How To Compliment A Guy On His Personality?

How to compliment a guy on his personality is an art form. You want to be genuine but not sound too forward or coming off as needy.

If you’re looking for some compliments that will make him feel great and give you a good vibe, this article is for you!

Why do women need to compliment men too?

An adage says, “Women are from Venus, and Men are from Mars.” This seems to be true in many ways. Women compliment each other all the time while men complement one another seldomly.

However, as a woman, I think it’s important for me to learn how to compliment my male friends. After all, they don’t have ovaries (or uteri), so they can’t produce hormones like estrogen and progesterone that make us feel happy and good about ourselves when we get compliments!

So ladies, let’s start giving compliments to our male friends more often! It will make them feel better about themselves, and you’ll find out just how much nicer they can be when you do!

Do guys like getting compliments?

I know we’ve all been at a party and felt like the only girl without a date. It’s always worse when you see some guy standing around, not talking to anyone. You might think he’s just being shy or trying to be cool. But it turns out; guys love compliments too!

So next time you find yourself alone at a party with that one guy who never seems to talk to anyone, give him an opening by complimenting him on something about his appearance- even if it is as simple as his shoes!

How To Compliment A Guy On His Personality
How To Compliment A Guy On His Personality

How do you praise someone’s personality?

How do you praise someone’s personality? It can be hard to find the words, but it is important! We all have unique personalities that make us who we are.

If someone has a great personality, then they should know how awesome they are. So what exactly does one say in this type of situation? Here are some phrases that will help you out!

  • “You’re so sweet!”
  • “Your sense of humour is hilarious.”
  • “I admire your strength.”

These compliments will show them just how much they mean to you and leave them feeling loved and appreciated.

How To Compliment A Guy On His Personality?

The adage is true: “You never get a second chance to make a first impression.” That’s especially true when you’re trying to compliment someone on their personality. It’s not always easy, but there are some ways to go about it that might make it easier for both of you.

Your goal should be to try and find something unique or special about them that will set apart the compliment from all the others they’ve received before.  We’ll start with some simple ones; check out these ways to compliment a guy on his personality without seeming lame.

Compliment him on his basic hygiene

Hey ladies, it’s time to tell your man he smells good.  The more you compliment him, the better his hygiene will be. Even if he doesn’t smell like a bouquet or anything, just say something!

He will take note and make sure that next time you see him, he’ll be slathering on some cologne. It’s not so hard to keep our dudes smelling fresh for us, is it?

Compliment your guy on his body

I know you’re probably thinking, “What do I need to compliment him on?” Well, it’s a little hard for me to answer that question because every guy is different and has his insecurities.

But as far as the general population goes, most men are insecure about their weight, body hair or overall appearance.

Compliment Your Guy On His Body

So if your man seems like he needs a confidence boost – go ahead and tell him how great he looks today! Compliment him on his voice

Have you ever noticed that your guy has the nicest voice? Yeah, I know. You probably don’t want to admit it because he’s not a beautiful woman with an amazing singing voice but, let’s be honest here: his voice is pretty darn good!

So why not compliment him on this one thing in particular and make him feel like a million bucks? It doesn’t take much effort and will help build up his confidence.

Compliment him on his dressing skills

So, your guy is well-dressed. He’s not a slob, but he doesn’t have to wear something specific for work every day. But you don’t know how to compliment him on his dressing skills? You’re in luck because here are some compliments that will make him feel like the man of your dreams:

  • I love when you dress up, and it makes me want to get dressed up too! 
  • Wow, you look so good today! What’s different?
  • I like the way you’ve been wearing colours lately – they suit you.
  • Those jeans are perfect for you. I could stare at them all day long.
  • That shirt looks great with those shoes!

Compliment him on his grooming skills

Hi ladies, have you ever wondered what it would be like to date a man who’s always well-groomed? Well, there might not be a need for you to wonder any longer because I’m going to give some tips on how to compliment your guy on his grooming skills.

