How To Break Down Her Emotional Walls?

So you want to know how to break down her emotional walls? You are not alone in this; many men think the same thing and are confused about where to start and how to solve their relationship issues.

First, you need to understand that women are emotional creatures; they can not help it; if they did, it would be easy to read, but it’s not a simple problem.

Women do not like feeling as though they are being talked about or judged; even if it’s true, they sometimes need extra space and reassurance. Do not pander to them because they will run.

Signs That She’s Built Emotional Walls

If you are in a relationship and your partner keeps building emotional walls; you know exactly how painful it is to be on the receiving end of those walls. In most cases, the signs that she’s built emotional walls are not easily noticed by the person who suffers from them.

Signs That She’s Built Emotional Walls

Signs that she’s built emotional walls in a relationship:

  • The first sign that she’s built emotional walls in a relationship is that they don’t communicate with you as you do. They don’t listen to you, they don’t offer empathy, they don’t let you be heard. And they usually argue with you over the smallest things.
  • The second of the signs that she’s built emotional walls in a relationship is that they become defensive whenever you communicate with them. Their defenses are so high that they don’t even want to interact with you directly; they want to work it out through other people.
  • They may be in the form of withdrawing into themselves. But they can also be in the form of being distant and withdrawn from everyone else.
  • In some cases, the signs that she’s built emotional walls can result in a loved one hurting himself or herself.

If you notice these types of signs that she’s built emotional walls; you must talk to your loved one about the problem. Don’t ignore the issue, as this can cause the emotional walls to become stronger and become harder to get past. The walls that she’s built emotional walls can be removed with professional help.

How to break down her emotional walls?

Don’t Complain Make Conversation

How to break down her emotional walls: The key here is not to complain; make sure you don’t bring up issues that she is concerned about.

And when she comes back to the subject of your conversation, let her know you are willing to compromise. Don’t get upset or aggressive; calmly ask her if she wants to discuss the matter any further?

By doing this, you will be opening up a communication channel between you, so make sure to use it. Once she agrees, though, you have established a healthy open dialogue, which will help the relationship!

Explore the formation of her emotional walls

Often these emotional walls are so deeply rooted that the only way to break through them is to face them head-on without procrastinating or avoiding them. The more you push your wife to deal with her issues. And the more she pushes you to do the same, the further away she will get from you.

This will enable you to take on the responsibility of learning how to explore the formation of her emotional walls in a non-pressured manner that will gradually push her away from you. You can do this by asking her about her feelings without getting personal. And opening up things about your feelings for her.

Identify what emotional safety would look and feel like for her

Learning to be sensitive to how a woman sees herself is a huge and wonderful first step in making a man feel more connected to her.

Of course, it is not only a matter of physical security when it comes to what emotional safety looks and feels like for women.

After all, our connection with our partner is an emotional connection as well. It is how we view and interpret the world as we come into it to create that connection, not necessarily the sexual act itself.

There is no greater pain for a woman than to feel that the man she is with does not see her as a whole person, with all of her parts and emotions. If you want your man to see you as that whole person; you need to show him that you are willing to be vulnerable, to let him see. And appreciate all of you inside and out.

Find a good therapist and begin couples therapy

Many couplescan work through problems and even come back together to have a great relationship. However, if you don’t work on your relationship problems, you are unlikely to see improvement.

Couples counseling can be a great way for you to get back on the right track; and form a healthy relationship again. If you and your partner can get past all of your issues and begin working together; you can make your relationship a strong and healthy one.

More About Couples Therapy

Working Extra Hard So You And Your Partner Can Be Financially Secure

Working extra hard so you and your partner can be financially secure may not seem like the best idea. However, if you look at the bigger picture, you and your spouse will benefit more financially due to rebuilding trust.

The longer you can postpone the issue until your relationship is healthier and more stable; the more money you and your spouse will have to split.

I know that many couples say they don’t need each other because they have their careers. But sometimes you just don’t want to depend on someone else to make your life easier.

Spending A Lot Of Time With Your Partner

Do you feel that you spend a lot of time with your partner but don’t get much in return? It’s a fact that relationships take time to build; so if your relationship is really a passion, spending a lot of time with your partner will mean much more to you than just physical closeness.

But how do you get your partner to open up to you. And show you her most intimate thoughts and feelings without being too obvious? The answer is simple-you show her! And you can start by telling her what turns you on; we’ll let you in on a little secret.

If you spend your time together doing exactly what you do every day, then your partner has probably become used to you and knows nothing else. What you need to do is surprise your partner with something new and exciting-don’t just promise to do the same thing over again because it’s lazy and boring.

Downplaying Compliments

We are social animals. And the one trait we find to be essential in a relationship is the ability to feel emotionally connected with another person.

By over-emphasizing your appreciation for her actions, you’re setting up a barrier between you and her. This will make it very difficult for her to open up to you emotionally. Because she’ll feel like you’re pouring your love into her without her asking for it.

This will create a psychological wall between you both. And unless you want to get to a place where the wall can be torn down and replaced with loving, supportive warmth, you must keep your compliments firmly out of her reach.

You may think that this is mean-spirited. But the truth is that women don’t take compliments to heart as much as you do; and if you consistently praise her, you’re not setting up barriers.

Attempting To Make Tense Situations Lighter By Making A Joke

Trying to make tense situations lighter is all about taking a situation and making it a comical aspect rather than an uncomfortable one. This can be done in several different ways. One way is to inject humor into tense situations by engaging in a kind of joke or a silly statement.

When this does not work, the next thing you can do is to try and defuse the tension by simply talking about the situation as though it were a joke.

You Need To Be Care And Sensitive

If you are a guy who is still in love with your girl and want her to care about you; then you need some advice. Some relationships end because one of the people in the relationship didn’t change or treat the other one badly. If this has happened to you who don’t know what to do, then here are some things that you should know. These things may help you get through this rough time in your relationship.

One of the biggest mistakes that guys encounter when trying to change their girlfriend’s mind is that they act as they wanted. They will be mature and try to talk things out. But they forget that this is not something she decided on.

If you want to make your girlfriend care, you need to be sensitive and listen to her needs. If she didn’t care that you have changed, you need to explain yourself. And tell her why you changed and did what you did. Explain to her that you did it because you saw the benefit of doing so and because you realized that she deserved to be treated better.


So how to break down her emotional walls? If you want to make your girlfriend care, you need to be sensitive and listen to her. Sometimes guys encounter situations where they are not able to do these things.

You can make your life easier by simply asking your girl how she feels about the situation. And tell her what you think about her answer. If you both agree, then you can get back together and move on.


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