Ignoring A Scorpio Man After Break Up: Best 10 Tips For You

Ignoring a Scorpio man after break up is difficult for many women, especially because it is one of the few ways to get your Scorpio ex back.

This article will cover all the important tips you need to know before engaging with him again. Many people are wary about what works and does not work for this man.

So, in an effort to help answer these questions, we have put together a list of all the best and worst ways to handle an ex-Scorpio man after a breakup.

Why Would A Scorpio Break Up With You?

Scorpios are some of the most secretive and mysterious signs in the Zodiac. They can be very passionate, witty, ambitious, jealous, and possessive. If you are dating a Scorpio man and he breaks up with you, it can tend to be a bit jarring.

The biggest reason they might break up with you is because they feel like they are not capable of opening up completely to you or need space away from you to realize what is best for them.

However, if your Scorpio ex-boyfriend has been stringing you along on purpose, he may be simply bored or was looking for excitement.

You can also see a Scorpio man break up with you because they are scared of commitment. However, if that is the case, it may be best to talk things out with them and encourage them to commit instead.

How To Ignoring A Scorpio Man After Break Up? Best 10 Tips For You

If you are confident that your Scorpio ex-boyfriend is the type of man who will not change and you do not want to waste any more time on them, you need to be prepared.

Ignoring A Scorpio Man After Break Up
Ignoring A Scorpio Man After Break Up

Here are a few tips on how to handle this guy after a breakup:

1. Do Not Return Contact Or Respond To Text Messages Right Away

If you have been staying in touch with your Scorpio ex-boyfriend after a breakup and he starts getting mean and aggressive with his texts, then make a clear decision that you are not going to reply back anymore.

When he starts becoming aggressive, it is best for him to know where it ends, and there is no use in allowing him any room for growth in his aggression. Make it clear to him through ignoring and emotional detachment that you are not going to put up with the abuse.

2. If He Is Asking You For A Chance, Then Be Honest About Your Feelings

If your Scorpio ex is asking for another chance, you need to clarify that you are not sure if you want to give him that chance. You should also be honest about your feelings and tell them how hurt or angry they made you feel during the breakup.

You may have considered a reconciliation before, but now that they have been acting out of control, it might make it hard for you to trust them again. If you are unsure about it, keep them at a distance and give him time to cool off.

Being honest with your Scorpio ex is the best way to avoid potential drama and hurt feelings in the long run.

3. Stay Away From Him When He Is Around His Friends Or Family Alike

Scorpio men are extremely proud of themselves and will not hesitate to cut off all ties with their friends just because they break up with them.

You need to stay away from your ex-boyfriend even when he is around his family members or friends because they will clearly side with him on this one.

If he is getting aggressive, you can always tell them that you need to leave now and that you are not going to argue with him. If they insist on reconciliation, then so be it.

If your ex-Scorpio boyfriend is constantly calling you and asking for another chance, allow him a few minutes of your time to cool off. However, if he gets aggressive during this time and starts putting his hands on you or threatening to hurt himself, hang up the phone immediately.

Do not hesitate for a second when it comes to this kind of nonsense because it will only give them the upper hand in intimidating you.

4. Always Focus On Details And Avoid Generalities

There is no right way or wrong way when it comes to breaking up with somebody. Things are always going to be a little different for every family and every relationship, so you need to focus on how your partner was when you were in a good mood instead of relying solely on generalities.

What was the thing that made them happy? What was the thing they found annoying? How did they react while being disappointed? By doing this, you will be able to understand more about them as an individual rather than giving them a one-size-fits-all description of what kind of person they are or what their problems are.

If your Scorpio ex-boyfriend is still thinking about you, then they will do anything to keep you around. When they do not get the results they want, they tend to turn into a crazy person because of this.

So, even though it seems like it is in their best interest to keep you around, try not to get too close and make them leave you alone.

5. Refrain From Giving Advice Or Making General Comments

It is unlikely that your Scorpio ex-boyfriend will want to hear any type of advice about how relationships work or how to handle breakups because he has no way of relating either.

So, when you try to give him advice about anything, it is unlikely that he will take it or even understand how it applies to him.

However, if you are in a long-term relationship with your ex-boyfriend and they are always calling you for advice on their problems, be sure to give them some guidance and support as they go through their rough time.

6. Do Not Apologize

Do not apologize for anything when your Scorpio ex-boyfriend is doing things like cheating on you or using anger to hurt you during the breakup phase. The thing about Scorpios is that they do not see them as people who need or want apologies because that is not how their minds operate.

Not only is it not in their best interest to apologize, but it is also causing them a lot of emotional pain. So do not apologize in any way for their behavior and make them understand why they need to get over it already.

If there is no cheating involved with your breakup, then you might want to consider if you are actually being fair to your ex-boyfriend by giving them so much attention after a breakup.

