How To Tell A Girl You Want A Relationship With Her: Best 20 Tips

How to tell a girl you want a relationship with her? I remember the first time I told my girlfriend that I loved her.

It was one of the scariest moments of my life! It’s not because she might have said no or anything like that, but simply because there are so many ways you can screw it up.

You can say it too soon or at the wrong time. You can use the wrong tone of voice, the wrong words, and even make it sound like you’re not sure if you really mean it (or worse, try to convince her that she’s in love with you, too!)

I remember how stressed out I was about saying it. I felt like I was going into a battle that could only end in tears.

And so, after an agonizing process of trial and error (and LOTS of embarrassing mistakes), I finally figured out how to say it right!

20 Tips For How To Tell A Girl You Want A Relationship With Her

If your relationship is important to you, it’s really worth doing right! So here are twenty tips on how to tell a girl you want a relationship with her in the best way possible. If this post has helped at all, please share with your friends and family who may need some help too!

1) Make sure you do know her well enough

If you haven’t spent a good amount of time getting to know each other, don’t say it yet! You want to be REALLY SURE that she’s the right person for you before you tell her about your feelings. That way, there is no chance of regretting saying those three magic words.

2) Always make sure she’s completely comfortable around you

Don’t tell her when you’re on a date at a busy restaurant, for example! That would be way too overwhelming and distracting. It should be somewhere quiet where it’s just the two of you, relaxed and calm. You don’t want things to get awkward, either.

How To Tell A Girl You Want A Relationship With Her
How To Tell A Girl You Want A Relationship With Her

3) Don’t say it when you’re in bed together

This may sound like the perfect setting, but it’s not! The mood will be too tense, and she’ll probably want to get up and leave! Also, saying “I love you” is a big deal, so there should at least be some sense of occasion.

4) Make sure you give her some time to process it

Even if she says “I love you too!” straight away, it doesn’t mean she really means it! Saying these three words can be a pretty emotional experience so take a little while for the dust to settle before saying them again.

5) Don’t expect her to say it back straight away

If you tell a girl you love her, and she’s not ready to say it, don’t be angry with her! Give her time because hearing this for the first time will come out of the blue for her. She might need some time to talk about it with friends or family before she says anything to you.

6) Be ready for her to test the waters with you

If a girl says “I love you,” it’s most likely that she is expecting you to say it too! It will be a good opportunity for her to see if your relationship is going in a serious direction or not, so try not to get upset when she starts asking these types of questions.

7) Don’t be too forceful or awkward about it

You don’t want to surprise her on Valentine’s Day with a bouquet of flowers and the words “I love you!” She might feel like she’s being pressured into saying it back, which isn’t good at all!

8) Don’t say it just because she says it

Make sure this is something you feel deep down inside and not because you think she wants to hear it or anything like that! You’ll want to make sure she says it first anyway, so don’t be too quick to reciprocate.

9) Don’t expect her to say it right away

If you want to say “I love you” after a few weeks of dating or something like that, don’t be too disappointed if she doesn’t say it back! It’s important for her to feel safe around you before saying anything serious like this.

10) Don’t force yourself to say it when you don’t really mean it

Don’t say it just to make her happy and not because you really mean it! It’s dangerous, and if she finds out that you lied, your relationship is going to be in serious trouble.

11) Don’t tell her without knowing what your future plans are together

If you’re thinking of proposing marriage at some point, for example, wait until you’re ready to buy a ring before saying, “I love you!”

12) Don’t say it if there are any doubts or insecurities

Make sure both of you are comfortable with everything that’s going on between the two of you before saying something like this! There should be no doubts at all and plenty of trust before you say it.

13) Don’t say it after a big argument

There’s no time to resolve the issue or move on fully from an argument when you’ve said, “I love you!” It needs to be said after a period of happiness and peace, not in the heat of the moment.

14) Don’t say it when you’re drunk

Don’t do this! It’s a huge mistake and not the right time at all! It might be embarrassing for you both, even if she says it back!

15) Don’t say it when you’re in a relationship with someone else

You don’t want to confuse mixed signals, so make sure you’re over her before saying anything like this! The words “I love you” ought to be said when they’re true, not because your brain’s screwed up.

16) Don’t say it if one of you is more serious than the other

If you’re planning on getting married next year, but she’s still unsure about things, it isn’t a good idea to say, “I love you!” You’ll end up regretting it later on.

17) Don’t say it if you’re planning to break up with her soon

Don’t lead her on, thinking that she’s the one when in reality, you were just looking for some fun! It’s not fair, and no girl deserves to be messed around like this.

18) Don’t say it if you don’t mean it

Be careful not to let the wrong words slip out! You might be speaking from a place of emotional intensity, but that doesn’t mean you actually love her. It’s better to hold off on saying these words for now!

19) Be ready for her to be freaked out!

If you feel like you might say it soon, try to warn her beforehand so she isn’t completely shocked. It’s unfair to surprise someone with something so emotional and intense without any warning at all!

20) Don’t pressure her into saying it back

She should be able to take her time and think about how she feels about you before she says something like this! Don’t put her on the spot, and don’t try to force her into saying the words back.


If you’re looking for the right time to say “I love you” to your girlfriend, it’s important that they feel safe around you. You’ll want them to be comfortable with everything in their life before saying something so serious and intense like this.

If she feels pressured into reciprocating her feelings back, then there is a chance of miscommunication between the two of you which can lead to some negative consequences down the line!

If you follow these 20 tips, hopefully, the right moment will arise when it’s natural for both of you to say, “I love you!” Don’t rush things, and make sure to refrain from saying the words unless you truly mean them!

Thank you all for reading this article! If there are any topics that you want me to cover, please let me know in the comments below!

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