My Glasses Are Always Smudged

Have you ever had that problem of your glasses always smudged? I am constantly in a state of embarrassment when it comes to my glasses. Especially when I use them at work or play.

I try to wear my glasses as inconspicuously as possible. But when they are not properly maintained my co-workers and friends may think that I am lazy or sloppy.

This has always been an embarrassment to me. And I know how it feels to have someone notice your smudged glasses.  

Well if you know how irritating it can be and how hard it is to have your precious glasses tidy. There are some things that you can do so that you will be able to make sure that you keep your glasses as clean as possible.

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Why we should keep clean eyeglasses

When we talk about the reason smudged glasses and why we should keep clean eyeglasses. One of the reasons is the protection that these eyeglasses can give to our eyes and our health.

If you are fond of reading books and magazines or watching films or playing games on TV then a great help for your eyes is these glasses or lenses. It keeps your eyes away from harmful rays coming out from different surfaces. And also from dust particles that are found on the papers.

And if they get dirty, then you need to have them cleaned as soon as possible. If you want to keep them in good shape, then you should take proper care of them. And the best way to take care of it is by cleaning it with simple soap water and a mild kitchen towel.

Eyeglasses have a lot of functions and they are very important to our vision health. It is very easy for dirt, grime, and oil to get on them. And once the eye irritants start affecting the vision the whole vision can be affected. A lot of people just throw away their old pair of eyeglasses after they get dirty. But this is not what we should do. All of us should keep them clean.

My Glasses Are Always Smudged

So why are my glasses getting so dirty?

Why my glasses are always smudged? It seems like common sense to answer the question with an obvious answer, that would be, “Because you’re wearing them.”

However, this answer doesn’t quite cut it for some people. Many people don’t know why eyeglasses become so dirty. Many people have no idea how dirty they become, only that something in the eyewear has somehow gotten dirtier.

In most cases, eyeglasses get dirty because of the lens. The lens is, more often than not, the culprit. The lens is made up of tiny plastic lens spheres that are extremely fragile. Because of this, a small amount of dirt on the exterior of the sphere easily gets trapped within the lens. Then it becomes part of the lens material itself.

The simple act of cleaning the lens regularly. This will ensure that eyeglasses will remain free of the many small pieces of dirt that can build up over time.

glasses getting so dirty

Why glasses are always smudged? One of the most common reasons is simply because people do not rinse their lenses properly. When you are washing your lenses with a liquid shampoo, you are rinsing the lenses with the solution. So you are essentially rinsing the lenses with the same solution that they would come in contact with if they were in your eye.

The problem with this is that the solution that comes in contact with your eye is not necessarily healthy for the eyes. It is full of chemicals that many people cannot even pronounce. Over time, these chemicals build up and make your lenses look old and dusty. And this can greatly impact your vision as well as your ability to see clearly.

The other reason why eyeglasses are made dirty is that most people do not take the time to properly clean their lenses before using them.

However, following the simple steps to lens cleaning outlined in this article. These will help you maintain beautiful eyeglasses for as long as you keep using them.

How to Clean Smudges Off of Glasses without Scratching the Lenses

If you have ever wondered how to clean smudged off of eyeglasses without scratching the lenses. Or if there is a way to remove smudges without harming your eyes then you are in luck. You can buy special cleaners for your glasses made especially for this purpose.

These cleaning products come in small packets that contain oxygen and other chemicals. That eliminate the smudge problem and restore your glasses to their original look.

Clean Smudges Off of Glasses

Many times people get smudges on their lenses no matter how careful they are, and this makes their glasses feel old and dirty. If you are one of these people then you should consider buying cleaning products specifically for eyeglass lenses. You can usually find these products at any optical store or even online.

It’s very easy for someone to assume that since their glasses look old and dirty they can just throw them away and not worry about restoring them. But in reality, there are chemicals in eyeglasses that need to be restored.

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How to remove scratches from glasses

Eyeglasses have always been a fashion accessory that enhances the beauty of the face. But they are not when your glasses are smudged.