After all, some people are better than others when it comes to handling broken hearts and they may have been through a lot more in their lives than you were willing to give them credit for.

7. Give Them A Break

If you are in the middle of a really long-term relationship, it might be worth giving your ex-Scorpio boyfriend a break from your constant attention after the breakup.

Breakups can be extremely stressful, so giving them some room and space to work on their emotions is probably the best way to handle things if you actually want to get back together.

So, rather than calling and texting them nonstop, leave them alone for a few weeks or months, depending on how long you have been together or how serious the relationship was.

8. Give Them A Gift

If you want, you can give your ex-Scorpio boyfriend a small little trinket or something to remember the relationship by so that they do not feel completely pushed out of your life. This gesture is likely to make them understand that you care about them and might make them actually appreciate that you are trying to let go of the past.

This might give them a chance to realize what they have been missing in their lives and hopefully drive home some sense into their head about what they did wrong or need to change about themselves for the future.

9. Do Not Try To Be Too Logical

Scorpios are not the kind of people who have much use for logic as it is. If your ex-Scorpio boyfriend is always calling you because they are upset about the way you broke up with them, then tell them that you are sorry and that you love them, but that they need to leave it alone now.

However, if they want to talk because they have something important to discuss or because they simply want to talk, do not hesitate to give them all of the time in the world by taking a break from your day so you can speak with them on whatever topic happens to be at hand.

10. Leave Your Ex-Scorpio Boyfriend Alone

As long as you are trying to contact your Scorpio ex-boyfriend, they are always going to be the victim in this scenario. So if you want them to come back on their own accord (which is what most of us want in the end), then give them space and do not make things harder for yourself by putting pressure on them.

It is unlikely that your ex-Scorpio boyfriend will simply come back on their own, so you need to cut off contact with them and force them to miss you in order to bring themselves around.

Side Effects Of Ignoring A Scorpio Man After Break Up

If you go through a break up or separation from your Scorpio ex-boyfriend, you might want to know about the consequences of ignoring them and continuing on with your life as if nothing has happened.

1. They Will Eventually Get Over It

Despite what you think or may have been told by your friends and family, there is no denying that Scorpios do tend to get over things much more easily than other people do.

When they have finally gotten over something and have moved on to the next thing in their lives, they tend to do it quickly without too much drama or pain.

This does not mean that they will not have feelings, as they can still be very emotional and sensitive in this stage of their lives, but it does mean that you do not need to worry about getting back with them for the time being.

2. They Are Going To Want To Fix The Problems

Once your Scorpio ex-boyfriend has gotten over the initial pain of breaking up with you, they will start thinking about how things could have been better if only they had done things differently or if there was something else that they could do have done instead.

This stage of their lives is going to be especially hard on them if they have a lot of regrets about things that they did during the breakup or if they know that there is still something that they need to fix.

3. They Will Be Thinking About The Past

Just like you, your ex-boyfriend will be thinking about how much better things were during the beginning stages of your relationship and wishing that you had never left in the first place.

This makes it even more painful for them because Scorpios tend to focus on feelings much more than other people do, which means that this stage of their lives is completely focused on how hurt and emotional they are over everything.

4. They Are Going To Need You More Than Ever

This is not going to go away, and you need to realize that it is also something that they are going to need help with within all of its stages. This means that it is important for you to be around when they need your assistance, especially during this stage of their lives, because they will most likely be able to tell when you have something on your mind, and that might help get the ball rolling towards the eventual reunion.

5. They Will Miss The Closeness

Scorpios love closeness and companionship and need a lot of attention from others in order for their minds to be at ease and happy. They will miss the closeness you once shared with them, which can make things pretty difficult when you are not around for them to talk to. This is going to give them a much stronger incentive to come back because they will want nothing more than to be close with you once again.

Do Scorpios Stay Friends With Exes?

Most people fail to realize that Scorpios tend to stay in touch with their exes for the rest of their lives. In other words, even if you are no longer together, your ex is still going to want some form of contact with you so they can know what is going on in your life. This is because they have a hard time letting go of the past and are always looking toward the future.

So, if you happen to be one of these people who broke up with your Scorpio male ex-boyfriend, then there is a good chance that you will be able to remain friends with them for a long period of time or even for the rest of your lives.

Do Scorpios Give Second Chances?

This question is difficult because it hinges on what type of relationship you had with your ex-Scorpio boyfriend in the first place. Suppose you were involved in a very passionate and emotionally charged relationship and had a lot of personal issues with one another. In that case, it is likely that you will be able to remain friends for the rest of your lives.

However, if the relationship was not as intense or full of hate or anger, your chances will be much lower than this.

The Bottom Line

Scorpio people are hard to deal with even under the best of conditions. So, if you have broken up with your Scorpio ex-boyfriend, then you need to be thinking about what is best for your life and what will make you happy in the long run, as well as how you can move on from the past and get back on track with your future.


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