My Boyfriend Hides Our Relationship On Facebook: 12 Possible Reasons

Why is my boyfriend hides our relationship on Facebook? Why does he go to such lengths to keep me a secret from his friends and family? I don’t know, but it’s really starting to bother me.

The way he acts when someone asks if I’m his girlfriend, it’s embarrassing to be around. Asking me to delete the photo album of us together is crazy!

And if I even mention our relationship in private messages or chat, he gets really mad. Sometimes when I get on Facebook these days, all my boyfriend will do is log out.

If I get on when he’s around, he’ll leave the room. I’m starting to feel like maybe I’m not good enough for him or something.

12 Reasons Why do My Boyfriend Hides Our Relationship On Facebook?

My boyfriend uses Facebook to keep in touch with his friends and family. It’s a great way of staying connected and keeping up with what everyone is doing. But sometimes, the world of social networking comes between couples who want to spend time together.

If you’re wondering why your boyfriend hides your relationship on Facebook, there’s probably a good reason for it. And it’s not that he doesn’t love you or that you’re not good enough for him. Here are 12 possible reasons why your boyfriend hides your relationship on Facebook:

1.  He Wants To Connect With His Friends

Your boyfriend might be using Facebook more to stay in touch with his friends than anything else. On the surface, it’s simple enough, but sometimes Facebook can complicate things when you’re in a relationship.

If your guy has hundreds of friends or is friends with hundreds of people, then chances are he doesn’t want the entire world knowing he’s in a relationship. Besides, most guys don’t even like to post that they’re going out on a date or that they have a girlfriend!

My Boyfriend Hides Our Relationship On Facebook
My Boyfriend Hides Our Relationship On Facebook

2.  He Wants To Avoid An Argument

Your boyfriend might be using Facebook as an outlet to avoid arguments with you. If you’ve been in a fight or two recently, then he might be trying to keep things cool by avoiding talking about your relationship on Facebook. He doesn’t have to worry about accidentally opening up old wounds (or starting new ones!) by staying off the subject.

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3.  He’s Embarrassed By His Relationship Status

Even if you’ve been together for a long time and it seems obvious to everyone that you’re together, your boyfriend might not feel the same way. He might be embarrassed by his status and avoid changing it because he doesn’t want anyone to know.

4.  You’ve Been Arguing About Facebook

Has your relationship been rocky lately? Well, there’s no better way to keep things uncomplicated than by avoiding Facebook altogether! Your boyfriend doesn’t want to argue with you, and if that means leaving your relationship out of the picture on Facebook, then he’ll do it.

5.  He Is A Private Person

Your boyfriend might be a really private person who doesn’t like sharing his personal life with everyone he knows. He might not want to tell the world about you, or it could be that he wants to keep his friends and family at a distance, so they don’t try and meddle in your relationship.

6.  There’s Someone Else In His Life That He Doesn’t Want To Know About

Your boyfriend might have another woman he sees on the side, and he doesn’t want his friends or family to find out about it. He might be using Facebook as an outlet to spend time with other women without having to worry about you getting mad. In other words, your boyfriend may be cheating!

7.  He Doesn’t Want To Answer Questions About His Relationship

Some guys don’t like telling the world about their relationship because they don’t like answering questions. If people ask him anything about his relationship status, he might not want to give them any details and leave it out of the picture on Facebook. A lot of times, when you’re in a new relationship, people tend to meddle and question the couple — he doesn’t like it but wants to avoid the drama.

8.  He’s Just Not That Into You

He might not be using Facebook as an outlet to avoid talking about your relationship because he’s just not that interested in keeping it under wraps at all!

Maybe you’re with someone who is emotionally unavailable and isn’t looking for anything serious. You might be with someone who isn’t in love with you and doesn’t want to address the relationship on Facebook.

9.  He’s Just Not Ready To Be “Facebook Official.”

Your boyfriend probably sees your relationship as more private than something he wants to share with everyone on Facebook. Maybe you’re not at the point in your relationship where he wants the entire world to know, so he’s just staying off Facebook altogether.

10.  He Might Be Cheating

Your boyfriend might be seeing someone else on the side and doesn’t want you finding out about it by checking his profile! By keeping his status as “single,” he can deceive you and keep you in the dark.

11.  He Wants To Avoid The “Facebook Stalking” Game

He might not want to share his relationship status on Facebook because he’s tired of the awkward stalking that goes on when couples do. If you’ve ever had a fight with your significant other and gone through their Facebook messages, then you know what we mean! Sometimes it gets weird.

12.  He Just Likes To Keep His Relationship Private

Your boyfriend likely just likes to keep his relationship under wraps because he doesn’t want people in his business. Maybe you’re together, but it’s still new, and he doesn’t feel comfortable talking about it on Facebook yet. It could be that your relationship is still fragile and needs to be kept private for now.


There are many reasons why your boyfriend might not be interested in sharing his relationship status on Facebook. Maybe he’s trying to avoid answering questions about it, or maybe there’s someone else who is filling the role of girlfriend that you don’t know about!

Whatever the reason may be, make sure you’re communicating openly with him and talking through anything that could potentially cause friction between the two of you. Open communication will help keep things uncomplicated — at least for now!


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