How To Escalate A Relationship: 10 Simple Rules

I want to teach you how to start a new relationship and how to escalate a relationship.

This is not an article about the best first messages or games to play on someone. It’s about how to create real chemistry and connection that can last even when things get tough.

I have been working with my clients on this topic for years, and I can say that some of the best relationships I’ve seen had many obstacles initially. It’s possible to create a deep connection, and it’s also possible to make it last.

How To Escalate A Relationship: Here Are 10 Simple Rules

1. Be Interesting

This is where you have to be yourself and let your best personality show. The most important thing is to be unique. Think about what you have in common and focus on that.

Don’t force it too much. You will find out about the person later and not want to waste all your energy on someone who doesn’t match your personality.

2. Be Honest

I think most people want to be loved for who they are, not what they are not, so be honest and never play a game with a person’s emotions or feelings. If you are unsure about something, just tell the person.

How To Escalate A Relationship
How To Escalate A Relationship

3. Listen And Ask Questions

There is no connection without communication; if you want to create a long-term relationship with someone, you have to show interest in them. Ask questions and listen to the answers.

It’s very important that you know more about the other person in order to build a connection with them. That’s why it’s also important that they know more about you.

4. Take Their Interest Seriously

This is what makes people fall in love. Take your partner’s interests seriously and show that you are interested in them. Don’t just say “OK” to everything as some people do.

Invite them to things too, even if they don’t want to go out at the moment. It will make them feel wanted, which is what everyone is looking for when they start a relationship.

5. Be A Good Listener

I’ve noticed that most men don’t listen very well when it comes to women. I don’t know why this is, but it happens. In order to have a successful relationship, you have to be a good listener at all times.

Listen if she wants to talk about it or doesn’t understand something. You will have time later to demonstrate your point of view on the situation.

6. Be Romantic

There is nothing better than being romantic with your partner and making them feel important and loved at all times. They feel special and loved when you touch their hand or look deep into their eyes in public. This is what makes a great relationship.

7. Always Be Genuine About Your Feelings

Don’t play games with the person’s emotions and feelings. Never say something you don’t mean or act in a way that goes against your personality just because you want to impress someone by pretending to be someone else.

It will only make the other person feel used, and they will not feel the same way about you later on. Be your true self at all times, no matter what.

8. Don’t Get Too Intense Too Soon

When you are getting to know someone, be careful that you don’t come across as desperate or clingy. It will have a bad effect on your relationship later on. Keep your distance and start with flirting and going for a few dates.

If you are constantly texting her all the time, it means that you are too eager to see her again and she will feel smothered by your attention.

9. Be A Little Mysterious

Men who are too available seem needy and desperate, so keep your cool. Don’t text her too often, and don’t cancel every date you have with her. If she wants to see you more often, she can initiate contact herself.

10. Take It Slow And Give It Time

If you take things slowly and let the situation develop naturally, there is a chance that you will create something that lasts. Things happen in their own time, and you have to wait for the right moment to make your move. And even if things don’t work out, you will know that it was worth it to give the relationship time.


I think this article got a few things right and a few things wrong, but I hope you guys found it helpful. Only one thing separates you from the millions of people who want to start relationships with someone, and that’s your ability to create real chemistry.

If you use these 10 rules, you will eventually be able to start a relationship with anyone and keep it going for longer than most people.


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