Lucy Liu Eye Makeup: Top 5 Tips

Today I will discuss about Lucy Liu eye makeup tips. Lucy Liu is an American actress and model who is best known for her role as the neurotic detective, “Empress” Jie Yuen Wu, in the CBS television series “The Mentalist.”

Liu has also done other films such as “Ride” and ABC’s sci-fi series, “Lost.”

In addition to being a successful actress, Liu has also been on various covers of magazines like Vanity Fair and W. Lucy Liu’s makeup tips are unique because she looks natural for her age.

Lucy Liu Eye Makeup Tips

Liu wears eye makeup that is subtle but still dramatic. She uses gray mascara instead of black to create a subtle and cool look.

She also uses an eyeliner pencil in the color of ‘Charcoal.’ Liu’s eye makeup is very natural with a slight touch of color to draw attention to her eyes.

Lucy Liu Eye Makeup
Lucy Liu Eye Makeup


Tip 1: Do Do not overdo your eye makeup, although it may be tempting, especially if you are getting older like Liu is. Try using a light hand when applying this type of makeup so you do not look too old or overdone.

You want to show that you have class when using this type of eye makeup, and using too much can take away from what you are trying to achieve.

In addition, try not to use too much or else you will look like you have something in your eyes, and this is something that not all of us want.

Tip 2: Use a liner that has a ‘shimmer’ to it because this will make your eyeliner look fuller and more eye-popping. This can allow people looking at your eyes to focus on the liner instead of scrutinizing your actual eye color, which can be quite flattering.

In addition, if you do not wear any makeup at all, the liner will pop out more and make it seem that there is more makeup than actually is there.

Tip 3: Use gray and gray/black mascara instead of black mascara. Gray makes your eyes seem more alive, and it does not look like you are wearing too much makeup or that you are trying to hide the fact that you have makeup on.

Tip 4:Liu has a very natural eyeliner, so its color is not very important. What is important is its consistency, and Liu uses a liner pencil to create a defined line. This is what defines her eyes and makes them seem larger.

Tip 5:It is best to use a pencil liner for this type of eye makeup because it can last longer with less effort than using liquid eyeliner as opposed to using your brush to line your eyes. The best pencil to use is a higher quality one, and that is Pentel’s EnerGel.


Lucy Liu’s eyeliner and makeup tips are easy to use, and they can look very natural. Her tips are not complicated, and her makeup is easy to maintain, so women of all ages can wear this type of eye makeup.

The main point behind this article is that you should be true to yourself when it comes to your eyes, even if you are getting older, like Lucy Liu. Try using a light hand with this type of makeup, and your eyes will seem more alive instead of hiding them behind over-done makeup.


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