How To Punish Your Girlfriend Over Text: Best 10 Tips For You

There are many ways how to punish your girlfriend over text, from a stern glare or a hefty reprimand to a calculated argument.

But if you’re looking for an inventive, unique new way to discipline your partner—be it mild or severe—check out this list of 10 ways you can punish your girlfriend over text.

Best 10 Ways How To Punish Your Girlfriend Over Text:

1. Give Your Girlfriend, The Silent Treatment

If your girlfriend is arguing with you, the silent treatment can be particularly effective. Give your significant other the cold shoulder for a few days by not replying to any texts or calls.

The longer you keep up this silent treatment, the more effective it will likely be.

2. Get Mad At Her Parents

While it’s probably not recommended to argue with your significant other’s parents—let alone raise your voice—it’s an even worse idea when you’re seething with rage over something she has done.

If you don’t want to confront her about something and risk hurting her feelings, or getting into a big argument, simply get mad at them instead.

3. Don’t Respond To Texts

There’s a difference between giving your girlfriend a silent treatment and not replying to her texts altogether.

Sometimes, your significant other is obviously angry, and she needs some time in order to cool down and cool off. Giving her this space—in the form of ignoring her texts or not replying at all—can help defuse the situation before it gets out of hand.

4. Send An Anonymous Text

If the two of you are getting into an argument, send your girlfriend an anonymous text that appears as though it came from someone else—even if it’s just your best friend or brother.

This will certainly cause some confusion and suspicion, and it might get your girlfriend to rethink what she was saying to you.

5. Turn The Tables

If the girlfriend texts you to talk about something, don’t respond. If a conversation becomes too heated, turn the tables and make it about her instead of about you. This will likely throw off your girlfriend, and she’ll be forced to justify her end of the discussion.

How To Punish Your Girlfriend Over Text
How To Punish Your Girlfriend Over Text

5. Send A Text Out Of Nowhere

Sometimes, even though you know your girlfriend is angry with you, there’s just no talking to her. When this happens, send her a text out of nowhere (forcing her to read it) that makes no sense at all—or seems like a conversation between two other people.

7. Respond To Emails

In the case of an argument, make sure that you’re responding to your girlfriend’s emails instead of replying to her texts. This will ensure that she actually sees your reply—and might keep her from making assumptions.

8. Express Yourself Through Song Lyrics

If your girlfriend has been saying something offensive or questioning your loyalty or commitment, you can use a clever song lyric as a way to express how you feel about her behavior. It’s funny, it’s unexpected, and it might just get through to her the next time she crosses you!

9. Use A Paraphrase To Get Back At Your Girlfriend

If your girlfriend has said something nasty about you, a clever paraphrase can be an effective way to get back at her.

For example, if she’s been insulting you behind your back, tell her that it’s not nice to talk about people behind their backs and then mock her for saying it in the first place!

10. Make Her Do All The Talking

Sometimes, you’ve got this argument all figured out and figured out how to punish your girlfriend over text—but what if she’s just not having it? In this case, make sure that you’re the one who speaks.

If you just sit there and listen, it should soon become obvious that she’s the unhinged one and that you don’t have a mean bone in your body—after all, you’re not saying anything.

The Bottom Line

There you have it: 10 ways to punish your girlfriend over text!

This list is by no means comprehensive, so if you come up with any more ideas that are good for punishing your girlfriend gently, be sure to add them in the comments below!

Thanks for reading!

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