I Miss My Long Distance Boyfriend So Much It Hurts!

What to do when I miss my long distance boyfriend so much it hurts! Why does it hurt to be away from my partner when all I want is his arms around me and a kiss on the cheek?

I want so many things from him, but he’s far away. I just want all this heartache, pain, and worry about going away and for us to be together again because everyone deserves happiness.

It’s probably the worst feeling in the world to be apart from your partner, especially when you long for him. You just want to wake up with his arms around you or a kiss on the cheek.

And good morning texts from him make it even worse. But sometimes things can’t always go your way, and I’m just faced with my current situation, which can make me feel very upset and stressed out.

When I get a text from him, I just want to tell my friends how good it makes me feel. So many things happen in our lives that could cause us a lot of stress, but when we miss each other, we don’t want these unimportant things in our lives to take over us.

I Miss My Long Distance Boyfriend So Much It Hurts!

I don’t just miss him from home. I also miss him from work and when I’m with friends. It always feels weird when you have to tell someone that you’re missing someone else.

It requires me to keep it a secret, and even though I feel like they’re my best friends, they know far too much about me, so much that they probably think something’s wrong and worry about me.

It’s not good if you’re feeling this way because it can stress you out. You never want to worry your partner because of your worries, but sometimes this is unavoidable.

It’s not because you don’t understand what’s happening, even though you might feel it’s all their fault. Sometimes relationships get so bad that it really is hard to understand one another, but keep your patience, and maybe one day you’ll figure it out.

I Miss My Long Distance Boyfriend So Much It Hurts
I Miss My Long Distance Boyfriend So Much It Hurts

What Do You Do When You Miss Your Long-Distance Boyfriend?

10 things you can do when you miss your long-distance boyfriend:

1. Think About Him

I have to admit that I think about my partner all the time, and there’s literally nothing I can do about it. It’s just something that naturally happens to me, and I have no control over it.

2. Send Him A Message

Even if he doesn’t respond, all you want is for him to know that you’re also thinking about him. It’s also a good way to get your thoughts off your chest and share them with someone who means a lot to you.

3. Watch Cute Videos Of Other Couples

All we want is for this problem in our relationship to go away, but seeing how happy other people are makes us feel worse than we already do.

4. Get An Ex Boyfriend, Or Someone To Talk To

I’m not against couples having an occasional affair, but we certainly don’t need this in our lives either. But sometimes, you just can’t help it, and if you’re going through the same problems, then maybe it’s a sign that your relationship isn’t going to go anywhere.

5. Go Out And Meet People

I make sure that I go out with my friends and do things independently because I don’t want to worry them about my problems. I’m doing what I like to do most and just being around people makes me feel better. They don’t usually need to know why, though!

6. Keep A Diary

The only way to keep me busy is to write everything down in a diary because it’s much easier than telling people all the time. I hate talking about my own feelings and writing them down; I can just let out all my emotions.

7. Go On Social Media

Social media is one of my favorite ways to keep myself busy, even though it might make me feel awkward at times. It’s something that had its purpose long ago, and I’ve got nothing against it!

What Do You Do When You Miss Your Long-Distance Boyfriend

8. Watch A Movie

I always have a movie or two readies when there’s nothing on TV, which I can watch whenever I want to get away from reality for a bit. We all need a little escape from things that make us feel bad.

9. Watch Comedies

I’m not the kind of person to just sit around waiting for something to happen, so I’m pretty much entertained within the first five minutes of watching a comedy. It’s great entertainment and keeps my mind occupied while I try to figure out what to do next!

10. Ask Your Friends For Advice

When you’ve got friends who know exactly what your problems are, they’ll be able to tell you what you need to because they’ve been through it all before. It makes it much easier when you listen to what they have to say, and you’ll be able to get better without getting help from anyone else.

What Happens Psychologically When You Miss Someone?

