What Should I Do If I Still Love My Ex Girlfriend But I Have a Girlfriend?

I still love my ex girlfriend but I have a girlfriend. It’s not that I don’t care about my new girlfriend, because I do. But there’s something about my ex that I can’t forget.

Maybe it’s the way she made me feel when we were together. Or maybe it’s because she was my first love. Whatever the reason, I can’t seem to get her out of my head.

And I know it’s not fair to my new girlfriend. But I just can’t help how I feel.

It’s been a few months since I broke up with my ex-girlfriend. We were together for two years and it was a really tough decision to make. I still love her, but I know that it’s not meant to be.

I met someone new a few weeks ago and we’ve been dating. She’s great and I’m really happy, but part of me can’t help but think about my ex. I still have all of her things in my room and every time I see them, it hurts.

I know that I need to move on and focus on my new relationship, but it’s hard when there are so many reminders of the past. Hopefully, with time, those memories will fade and I’ll be able to fully give myself to my new girlfriend.

Can You Still Love Your Ex While in a New Relationship?

It’s possible to love your ex even while you’re in a new relationship. You might still have positive feelings toward your ex, such as affection, admiration, or fondness. Alternatively, you might simply miss the comfort and security of your past relationship.

It’s also possible to feel guilty about moving on from your ex. If you’re struggling to let go of your previous relationship, it’s important to communicate with your new partner about your feelings. Honesty is key in any healthy relationship.

Why Do I Miss My Ex Even Though I Have a New Girlfriend?

It’s common to miss an ex after a breakup, even if you have moved on to someone new. There are a few reasons why this can happen:

1. It Takes Time To Get Over Someone

Even if you were the one who ended the relationship, it can still take time to get over your ex.

This is especially true if you were together for a long time or if you had strong feelings for them. Breakups are always tough, and it’s normal to need some time before you’re completely over your ex.

2. You Shared Good Memories Together

Even though the relationship didn’t work out in the end, there’s no denying that you shared some good times together. It’s natural to look back on those happy memories and miss having them in your life again.

3. They Were A Big Part Of Your Life

When you’re in a long-term relationship with someone, they become a big part of your life. It can be hard adjusting to not having them around anymore, even if you are doing fine without them romantically.

4. You Might Not Be Entirely Over Them Yet

In some cases, people move on from their exes too quickly and later realize that they’re not actually over them yet. If this is the case, then it’s only natural that you would start feeling nostalgic for your old relationship and start missing your ex again.

If you find yourself missing your ex even though you have a new girlfriend, don’t worry – it’s perfectly normal! Just give yourself some time and eventually, those feelings will fade away.

In A RELATIONSHIP And Thinking About An EX?! Why You Still Think About/Have “Feelings” For Your Ex!

Should I Date Someone If I Still Love My Ex?

It’s a tough question to answer, and there isn’t a clear-cut answer. If you’re still in love with your ex, then it may not be the best idea to date someone else.

However, if you’re over your ex and are simply curious about dating again, then there’s no harm in giving it a try. Ultimately, it’s up to you to decide whether or not you’re ready to move on from your past relationship.

What Should I Do If I Still Love My Ex Girlfriend?

It can be difficult to move on from a past relationship, especially if you still have feelings for your ex-girlfriend. If you find yourself in this situation, it’s important to do what’s best for you and focus on your own happiness.

Here are a few things to keep in mind if you’re still in love with your ex-girlfriend:

1. Give yourself time to grieve the loss of the relationship. It’s okay to feel sad and miss her, but don’t dwell on these emotions or try to hold onto them forever. Allow yourself to mourn the end of the relationship, and then start focusing on moving forward.

2. Don’t try to stay in contact with her or stay friends with her. This will only make it harder for you to move on and could lead to more heartache down the road. It’s best to cut ties completely and give yourself some space from her.

3. Take some time for yourself and do things that make you happy. Now is a good time to focus on your own needs and wants. Do things that make you happy and help you relax, such as reading, hiking, biking, or spending time with friends or family members who support you.

4. Seek professional help if needed.

I Still Love My Ex Girlfriend But I Have a Girlfriend
I Still Love My Ex Girlfriend But I Have a Girlfriend

Choosing between Ex And New Girl

When it comes to choosing between your ex and a new girl, it can be tough. On one hand, you have the comfort and familiarity of your ex.

On the other hand, you have the excitement and potential for a new relationship. So how do you choose? Here are a few things to consider:

1. How Did Things End With Your Ex?

If things ended poorly, then it’s probably best to move on. However, if things ended amicably, then there’s a chance that getting back together could work out.

2. What Kind Of Chemistry Do You Have With The New Girl?

If there’s strong chemistry between you two, then that’s definitely something to consider. However, don’t let chemistry blind you to other important factors (like compatibility).

3. How Compatible Are You With The New Girl?

It’s important to make sure that you’re compatible with each other before getting too serious. Otherwise, it could lead to frustration down the road.

4. What Does Your Gut Tell You?

Ultimately, you’ll have to trust your gut when making this decision. If something feels off about either option, then go with your intuition and choose accordingly.

I Love My Girlfriend But I Miss My Ex

It’s a common situation: you’re in love with your current girlfriend but you can’t stop thinking about your ex. Maybe you had an amazing connection with your ex and you’re wondering if things could have been different. Or maybe you’re just feeling nostalgic for the good times you shared together.

Whatever the case may be, it’s normal to feel conflicted when you have strong feelings for two people at the same time. There are a few things you can do to try to work through these feelings: Talk to your current girlfriend about what you’re going through.

It’s important, to be honest with her about how you’re feeling. If she loves and trusts you, she’ll likely be understanding and supportive. Plus, talking things out can help give clarity on what it is that you’re really longing for – your ex or the idea of her.

Spend time focusing on the present moment and all the good things about your current relationship. When we get caught up in thoughts about the past, we can forget to appreciate what we have in front of us.

Make an effort to cherish the little moments with your girlfriend and build new memories together that are just as special as those from your past relationship.

Think about why things didn’t work out with your ex in the long run. It’s easy to idealize our former partners when we only remember the positive aspects of the relationship (and ignore all of its flaws).

But chances are, there were some underlying issues that led to its demise – so trying to get back together would likely just result in more heartache down the road.

If after taking some time for reflection, you still find yourself missing your ex more than usual, it may be a sign that it’s time to move on from this current relationship altogether.

While it’s never easy ending things with someone we care deeply for, sometimes it’s necessary in order to find true happiness elsewhere.

I Love My Ex Girlfriend So Much And am Struggling Without Her

It’s been two months since my ex-girlfriend and I broke up, and I still can’t get over her. We were together for four years and she was the love of my life. I miss her so much that it hurts.

Every day is a struggle without her by my side. I loved her more than anything in this world, and losing her has been the hardest thing I’ve ever experienced. The pain is unbearable at times, but I know that eventually it will fade and I’ll be able to move on with my life.

In the meantime, I’m trying to keep busy and distract myself from thinking about her constantly. It’s not easy, but I know it’s necessary if I ever want to heal completely.


Jorge says he still loves his ex-girlfriend, even though he has a new girlfriend. He talks about how he met his new girlfriend and how they clicked right away.

But even though things are great with his new girlfriend, Jorge can’t stop thinking about his ex. He wonders if he made a mistake breaking up with her and if things could have been different.


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