Without the aid of any professionals, we can remove small scratches on our eyeglasses easily, if we have the right materials at hand. Though you may use a common household item for the purpose such as-

  • Baking soda
  • Cornstarch
  • Emery board or a microfiber cloth
  • Glass polish and toothpaste.
remove scratches from glasses

If these substances are not apply with the right amount of force, they can cause severe damage to the quality and sharpness of your eyeglasses. In this case, you are wondering how this can happen? Here’s how:

Baking soda and Cornstarch:

Baking soda is usually use as a kitchen cleaner. It works well for removing scratches on the top and bottom of eyeglasses. But if it is not apply carefully, it can easily scratch your lenses. If your lenses are covered in clear plastic frames, you can try coating them with cornstarch or any other substance that is slightly abrasive. You should then allow these substances to sit for a while before cleaning them off with an Emery board or a microfiber cloth. Once you are done, you should rinse your eyeglasses in warm water.

You will need a few tablespoons of baking soda, enough to cover your lenses, and just a few seconds to apply it to your glasses.

These include using glass polish and toothpaste but if you want to learn how to remove scratches from eyeglasses, you must try out different products and methods.

Microfiber cloth:

One of the best ways of removing scratches from eyeglasses is by using a microfiber cloth. The microfiber cloth is made up of fine strands of microscopic synthetic fiber that are used to remove minute scratches from any type of surface.

You can find this kind of cloth at most optical stores or you can also purchase them online. What you need to remember though is that you should never use regular tissue paper when you are applying a microfiber cloth on your eyeglasses as the fibers can leave streaks on your glasses.

The cloth can be easily cleaned by simply wiping the microfiber cloth across the surface of your glasses. The key is to make sure that you only apply a small amount of microfiber to your glasses and wipe away any excess droplets or dots.

To get rid of the most amount of scratches on your eyeglasses, you should start by using a cotton bud soaked in rubbing alcohol. You should then put the alcohol-soaked cotton bud into your eyeglasses.

This will remove any kind of dust and dirt from the inside of your glasses. When you are done, you should then wipe your glasses with the microfiber cloth to get rid of any streaks.

How to remove a cloudy film from eyeglasses

You can use any method you prefer to remove a cloudy film off of your glasses. It all depends on your personal preference and if you are more comfortable removing it the chemical way or the mechanical way.

If you are not comfortable with either of those methods, just try to take out your eyeglasses and scratch the film until it comes off. This is the most common and the easiest method for how to remove a cloudy film from eyeglasses.

remove a cloudy film from eyeglasses

However, if this doesn’t work or you want a more permanent effect, you can always go to the optometrist and have him or she send the film off to be processed. He or she will use chemicals to help it come off and will surely have it removed that very day.

Another option is to just get rid of the film as soon as possible. However, if you are wearing prescription eyeglasses, this isn’t the best option because you might need the glasses in the future, especially if you’ve had some type of vision problem in the past.

You can also choose to remove the film on your own by using an alcohol wipe and some water. This is one of the easier and more affordable methods on how to remove a cloudy film from eyeglasses.

The first thing you should do before trying any method of removing this film is to find good eyeglasses cleaner. Eyeglasses cleaner comes in handy as it will help you get rid of the film easily. Just make sure you buy the best possible option because if you use an ordinary product, chances are high that you might just add more to the problem.

When using the cleaner to remove the cloudy film from your eyeglasses, make sure you use a cotton bud so that the film can be soaked up by the cleaner. Then follow the instructions of the eyeglasses cleaner to the letter.

Glasses don’t last forever

Many people are under the impression that their prescription eyeglasses don’t last forever. If you have a pair of glasses that can no longer be fixed. And you’re having a hard time getting a new pair, maybe it’s time to ask for a replacement.

It’s common for prescription lenses to deteriorate over time and become less durable. This happens to a good portion of people who buy glasses.

But other people have no problem staying with their eyeglasses for as long as possible. How long do prescription eyeglasses last? Here’s the answer.

Eyeglasses are indeed durable. But if you do not take good care of them, then maybe you won’t see much improvement for years.

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