A lot of things happen in an individual when they miss someone that can make them feel so bad. I’m sure you have already experienced a few of these; if you haven’t, it’s time to think about it. Here are the main things that happen when you miss someone:

1. You Think About Him A Lot

You’ll be thinking about him all the time, which makes it harder when you forget a few words he said to you or something similar because you keep thinking about him. Something else that can go wrong is when your mind starts playing tricks on you; making it seem like he’s standing in front of your room or even in the room with you!

2. You Feel Emotions

Sometimes you might feel really upset or mad when you miss someone, but this is when things get worse. When you miss someone, it’s more likely that they’ll get in touch with you because that’s the only way they can think of doing anything to make themselves happy! So they might come to you and ask what has happened if they’ve tried everything else.

3. You Forget Things

When I go out with my friends, we always make sure to remind each other of things we have forgotten, so we don’t forget things at home. I’m a little paranoid when it comes to keeping my things safe, so I don’t want anything bad to happen.

But when you miss someone, it’s much more likely that you’ll forget something because your head isn’t in the same place as it usually is.

4. You Can’t Concentrate

When I miss my partner, I usually have a hard time concentrating on anything and think about him the entire time. People might say something to me, and I’m like, “What did they just say?” because I wasn’t able to fully concentrate on them!

It’s not good when you can’t control what happens within your body and mind, but it’s certainly better than being miserable all the time!

5. You Have Bad Moods

When you miss someone, you’ll likely be in a bad mood than usual. You’ll feel like doing anything but what you wanted to do because it’s the only way that you can think of coping with your problems.

When things start to go wrong, then it’s time to seek help from friends and family so that they can help you get through them!

What Happens Psychologically When You Miss Someone

When We Miss Someone, Can They Feel It?

Have you ever thought about whether someone else can feel the same way you do when you miss them? When I meet new people, I always find out whether they’ve been through it before.

I’m sure you’ve never thought about what it’s like to be on the other end of the spectrum, but if someone doesn’t want to talk about their feelings, then it’s probably because they don’t want to make things worse for themselves.

If someone misses you too much, they’ll start thinking about all the negative things that might have happened to you. It’s also possible that they’re just not ready to put themselves out there again, so if they’re still on their own, they’ll feel much better than doing that.

How To Tell Long Distance Boyfriend You Miss Him?

If you’re away from your boyfriend and miss him, then there are things that you need to think about. It’s not easy when you’ve got so much going on in your life, so finding the right words to say is a lot harder than it seems. But if you want to keep the spark alive, then there are a few things that you can say or do that might spark something up again.

1. Send Him A Picture

Sending pictures will always make someone feel better and relaxed after everything they’ve been through, which is what I’m hoping for! I love getting pictures from people because it makes me feel better about myself and the life I’m living right now.

2. Get In Touch With Your Friend

When you’re in contact with someone that you meet online, it’s easy to forget that they’re pretty much just like anyone else, and they might not be happy with all these changes that are going on.

It could make them think about you and what happened, and if they’ve missed you, then it’s a good opportunity for the two of you to get back together!

3. Email Him

Getting back in touch with someone is surely a good sign if you really miss them. It’s not easy to meet new people and have something happen between you, so if you want to get back together, then it’s time to get in touch with them again!

4. Just Make A Call

If you want to make your boyfriend feel better, then it’s important that you just pick up the phone and let him know how you’re doing. I’m sure he’ll be happy about hearing from you again and do whatever he can to make things better for himself! He might just be happy now, but if he still misses you, he’ll call back within no time!

The Bottom Line

So there you have it! This is a pretty hard topic to go through, but there’s a good chance that you’ll be able to handle it! There are quite a few things that happen when you miss someone too much, so don’t let them get to you and put yourself at risk of not being happy with your life.

Remember that as long as everyone is happy, then life really is great! What do you think about this topic? Would it be helpful if you read any of the things I’ve written so far? Let me know below!

Thanks for reading! I hope that you enjoyed this post!

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