Leighton Meester Eye Makeup: Step By Step Tutorial

If you want to try out Leighton Meester eye makeup, we’ve got the perfect place for you!

All of the products and steps needed for this look are linked in the article, and we made sure that they’re all pretty easy to find. Wear these shades with an all-black outfit, and your eyes will be ready to party!”

What Makeup Does Leighton Meester Use?

If you’re a fan of Gossip Girl, then you’ve probably noticed Leighton Meester’s gorgeous eyeliner and wing-eyeliner combo. She rocks this look all the time, making it the ultimate in sophisticated makeup.

We think that you should try this lookout if you’re a fan: it’s perfect for the girl who wants to channel her inner Blair Waldorf.

Leighton Meester Eye Makeup: Tutorial

Below, you’ll find a step-by-step tutorial for Leighton Meester’s eye makeup. You can do this look just as easily as Leighton does, but it’s up to you if you want to use a product on your eyes or keep it natural.

  • First, apply eyeliner. Her eyeliner is absolutely flawless, and when you’re applying it, be sure to use a fine brush: that’s the best way to get an even line. You can purchase a good quality brush at our sister site, The Beauty Department.
  • After that, apply mascara. We like to use Shu Uemura Dense Curling Mascara, which is a great natural mascara for curly-haired girls.
  • Next, apply eyeshadow all the way across your lid from lash to lash. We like the color 02 Starry Eyeshadow in Soft Pearl (sold at The Beauty Department ).
  • The next step is to line your eyes in a wing design. Start out by outlining the eyes in a triangle shape. Then, curl your outer corner lashes with a small eye pencil, such as the color 07 Dayglo eyeliner.
  • After that, use a light brown eyeshadow on your crease and then a darker brown color in your inner corner.
  • Finally, line the lash line with black eyeliner (like our sister site, The Beauty Department ), and you’re finished!
Leighton Meester Eye Makeup
Leighton Meester Eye Makeup

Final Verdict

Once again, we think that you should try out Leighton Meester’s eye makeup. We know that it’s not always easy to find the right products, but The Beauty Department has them all! You can even use the makeup you already have if you want to save some money.

Go ahead and grab a tube of mascara, a pair of eyeliner pens, and a few shades of eyebrow pencil. You’ll be on your way to Leighton Meester-worthy eyes in no time!

4 Ways to Wear a Little Black Dress

Style expert Carol Alt celebrates the versatility of the little black dress. There are four ways to wear a little black dress from day to night.

Black LBDs are a wardrobe staple, but they don’t have to be boring. As she demonstrates, Alt wears a short black sheath dress with contrasting colors and patterned tights and boots. She also wears her black dress with an ivory cardigan at the office and with gold jewelry after dark. And finally, she pairs black tights with a red dress for an explosion of color.

The Look: A short, sleeveless black sheath dress. This one comes from J.Crew and costs less than $100; it’s perfect for those midwinter days when you just don’t feel like layering up.

The Look: Another style that’s perfect for the office is the classic pencil dress. Here, Alt pairs white tights with a red dress that has a plunging V-neck. A fun alternative to red lipstick is to wear red nail polish.

The Look: Black tights are a perfect alternative to a little black dress for a night out. Alt wears them in combination with an ankle-length black dress and booties. She also wears her hair down, which further weaves the tights into the outfit.

The Look: Sometimes, black tights just aren’t enough. Here, Alt pairs them with a very short black dress for an elegant look that’s perfect for any occasion. We love the sparkly necklace and earrings that she wears with this look.


Go ahead and experiment with this makeup look. You don’t have to do the black eyeliner, and you can even use shimmery eyeshadow if you prefer that look. Just remember that Leighton Meester always uses a triangle-shaped eyeliner, and then she moves out from there.

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