Why Is My Ex Husband’s Wife Is Jealous Of Me: Top 10 Reasons

Some people will do anything to hurt others, but my ex-husband’s wife has a special talent for it.

My ex-husband’s wife is jealous of me; like many people, she’ll do anything to make my life miserable.

Like most women, she can’t stand another woman getting her husband’s attention. And that’s what happened to me, as my ex-husband’s wife started to do things to hurt me and to make it seem like I did something wrong when I didn’t.

Top 10 Reasons  Why Is My Ex Husband’s Wife Is Jealous Of Me

1. She Has A Tendency To Look Down On Other Women

Anyone who is truly in love knows how sweet and kind she is toward their partner. In contrast, my ex-husband’s wife has a nasty habit of looking down on others.

She is especially condescending toward me because she wants to make sure her husband is focused on her.

2. She Is Extremely Jealous

She doesn’t like sharing anything, including my ex-husband’s time, affection, attention, and love. When I was married to my ex-husband, we were very close, but after the divorce, I had no desire for any type of relationship with him.

My Ex Husband's Wife Is Jealous Of Me
My Ex Husband’s Wife Is Jealous Of Me

Still, she feels threatened by the fact that we occasionally have lunch or dinner together and will try every trick in the book to ruin it for both of us.

3. She Has A Tendency To Be Mean

She feels that I don’t deserve her husband – after all, a man like him is supposed to be in love with her.  I feel that she doesn’t deserve him because she has a tendency to push other women away who are trying to be friends with him.

4. She Isn’t Honest With Him

I’ve noticed that whenever my ex-husband’s wife sees me with my own children, she tries to make sure it is not a good time for our husbands.

She even took pictures of us and tried to get them sent through our email accounts so we would know what was going on in their lives. It made us wonder if she had no shame when it came to her husband.

She Isn't Honest With Him

5. Her Jealousy Ruined Her Marriage

She started out as the main reason my ex-husband and I split up, and now that we’ve gotten remarried, she sees me as the reason they aren’t together anymore.

6. She Will Do Whatever It Takes To Make Sure I’m Not With Him

If he is talking to me on the phone, she will call him at that moment. If he is having dinner with me on a Friday night, she will do things on Saturday night to make sure his mind is elsewhere; like calling him or texting him so that he has no choice but to take care of things right then. She is that mean and that jealous!

7. She Has A Tendency To Make Things Up

She is the type of person who will say anything to make sure people are paying attention to her. Her words are so hurtful that, if I were married to my ex-husband, I would be divorcing him because of her.

8. She Loves To Tell People How Jealous She Is Of Me

In fact, it seems like she really enjoys telling people how jealous she is of me because she knows it will get back to me.

Sadly, the problem with women like my ex-husband’s wife is that they don’t realize it makes them look bad for being so insecure about themselves.

9. She Lies About The Things That Matter

If her husband is going to Atlanta, she will tell people he’s in New York, and if he leaves for a meeting, she will call him to make sure he gets back home safely.

She is the type of girl who makes up stories about the things that really matter in order to get her way.

10. She Channels Her Fears Into A Nasty Habit

She channels her feelings into a nasty habit of saying mean things – and sometimes, it can become a little scary.

Even though she says that men are all the same, at least my ex-husband has enough sense to know the difference between her and me.

In contrast, my ex-husband’s wife is jealous of me because she doesn’t know when to stop.

How To Deal With Your Ex Partner’s Wife When She Jealous About You?

It’s bad enough that my ex-husband’s wife is jealous of me because she is married to an awesome guy. It’s worse that she feels the need to take it out on us, but being a good woman can help you deal with it and get over it.

1. Don’t Be A Bully

I know that she is jealous of me because I deserve to be with her husband in ways she doesn’t (after all, no one deserves a man like him).

However, lashing out at her won’t help matters – it will only hurt them both more than they already are. My ex-husband’s wife has done things to hurt me, and I’ve done things for her husband not to hurt her.

2. Be The Better Person

It’s hard to be the better person, but it also shows that you are the type of woman who deserves her husband.

It will also help you feel better about yourself, which is important because being a good woman sometimes means hating to hurt others.

3. Be Honest And Open When She Gets Insecure

I’ve learned one thing from my ex-husband’s wife – whenever she gets insecure, she lashes out at the person closest to him.

That’s why it is important to let her know upfront when you think something isn’t right so she can get over it before she gets hurt or he gets hurt.

4. Be Independent

You might have to move on from her if you can’t control your emotions and handle them. My ex-husband’s wife enjoys all of the attention that she receives from everybody – even if it makes them look bad.

It’s hard to deal with a person who wants to make herself look good at the expense of others, but it’s important to remember that they don’t deserve your time or attention.

Learn how to walk away and let her husband find a better woman who is more deserving of him.

5. Stay Positive And Be Good To Yourself

She is jealous of me because I am young and pretty but doesn’t realize that so many other things are worth being jealous of me.

I know she feels insecure about things I don’t have, but I can control those things and be happy no matter what happens.

Staying positive and being good to yourself will make you feel better about yourself, even if other people aren’t.


It’s hard to deal with someone who is jealous of you, but staying positive and being the better person can help you deal with them. It will also make you feel more confident in yourself, and that is important when coping with her type of jealousy.

I know she tends to hurt other people and me because she is jealous of us, but she doesn’t realize that we both deserve him more than she does.


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