I Friendzoned Him And Now He Won’t Talk To Me: Best Tips For You

Recently I friendzoned him and now he won’t talk to me or even look at me, making this so hard.

I’m getting massive anxiety just thinking about it and feeling like I’ve ruined something good. I can’t think of what to do.

Next, it has been three weeks since it happened, and he’s not budging on anything, even when we have mutual friends. I want to try and fix things but can’t think how. I need help, please someone help me!

Please, Dear Reader, if you are still in doubt whether or not friendzone is real and causing the anxiety you are experiencing right now.

Or if you have fallen victim to the friendzone trap before…please read the article below carefully and absorb every word.

Why Do ‘Friendzoned’ Guys Ignore You? 5 Reasons

There are many reasons why ‘friendzoned’ guys ignore you. Here are the most common ones, Dear Reader:

1. You Don’t Want Him Anymore

This is by far the most common reason why ‘friendzoned’ guys ignore you.  He doesn’t want you anymore because he has realized that he has feelings for someone else or because he doesn’t want to keep in contact with you any longer than absolutely necessary.  

2. He Doesn’t Know What To Do Now That You Have Rejected Him

He might think, “I guess I am friendzoned” but will continue pursuing other girls because he doesn’t know how to deal with this, and it makes him feel vulnerable and weak to come out and say it to you (often while drunk).

He may tell other girls that you are still his best friend, but he doesn’t say “friendzoned” because he wants to spare you some awkwardness.  (Simply put, ‘friendzoned’ guys don’t know how to deal with rejection or the fear of rejection.)

3. He Has A Crush On Another Girl And Needs Time To Sort Things Out

He might have a crush on someone else, either a girl or a guy.  This often happens in high school/middle school, wherein ‘friendzoned’ guys have crushes on other people beyond your reach.

This may also happen when he meets someone new that he likes but doesn’t know how to approach, e.g., his friend’s sister.

4. He Has Fallen Out Of Love With You And Has Moved On

He might have fallen out of love with you or moved on to someone else.  He will start distancing himself from you because it hurts too much for him to watch your interactions with other guys.  

5. He Likes You And Wants To Be Friends With Benefits

This is often the case among ‘friendzoned’ guys.  He likes you, but he doesn’t want to date you.  You are a way for him to satisfy his physical needs, but he doesn’t want a relationship with you.  

There are other reasons why ‘friendzoned’ guys ignore you.

However, Dear Reader, these are highly uncommon reasons. Most ‘friendzoned’ guys realize their friend does not like them by now, so they move on in life without further disrupting the friendship status quo.

I Friendzoned Him And Now He Won’t Talk To Me: Best Tips For You

I know this might be painful and depressing to read, but if you are a true friend of the opposite sex and want to befriend them in a way that they will actually like you—instead of just being friends with them while you secretly wish they were interested in you…you must continue reading until the very end. I have some very important advice for you—it is as follows: 

1. Do Not Use The Word “Friendzoned”

I know that this is a quick and easy way to break the ice, but once you start using the word ‘friendzoned’ too much, you will make a mistake in your interactions with them.  They will either say they don’t like that word, or they will just ignore you when you use this word in their presence.

 If they ignore you immediately, then it means they don’t like the word ‘friendzoned’, so don’t use it.  Just say something neutral instead, like, “I have been thinking about what I can do for us to become better friends.”

I Friendzoned Him And Now He Won't Talk To Me
I Friendzoned Him And Now He Won’t Talk To Me

2. Don’t Try To Get Over Them

Stop fantasizing about him if he is already in a relationship.  If he is not, then don’t fantasize over him. If you are his “friend,” then there’s nothing wrong with complimenting his looks so long as you don’t go overboard.  You can say, for instance, “I really like your eyes…they’re so beautiful”.

However, if you are his “friend,” or if he wants to keep things professional between you two…then there’s no need to compliment him on his looks or anything else. 

