Not Ready For A Relationship But I Like Her: What Should I Do?

It can be so hard when I find myself in a situation where I am not ready for a relationship but I  like her. Not everyone is financially stable or emotionally ready for the responsibility.

There are also those who want to give themselves time to explore what they really want before getting into anything too serious.

So if you’re one of those people, this post is just for you!

We have put together some advice on balancing seeing someone while maintaining your independence, as well as how to make sure that she knows this ‘fling’ isn’t going anywhere serious.

What Does It Mean When Someone Likes You But Doesn’t Want A Relationship?

When someone likes you, but they don’t want a relationship, it is not always about the commitment itself. There are some reasons for this that we’ll discuss in this post. So let’s start!

1. They Want To Be Free

One of the top reasons why someone may not want a relationship is because they just want to be free. They are probably already involved in a relationship, or maybe they just had one that didn’t end well.

Either way, they don’t have time for commitment when they’re focused on themselves.

2. They Are Taking Time To Heal From A Breakup

The second top reason is that they need some time to heal from their last relationship or breakups in general.

Whether it was with their ex or something else that hurt them deeply, this person doesn’t want to get into anything serious for the moment, and you should respect that by taking it slow as well if you like them as well.

Not Ready For A Relationship But I Like Her
Not Ready For A Relationship But I Like Her

3. They Lack Confidence

One of the biggest reasons why someone may not want a relationship is because they are lacking in their own self-confidence. They might have experienced rejection in the past, or they might not feel good enough to get into a relationship at all.

This person doesn’t know if they’re worthy of love, and you need to help them gain this confidence in order to feel ready and eligible for commitment.

4. They Don’t Feel Ready

People can go through a lot of things in their life that might make sense for them to feel like they aren’t ready for a relationship. Maybe you are experiencing financial hardship and don’t want to get into anything too serious until things have improved.

Maybe you’re taking some time off from your education, and you don’t want the added stress of being in a relationship while not focusing on your studies, or maybe you just got out of something that didn’t end well, and you’re not ready to start anything new until you sort out some things.

5. They Need Time To Get To Know You

Sometimes people don’t want a relationship because they don’t feel like they have enough time. They might have a lot going on in their life, and they don’t think that you are ready for them yet. This means that they see you as someone who is fun to hang out with but nothing serious just yet.

6. They Are Scared Of Commitment

It’s also possible that someone may not be interested in a relationship because of their own fears about it. Maybe this person has been hurt before and doesn’t trust anyone after their previous experiences, or maybe their relationship history shows that they shouldn’t take any risks at all.

They aren’t sure if they are really ready for a relationship, so they aren’t going to risk it by getting in one that might not work out.

What Do You Do When You Like Someone  But Aren’t Ready For A Relationship?

Here are 5 tips on handling the situation when you like someone but aren’t ready for a relationship.

1. Be Mindful Of Your Own Feelings

You have to be aware of how you’re feeling to proceed confidently in the situation. If you think you are settling for less than what you deserve, this is not good for anyone involved.

You need to proceed with your dignity intact and be confident in the decisions that are being made. Be clear about your intentions so that she knows not to expect anything serious from this situation either.

2. Know When To Say No

Being independent means knowing when you need to say no and walking away from the situation without any guilt or strings attached. Sometimes it’s best to walk away from a situation before you get too attached too early.

There will always be someone you don’t want to miss out on because they are amazing, no matter how much you like her. If you like her but aren’t ready for a relationship with her, then it’s okay to let this friendship go.

3. Be Available When She Needs You

Sometimes, the girl in question will need some time, and she’ll reach out to you for some help. Confirm this and be there for her when she needs you.

You could offer to meet up for coffee or lunch, or maybe you can just text her for a quick chat on the rare occasion that she needs some company.

4. Keep Your Goals In Mind

Sometimes it just doesn’t work out in your favor, and this girl might not be interested in anything more than casual fun either. If this is the case, it’s always good to be respectful of that and know that there are other fish in the sea who will appreciate you as well.

5. Keep In Contact

You can do many things to keep in contact with someone even if you are just friends for now. Send her a card, text her a message every now and again, or take her out for dinner on the occasion that both of your schedules allow it. You can ask her how she’s doing or offer to lend an ear whenever she needs it.

Be aware of your own feelings as well as hers, and give each other some space when you need it most. Be mindful of your situation, and do what is best for both of you both in the short-term and long-term future.

In Conclusion

If you like someone but aren’t ready for a relationship with them, then you have to be mindful of this before anything else. This might mean that you are taking your time, being respectful of where they’re at in their life, and keeping yourself available when they need you. Know that this person is worth waiting for; don’t rush things if you want to keep them around.

Remember that there is nothing wrong with taking your time and not jumping into anything too serious just yet. You will never meet the right person if all you are doing is looking for the next one who will reject or hurt you.

Be aware of your own feelings, but also be concerned about how she’s feeling as well. You want to be a person who can show her that you are interested in knowing her and being there for her while also letting her know that you aren’t trying to rush things if they aren’t going as fast as you’d like them to.

Most importantly, your intentions are good, and she feels like she is more than just a casual playmate for now. Take your time, don’t rush things, and don’t settle for anything less than what you deserve. It will work out in the end, but it will only work out if both of you are willing to respect each other until it does.


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