If A Capricorn Wants You Back: Important 12 Sings

If a Capricorn wants you back, you might be surprised to hear that he’ll be back much faster than you expect.

It just so happens that Capricorn heads are stuck in a state of paradise and don’t have the ability to ignore good things. They are great in the way they put their hearts into everything.

But… Yes, there is a ‘but’! Just because he wants you back doesn’t mean all is forgiven.

He has a long memory and might remember all the nasty things you’ve said and done or all the times he’s felt neglected or depressed by your actions.

If a Capricorn man returns to an ex after a breakup, it’s not going to be with open arms and frantic kisses! This astrological sign tends to go with logic rather than emotion.

It is sometimes hard for them to be objective about what they feel emotionally for themselves and their partner.

Will A Capricorn Man Return After A Breakup?

A few astrological signs will turn the heads of admirers of this kind. For instance, if the man you were dating had Capricorn rising in his Horoscope, then he is likely to return to you after a breakup.

He is a very logical connoisseur and still thinks of things rationally despite everything that has happened between you.

Important 12 Sings: If A Capricorn Wants You Back

1. He Will Want To Keep A Safe Distance

It is likely he’ll keep a safe distance before realizing that you are worthy of his love once again. This is because the golden rule for this astrological sign is to be cautious and discrete with relationships.

He will see this as a way to protect himself. You must understand that he is only doing it as a means of defense, so you can’t take it personally!

2. He Will Be An Emotional Mess

You might notice that he is emotionally unstable, even though his mind is extremely logical. He will show a lot of signs of insecurity and neediness because he wants you to take care of him and make sure he feels safe again.

He may assure you that he is fine again after a short period of time, but this may not be the truth! There are also a lot of chances for misunderstandings and for him to make mistakes in his attempts to woo you back.

3. He Needs To Re-Establish Control

He will start to feel insecure after the breakup, so he will want to take back some control over the relationship.

This may include having certain rules you need to follow before you’re allowed to see him or speak on the phone.

In his mind, following these rules will ensure that he doesn’t lose you again. So make sure you follow them! And those rules don’t necessarily have to be logical – for him; it’s about feeling in charge of the relationship again.

It is also likely that he’ll make promises which he won’t be able to keep – it’s not because he doesn’t mean them! He is simply trying his best!

If A Capricorn Wants You Back
If A Capricorn Wants You Back

4. Take The Lead – But Be Patient

It’s best to take the lead in this situation because he is likely to start second-guessing himself and his actions.

He will want you to reassure him that things are going well, so it’s best to take the initiative and show him how happy you are together.

Be patient with him because he may also be more sensitive than usual – especially if he is insecure. He might not show you his emotions verbally, but they might still spill out a little bit!

5. He Needs Time On His Own

There will be a lot of times when he needs time alone – whether it’s for an hour or just an hour-long walk.

He needs this to get his head straight after a breakup, so don’t take it personally! He will also need a lot of alone time to figure out how he is feeling about you.

6. He Will Be Needy At Times

Whether he’s needy or not depends on the phase of the relationship he is in – but this phase passes quickly. When it does, you can be sure that he won’t need any extra attention from you at all!

But during the time when things are just starting to feel good again, you’ll notice a big change in his behavior which could include being very clingy. He just needs reassurance that you’re still there for him.

7. He Will Be Cautious In The Way He Speaks To You

Although his heart might be very much in your hands, he will take great care in how and what he says. He won’t want to say or do anything which could damage the relationship – and this is because his mind tells him it’s worth keeping. He wants to do things right, so don’t blame him!

As long as you keep showing the right signs, your Capricorn lover will feel at ease once again and return to his old self – certainly after a few weeks of being with you again!

8. He Needs To Re-Establish Trust

It will be much easier for him once you show that you’re still interested and trustworthy. He will feel so much more secure in your arms again after a breakup which is why it’s best to take the initiative and do this by expressing interest in him again. If you don’t, he may just drift away.

9. He’ll Want Things To Feel Natural Again

There won’t be any hard feelings between you two – that’s because he doesn’t have any in the first place! He’ll want things to feel natural but never try too hard.

This is because he wants to make sure you don’t feel uncomfortable with anything he says or does.

10. He Will Want To Continue Being Friends

Even though there is a strong connection between the two of you, he will still want to continue being friends once the relationship ends.

This is because his view of relationships is very different from yours – and it’s best that you don’t try too hard to change this!

