for blood clotting mechanisms, bone strength, and healthy liver functioning. Vegetable salad is also an important source of Vitamin A and Selenium for good eyesight.

4. Vegetable Salad Aids In Bone Strength

The antioxidants present in a vegetable salad called phytochemicals help improve bone density and prevent osteoporosis in old age. Besides this, these phytochemicals enhance the absorption of calcium from the food we consume!

5. It Supports A Healthy Nerve System Because It Contains Vitamin B6 And Folate

These vitamins are essential for the conversion of food into energy, aiding in the healthy functioning of our nervous system.

6. Vegetable Salad Is Full Of Important Minerals: Copper And Iron

Iron is present in red blood cells, which carry oxygen from the lungs to the rest of the body. Copper helps maintain healthy bones, skin, and hair!

7. Vegetable Salad Is A Good Source Of Plant-Based Protein, Fiber, And Vitamin C

Most people do not get enough protein in their diet plan. But increasing the amount of vegetable salad in your food will help provide a good amount of protein to your body! Protein plays a necessary role in building muscles and keeping them healthy!

Vegetable salad is also rich in dietary fiber, which can provide you relief from constipation, elimination, and diarrhea.

The Bottom Line

Heinz Vegetable Salad is a great meal to have and a nutritious dietary supplement that helps fight against any diseases. It contains no saturated fats, cholesterol, and sodium to be consumed by those who have high cholesterol or heart problems. It is worth trying!


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