First of all, let him know that he knows how to look good, making him feel confident in himself.

Second, ask him about the products he uses so that if he doesn’t already use them then maybe one day he’ll start!

Thirdly, tell him that even though you can’t see him often enough; when you do get the chance it’s refreshing and relaxing – just knowing that he looks after himself makes life easier.

Compliment him on his looks

Did you know that most guys are insecure about their looks? It’s not unusual for a guy to feel self-conscious about his body, hair, or clothing. Complimenting your guy on his appearance can make him feel good and possibly bring the two of you closer. Here are some tips on how to compliment your guy on his looks:

  • Find something specific in general – it may be as simple as noticing he has a new haircut;
  • Make a comment specific to him – use words that indicate how much you appreciate this trait;
  • Be sincere with positive feedback;
  • Consider what makes your man special and tell him! Acknowledge what makes him different from other men while being sincere.

Compliment him on his hard work

Dear girls, we know you love to tell your man how hard he works for you, and we’re here to help!

Compliment Him On His Hard Work

Here are some of the best compliments that can make your guy feel like a king.

  • You’re so handsome!
  • I’m so proud of you!
  • You look sexy today (or in general)!

Compliment him on his intelligence

The first thing I look for in a man is intelligence. Intelligence is one of the things that attracts me to someone and make them stand out from the rest. It’s not always easy to find, but it can be worth all the effort when you do it. There are so many ways to compliment your guy on his intelligence! Here are some ideas:

  • “I love how intelligent you are,”
  • “You’re such an intellectual,”
  • “Your brain never shuts off.”

Compliment his sense of humour

It’s not easy being a guy. We have to be tough, brave, and strong all of the time. But we also need to know when it is appropriate for us to show our softer side.  So ladies, take some time today and tell your guy how much his sense of humour means to you! He’ll love you even more for it!  Here are just a few examples:

  • “You always make me laugh,” or
  • “You’re so silly.”

Compliment his decision-making abilities

I know you think that the only thing he does is make decisions, but let me tell you how much of a misconception this is. He’s got a lot going on in his head, and I’m sure he wishes he could express himself as well as we can sometimes.

Decision-Making Abilities

If you’ve ever been frustrated with him about something, here are some compliments to help out:

  • You have such strong decision-making skills!  
  • I admire your ability to come up with solutions quickly!  
  • Your mind never seems to stop working!
  • You always seem so driven and motivated by work.

Compliment him on his patience and gentleness

We all know how much patience and gentleness are required in the world today. As a woman, I find it easy to complain about my husband’s lack of these qualities, but he’s got me beat hands down when I really think about it. After all, he has to put up with me on the regular!

So ladies, next time you’re feeling frustrated with your guy for not being patient or gentle enough, take a second to stop and consider that maybe we should be thanking him instead.

Compliment him on his interests and hobbies

You may not know this, but men like to be complimented. They love when you tell them they look nice or that they have a great sense of humour. But what about their interests? What about the things he’s passionate about? You should take some time to notice and comment on those things too!

Compliment a guy’s communication and interpersonal relationships

Do you ever feel like your guy is a bit of an introvert? You might be right! Many people are, and so it’s not uncommon for this to happen. But that doesn’t mean you have to give up! Sure, he may not be as talkative in public or with strangers, but he can open up when he talks with friends and family members.

He also likely has many close relationships with his colleagues at work – just think about how much more fun meetings would be if they all talked together instead of silently taking notes during the meeting. So don’t get discouraged by his lack of communication skills in certain situations; there may be many other areas where he excels!


To conclude, don’t let a fear of rejection keep you from trying. If the guy isn’t interested in being complimented for his personality, he probably won’t be interested in your compliments.

And if that happens to be the case, it just means there is another man out there who appreciates when someone takes notice of him and will love hearing what you have to say about them!

So go forth with confidence, knowing that even if one person doesn’t appreciate your efforts, chances are somebody else will. Comment below and share any questions or thoughts on this topic we didn’t answer here!


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