Just get back into the habit of hanging out with him because this will make him feel really good! He may even start to invest in things for you as a way to show his commitment, so it’s not a bad idea!

11. He’ll Need Time Alone At Times

For the same reason that he needs time alone at times (see point 4), this is another time when he will need to be on his own.

He’ll find himself becoming very irritable and impatient when times are a bit stressful, so let him have his space.

12. He’ll Want You To Show You Still Care About Him

Since he’s never felt loved before, this is the only way he can truly know that your love for him is true. So if you care about him, show it by making sure you keep showing love signs – like sending texts or calls. If you don’t, he’ll start to doubt you.

How Long Does It Take For A Capricorn Man To Come Back?

The duration of this process will vary from Capricorn man to Capricorn man. For some, it might only take a few weeks for him to feel like himself again.

However, most will need a lot longer than that since he won’t be able to get his emotional brain under control.

Since he is used to always being in charge and wants the relationship with you to be perfect again, this will take some time!

How Do You Know When Your Capricorn Man Comes Back?

You’ll probably notice that he starts behaving normally – but with a little more “stubbornness.” He will also start showing more confidence in himself once he feels better about things.

Once you find yourself getting the same old treatment again, it means that he’s fully “come back” to you. You’ll be able to tell because he will once again be the loving and caring person you fell in love with at first sight.

When Your Capricorn Man Comes Back

What If Your Capricorn Man Doesn’t Come Back?

If your Capricorn man doesn’t come back, or if your relationship doesn’t work out, there’s not much else you can do. If he isn’t ready for a relationship (see point 2), then there is nothing wrong with either of you – it’s just his way of life.

It’s especially important to remember that he will never stay with a partner just because they want him to – it has to be the right time for him. If he’s still not ready or interested in getting into a relationship, let him go and move on to someone else!

If You’re Not Ready For A Commitment…

Capricorn men are very good at sensing whether or not you’re ready for a commitment. If you’re not, he’ll want nothing to do with you.

However, if you are ready to commit, he will seriously take your relationship. Just remember not to give him mixed signals while you’re on the fence! Capricorn men don’t like being confused.

If You’ve Started Dating Someone Else…

If you’ve started dating someone else but still have feelings for a former lover, be careful of leading your current boyfriend on! He’ll sense that something is wrong and will get confused and irritated – even if he doesn’t show it.

Don’t let this happen to him! It’s not fair for either of you. Don’t let yourself get pulled back into the old one if you genuinely like your current partner.

As you can see, the only thing you can change is yourself. Sometimes we get caught up in the idea that we should hurt them back if someone hurts us, but it never works out this way! It only ends up hurting more people.

So if you want your Capricorn partner to come back to you, then don’t let yourself get caught up in the “revenge game.” Show him love and compassion where he needs it most – on both a conscious and subconscious level.

Are You In Love With A Capricorn Man?

If you are, I have some great news for you! If you want to get his attention, make sure you read my guide on attracting a Capricorn man! I’ve also included a few love signs down below as well:

  1. He’s more serious than other signs towards relationships – but don’t let him be too serious! Let him have fun every once in a while.
  2. Make sure he feels you are worthy of him.
  3. You will find a very loyal and caring man here if you’re lucky.
  4. He expects his ex to make all of the sacrifices – not him.
  5. He’s hugely protective of his loved ones.
  6. If he has the opportunity to get married, he will want to make sure that it’s perfect (even if they don’t agree with him). This is because this is what he was raised to do!
  7. He will be very patient when it comes to waiting for you.
  8. He doesn’t like being controlled by his partner – but he will let your opinions be known.
  9. He’s very pleased with himself and always takes time to indulge in his own self-care. He won’t apologize for this!
  10. When it’s time to enjoy life, he’ll make sure that he has a good time – or at least tries to! It doesn’t matter where you are as long as the two of you are happy together!
  11. Pay attention to what type of things he does during different seasons…
  12. He will take his time deciding whether or not he wants a commitment from you – so don’t rush into anything!
  13. He has somewhat of an “obsession” with order and cleanliness – but this is how he manages to get everything done. If he tries to change all of this, it might be a sign that his personality is starting to change.
  14. He will want you to tell him what you need and want in the relationship because he wants it to be perfect for you too!
  15. If you’re not ready, just let him drift away…

The Bottom Line

If you have read the above, then congratulations! You now know how to get your Capricorn man to come back. There are just a couple of things that I suggest doing in order to close this chapter in your life.


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