Kim Kardashian Purple Eye Makeup Tutorial

Today we will know about the Kim Kardashian purple eye makeup. Kim Kardashian has always been the one to try new trends in beauty, so it’s no surprise that she would want to get in on the popular purple eye makeup trend.

She already released a video on her app where she uses several makeup products, but you can get the same look with just three. And it looks amazing!

Kim Kardashian Purple Eye Makeup


  • For this look, you will need the following products:
  • A purple eyeshadow
  • Black eyeliner and some mascara.

The makeup artist on her video uses a purple creme shadow, but you can also use a powder. However, if you want your look to really stand out, go for the creme version of the product. For this kind of look, she also uses a white base and an aqua blue gel eyeliner.

Kim Kardashian Purple Eye Makeup
Kim Kardashian Purple Eye Makeup

Step By Step Tutorial

Step 1:

Start by drawing two diagonal lines across the top of your eyes. You can do this with a dark purple eyeshadow or a creme shadow.

A beautiful and simple way to get that look is to apply just a little of the color on the center of your eyelid and then blend it out with your finger so that it looks more natural. That way, you will avoid having a harsh line between eye shadow and liner.

Step 2:

The middle of the eye can then be colored with black eyeliner. Do this by drawing a line starting from the top of your eye, then going downwards. The line should be straight but not too thick.

Step 3:

You can use a white base on the lower part of your eye to make the colors more vibrant if you want them to stand out even more.

The base will also help your makeup last longer. Apply it below the eyeliner, starting from the center and going outwards.

Step 4:

Now it’s time to apply the creme shadow on top of your eyeliner in a V-shape at a diagonal line. In Kim Kardashian’s video, she uses an aqua blue gel liner, but you can use any color you like.

Start by drawing small V’s on the side of your eyes, going downwards. There is no need for them to be perfectly straight, though.

Step 5:

Now you can draw a line in the middle of your lid from corner to corner, also making sure that it’s not too thick. The mark should end above the end of your eyebrow and at the same time below it.

The final step is to apply mascara on both your upper and lower lashes, making sure that you do this evenly. Then you can add some more mascara if you want it to look more intense.

Tip: To make the purple shadow look more natural, play with the angle so that the color goes onto your skin instead of it looking harsh. This will also help you achieve a better line between eyeliner and shadow.

The Bottom Line

Kim Kardashian looks amazing in this look, and it’s definitely a great way of making your eyes look more interesting. Because the application is fairly easy, you can use this on a daily basis, but you can also add more colors and effects to make it stand out even more. Go ahead and try it out!

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