I’m In A Relationship But I Love Someone Else: What To Do?

Dear, I’m In A Relationship But I Love Someone Else,

Do you find yourself in a relationship, but you are not happy? Do you love someone else but can’t bring yourself to leave the one who is by your side? You’re not alone.

Many people have found themselves in this situation and don’t know what to do. I’ve been there too.

I was very much in love with someone, and I couldn’t bear to break up with my partner because they made me happy as well.

I discussed it with many friends and family members before deciding that it was time for me to go after what makes me truly happy – which is being able to be myself around that other person.

What to do When I’m in a relationship but I love someone else?

Are you in a relationship but love someone else? Do you want to be with the person who makes your heart sing and your head spin but are unable to do so because of an existing commitment or obligation? Here are ten tips for you what to do if you’re in a relationship but love someone else:

  1. Identify the root of your feelings – why do you feel this way about someone else
  2. Consider all aspects of your current relationship, including how long it’s been going on and what you get out of it
  3. Keep in mind that there are other people who love just as much as you do
  4. Talk to your partner about these feelings – if they’re willing to work through them with you, then that’s great! If not, then maybe it’s time for a break or even an end
  5. Figure out if you want to stay with them or not
  6. If you decide that you want to break up, do so respectfully and kindly
  7. Know what you’re getting yourself into – know who they are before entering a relationship with them
  8. Be patient; don’t rush anything because it can lead to more heartbreak in the end
  9. Let go of any guilt from leaving because sometimes we have to make sacrifices for our own happiness; know when enough is enough and don’t be afraid to take risks! This might not lead anywhere, but at least you’ll know
  10. Remember that no matter what happens, there is always a light at the end of the tunnel.
I'm In A Relationship But I Love Someone Else
I’m In A Relationship But I Love Someone Else

Why am I in this relationship?

I’m in this relationship because I love my partner, and I want to be with them.

What should I do about my feelings for this person?

You have two options – you can either break up with your current partner or just make it work by trying not to spend as much time around the other person who makes you happy, but know that they will find out eventually.

I would recommend going after what makes you truly happy – I think I made the right decision because I’m much happier now than I was before, and my partner is, too.

How can I make it work with the one that’s by my side?

You have to try really hard not to fall in love again with this person. I know it’s hard, but there are many ways you can do this, such as doing things for them that will make them happy and not spending too much time with the other person who makes you happy, so they don’t find out about your feelings.

Will this other person feel betrayed if they find out about my partner and me?

They might not want to be in a relationship with you anymore, but I think they’ll eventually get over it if you’re honest and show them how much this guy or girl means to you.

 person feel betrayed

Why am I so conflicted when it comes to these two people and their feelings towards me?

It’s because your heart is telling one thing and your mind is telling you something else – I recommend talking to a therapist so they can help you figure out what’s best for everyone.

Am I making the right decision by staying in this relationship or not?

I believe that if your partner makes you happy, then stay with them and make it work because there are many relationships where both people love each other, but I believe I made the right decision by going after what makes me happy – which is being in a relationship with someone who I know loves me, and I love them too.

How do I know if it’s time to break up with my partner or not?

If you’re unhappy, I would recommend breaking up because there are so many people out there who love you and I think you’ll find someone else who will make you happy again.

What should I do now that the person who makes me happy is someone else?

If this other person has feelings for you, I recommend being honest with them because they might not want to continue dating if they know about your current partner. I would also recommend not lying to your partner about who you’re going out with, as I’m sure they’ll find out eventually anyway.

My thoughts on being able to have a relationship with two people

I don’t believe I can have a relationship with two people at once, but I know someone who has done it and they say that even though it’s hard, it might be worth trying out for some people.

I personally can’t do this because I think if you’re in love with one person, then the other doesn’t matter anymore so I would advise talking to someone if you want a relationship with two people and I hope I’ve been able to help.


We hope this article has been helpful for you in deciding how to handle your love triangle. If there is anything else we can help you with, please don’t hesitate to contact us. Good luck!

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