Is It Normal For Couples Leaving The House After A Fight?

Is it normal for couples leaving the house after a fight? So, you’ve had a fight with your partner.

You’re not sure how long it will take to mend the relationship and return to your happy place. Do you just leave and not come back or do you stay cordial and try to work things out?

If you know yourself and your partner, you should be well aware of the kind of person that is comfortable with being aggressive towards others in a certain way.

Some people are naturally like this. They will be perfectly fine about it and won’t feel guilty about it. They might get angry at times, but they will say things like, “just go; I can handle it myself.”

Others will find it hard to leave the house. They might be left with a bad taste in their mouth after a fight and think that something is missing if they don’t return immediately.

You need to know how you and your partner act after a fight. Do you stay or do you leave?

Is It Normal For Couples Leaving The House After A Fight?

The fact is, both leaving and staying are normal. Sometimes, leaving the house after a fight is the best decision. Sometimes, however, it is also healthy to stay.

Leaving The House After A Fight
Leaving The House After A Fight

Is Walking Away From An Argument Disrespectful?

Leaving the house after a fight shows your partner that you are hurt and upset. You want to be emotionally unavailable for a while so that you can’t be reached for further talks about the fight or hear any apologies or anything else.

Thus, walking away is not necessarily disrespectful – in fact, many people use it as one of the most peaceful ways to make sure they are going to calm down and start thinking straight again.

Other people think that leaving is a sign of disrespect. However, you are not to be disrespectful, and it’s not necessary to talk to your partner, apologize, or do anything else just because you left the house.

What Should You Not Do After A Fight?

Don’t Speak Of Your Partner Badly:

Some people have a tendency to “vent” their anger by insulting and talking badly about their partner. These words might make you feel better but will only perpetuate your relationship’s problems.

There are some people who think they don’t hold grudges if they say something bad about their partners after an argument, but in reality, this is just hurting your partner more than necessary. It’s not healthy, and it’s definitely not doing your relationship any good.

Don’t Over Protect Your Child:

This is a very delicate situation but one that needs to be addressed. Some couples have children and fight in front of them. However, after the fight, some people might be tempted to overprotect their children by spending more time with them and ensuring they are comfortable.

While this might seem like the right thing to do, in reality, it only makes matters worse because you are unknowingly making the child think they are not loved by either parent equally, and that’s sad for the growing kid, who will feel more insecure because of all the attention you give them.

How Long Should You Give Someone Space After A Fight?

The answer to this question depends on the kind of day you’ve had. If it’s been a good day and you can forgive your partner for hurting you, then give them space. However, if it’s a bad day and you are still upset with your partner, then it is probably better not to leave them alone or give them space.

Subtle changes in body language or tone of voice can tell you if they want to be left alone or if they want some comfort. In this situation, discretion is the key to making either decision right without causing more problems than necessary.

The Bottom Line

The way you leave the house after a fight is up to you. Sometimes it is the best thing to do, and sometimes it isn’t. The important thing is that you take full responsibility for your actions and actions that hurt others or don’t benefit them in any way whatsoever.

If a fight makes things better, then go on with your merry way. If they make things worse, then maybe it will be better to stay home and not fume away at your partner but instead, try to understand them and find a better solution together.

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