3. Be More Open With Him

If you have been ignoring him in any way, then stop it right now.  Be more open with him in terms of your opinions and views.  Do not hold anything back from him.  Share your secrets and dreams with him (as long as they are safe).

Don’t let a friendship go unfulfilled…don’t keep it from growing into something that could be wonderful between the both of you if given a chance to grow. Don’t stop a friendship before it’s even started by holding yourself back from telling them how you really feel or what you really think.

4. Be His Friend, And Nothing More

This is good advice for the average guy looking to find his ideal girl or future wife.  By “friend”, I mean a normal friendship without any expectation of a romantic relationship.

Instead of eyeing him sideways so you can be with him, just do your best to treat him as an equal and nothing more until/unless he decides to make you his girlfriend.

You must remember that if he doesn’t want a romantic relationship with you now…you should not waste too much time holding out for something that will never happen.

5. Be There For Him

If he is upset over something or something bad has happened to him, be there for him.  Stay by his side no matter what.  Don’t turn on the television or go on the computer when he needs someone to talk to.

Listen carefully to what he has to say, and talk with him about your own problems too so you can exchange stories about yourselves and get closer to one another.

6. Learn More About Him

Find out what he likes, and try your best to understand it so you can enjoy these things with him if it’s within your interests as well.

7. Make Plans Together

It’s good to keep some things in common with him so you can always have something to talk about and laugh about.  Remember that you are friends…so make plans with him to do something fun.

Play a game with him, go watch a basketball game together, or do whatever you want to do to allow you both to have fun doing it.

Don’t be afraid of planning for the future because it is the future of your friendship that you need to think about now.

Why Does It Hurt To Get Friendzoned?

It’s just part of human nature that we tend to want what we can’t have.  When someone rejects you or puts you in the friendzone, it doesn’t feel good if you had a crush on them or if you were hoping they would want to date you too.

If the person who likes you has a crush on someone else, then it can hurt even more when they get rejected by the person they like because they know they won’t be getting a romantic relationship with anyone soon.

Can You Still Date After Being Friendzoned?

Sure, it depends on the person, but usually, they will be single at some point since they have been friendzoned by someone else.  Sometimes being in a friendship could mean that you will never date someone and be happy with your life and the lives of others because of this.

Don’t let the person who likes you go without a relationship because of it, though. You can both move on in your lives and live happily regardless of whether or not he is giving you hints that he likes you.

Can Friendzone Turn Into Relationship?

I have heard a lot of people asking this question, and I have been in the friendzone myself, so I think it’s time to reveal the solution to this problem.

If you’re in a friendzone, then there are two ways that you can turn it into a relationship if there is interest:

1. The Direct Approach

In order to turn your friendship into something more serious, then you will need to discuss your feelings openly with him and let him know how you feel about him.  You might be afraid of doing that though because you don’t want to scare off your new friend or make them uncomfortable.

If he is interested in you, he might be interested in dating you too.  So just tell him how you feel and see what happens.  Do not give up easily.

2. The Indirect Approach

If he is hesitant about dating, then you could try giving him a dose of your own medicine by asking him out on a date!  This can work because he will see that you have changed and become more open to it if he is still interested in getting to know you better and wants to date.

However, you should be careful about doing this because you might push him away if he wants to live out his friendship with you and nothing more.  He might decide that he doesn’t need your relationship after all and will reject your advances.

The Bottom Line

Friendzoning is not fun.  It’s a rejection that makes you feel so bad inside that you don’t want to ever feel like this again.  You might never experience friendship like this again because the person you want as your lover doesn’t want to be your lover.

And it’s funny how there are girls out there who can get friendzoned by a guy, but there aren’t a lot of guys who can get friendzoned by a girl.  It shows the difference between men and women.  However, you don’t have to worry too much about these things because you will get through it in time.

I’ve been there and know how good it feels to be out of a friendzone and into a relationship where I can be forever happy.  So if you are feeling down right now because of the friendzone, put those feelings behind you and enjoy your friendship with your crush instead.


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