My Husband Makes Me Feel Bad About Myself: What Can I Do?

Now I am in a situation where my husband makes me feel bad about myself. I married my husband when I was 18, and now, almost 10 years later, I am still in the marriage.

He is a good man, and he has been so good to me, but around the time we got married, he also started to make me feel bad about myself, and eventually, it became a toxic relationship.

I have asked him countless times why he does this, but it never changes anything. So what else can I do?

What Is It Called When My Husband Makes Me Feel Bad About Myself?

It is a pet name that is used when your husband says to you, “You are so stupid,” or, “You’re ugly,” or, “What did you do to make my son act like this?”

What To Do When My Husband Makes Me Feel Bad About Myself?

When you experience this, don’t let him see it. Don’t argue or don’t even try to talk about it. Just keep your head down and carry on with life, and when he isn’t around, just don’t even think about him. You can do this when your husband makes you feel bad about yourself:

1. Don’t Respond

When your husband makes you feel bad about yourself, he wants to get a response from you. So if you don’t give it to him, he can’t enjoy this moment and therefore will leave you alone or move along.

2. Distance Yourself

In order to avoid unnecessary arguments, it is important to stay away from your husband when he makes you feel bad about yourself or if you are getting any warning signs that he is going to make you feel bad about yourself.

My Husband Makes Me Feel Bad About Myself
My Husband Makes Me Feel Bad About Myself

When this happens, just walk away and keep busy until the tension is gone, then come back with a smile on your face only then his mood will be good again and make the atmosphere pleasant for both of you.

3. Talk To Him

If you want to talk to your husband, it is important that you don’t blame him or tell him that he has hurt you. Instead, let us be positive and say, “I love you so much, and I know that you loved me too.

You have been acting strangely lately, and I am not sure what is wrong, but if you would like to talk about it or if there is anything I can do for you, please let me know.”

4. Change The Subject

If he keeps on making you feel bad about yourself, then change the subject. Start talking about something different than what he is doing. This will change your mood and make the atmosphere better and more pleasant.

5. Leave

If you can’t talk to him, then leave. If it is going on for a long time, this would be the best choice for both of you. But when you are staying together, and he doesn’t want to stop making you feel bad about yourself, this can become extremely painful for both of you.

In this case, try to move out of your home as soon as possible, then find a new apartment or house where you can be alone without an argument and without being made to feel bad about yourself.

How Do You Know When Your Husband Stops Loving You?

There are two kinds of love: (1) The kind where you have to constantly work at it and (2) The kind where the feeling is there, but you can’t see them or touch them.

But I think that the kind where you can’t see it or touch it is better because you feel loved without having to do anything.

So how do you know if your husband still loves you? You don’t know, but all you have to do is just be there for him, tell him that you love him, show him some affection when he needs it even though he may not show any affection back.

What A Husband Is To A Wife?

Your husband is your strength when you are weak, your support when you are lost, and your advocate when you are wronged.

He is the one who looks out for you and is there to protect you. He should be the person that has concern for you and deeply cares about your feelings and well-being.

He should always love and respect you in every situation, no matter what he may have said or done to hurt or anger you.

What Is A Toxic Husband?

A toxic husband is a husband who is controlling, jealous, emotionally abusive, and insensitive to his wife’s feelings. A “toxic” husband may be the ideal in which men are raised to become.

He always assumes that he knows best and has his wife’s best interests in mind. His problem is that he doesn’t know how to love others—men or women.

He can’t understand why his wife would have any needs or wants since he does not have any for himself (or so he believes).

What To Do For A Happy Marriage?

A happy marriage is a necessity, not a luxury. A good marriage is one of the most important goals in life and one that deserves your best efforts to make it work!

1. Respect Each Other – Get over yourself. You are not the most important person in your partner’s life.

2. Bring Out The Best In Each Other – Accept, appreciate and love them for who they are, not for who you want them to be.

3. Make Sacrifices – Not everything is about you; sometimes, you have to give up what you want to make sure you both get what matters most.

4. Communicate – This is the key to a good marriage.

5. Have Fun – Life is too short not to enjoy it!

What To Do For A Happy Marriage
What To Do For A Happy Marriage

6. Live For Today – Marriage is a lifetime commitment. If both of you are not happy with your relationship, why wait until tomorrow? Why not just call it quits now and start over? No matter how difficult divorce may be, it’s always better to part ways than living a life of unhappiness and resentment together.

7. Stay Friends – Once divorced, you can always get back together later on in life if you want to (maybe after the kids have grown up).

8. Forgive And Forget – This is hard, but not impossible. It’s hard because you might have to forgive someone for cheating on you or for some serious betrayal, but it doesn’t mean that you should forget about it.

9. Don’t Worry About The Future – You don’t know what will happen tomorrow. But no matter what happens, you’ll be fine.

10. Always Remember The Good Times – Marriage is ups and downs; it’s natural to have some bad moments together. Don’t let these bad moments destroy your relationship!

Why Can’t I Leave My Unhappy Marriage?

Because it is YOURS!

What Can You Do?

  • Make yourself emotionally strong:
  • Make yourself financially strong:
  • Take care of your health:
  • And then, tell him about the divorce… And then divorce him if he does not agree with this decision of yours.

There awaits a better tomorrow for you… Good luck…!

When Should You Walk Away From Your Marriage?

Here are some guidelines for when to walk away from your marriage.

1. If you have been miserable for years, surely something is wrong! You may not see it yet, but it’s not going to get better. So give yourself a break or suffer and live with the consequences of an unhappy marriage.

2. If your spouse is sarcastic and his anger at you is never-ending, chances are he has little respect for you as a person and probably little love for you as well.

Maybe he just has a problem with divorce in general (his parents got divorced when he was young), so he’s not willing to make the commitment to deal with the problems in his marriage (i.e., communication, conflict resolution, etc.).

So if your spouse is sarcastic, he probably just does not want to deal with his partner at all and will never change.

3. If you are unhappy and you don’t know what to do about it? There is a problem in your marriage. If you have been miserable for years and have been in conflict with your spouse, then the problem is not in your marriage; it’s who lives there! And the solution is not to stay but to go.

4. If one of you can’t wait until your next vacation? Then something is very wrong (especially if the spouse who wants to leave has wanted a divorce for years).

5. If you can’t live together in peace and harmony? Something is wrong!


After reading the above article, you would have been able to know the various signs to identify what a toxic husband is and how toxic he can be.

You would also have been able to know the reason why your husband loves you and how this love is beneficial for your marriage.

Also, you will be able to know different reasons for you to know why you should never leave your unhappy marriage.

Most importantly, you will also have been able to know when you should walk away from your marriage and when not.

Hope that the above article was helpful in making a decision of yours easy!

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