The Best Safest Light Bulbs

The safest light bulbs have been around for a very long time; they were invented in the 1920s and made of mercury, a highly toxic substance. To make it safer for humans to use these bulbs, they were covered in a phosphor coating layer.

However, because of the tremendous popularity of the electric light bulb, the government allowed mercury-based light bulbs. The only problem with this is that these bulbs put people at risk for cancer because mercury is known to cause cancer in humans.

Luckily, this doesn’t happen as often with today’s light bulbs. The latest technology has allowed manufacturers to make bulbs that don’t emit dangerous substances into the atmosphere.

This makes them a great choice for anyone looking to buy a light bulb. The best thing about them is that they are safe for your health. Even during a power outage, they use less energy than older style light bulbs. Top of form bottom of Form

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Are Light Bulbs Bad for Your Health?

Are Light Bulbs Bad for Health? The short answer is yes, they are. There is great information on the internet about the dangers of exposing your body to high levels of light.

It is important to understand that the light bulb is not the only light source that will harm your body. Whether it be from the sun, tanning beds, tanning creams or whatever else you use to get your tan.

You need to learn how to recognize the type of light bulb. And always wear the correct protective clothing if you are exposed to too much light. Do not forget to ask the salesperson when shopping, as they are usually quite knowledgeable about the type of light bulb. You should use it for your specific needs.

Safest Light Bulbs

Incandescent Bulbs

For those of you who don’t know what the Incandescent light bulb is, it is an electrical device that uses the power from electricity to create heat. Which then causes the filament to burn and release heat energy, resulting in the lights current.

These types of bulbs tend to give off a very high amount of heat when on the surface. And tend to use a great amount of electricity to do so. This certain type of light bulb is one of the most common devices that people tend to replace in their homes due to its high efficiency.

Incandescent Bulbs

However, despite its high efficiency, the Incandescent light bulb is also very fragile. And it can easily break if something happens to it, such as when being dropped or something of that nature.

They are still a very popular item today. Many people prefer to buy them rather than halogen, fluorescent, or compact fluorescent bulbs. Because they give off a very soft light that is very pleasant to the eye.

LED Light Bulbs

An LED light bulb is a light source for lighting fixtures that produces light by using one or more small light-emitting diode or LED lights. The diode in the light bulb turns on when electricity passes through the junction. And it allows light emission from the bulb’s filament to reach its target.

LED Light Bulbs

The diode is designed to emit only the amount of light needed for a particular task, such as lighting a path or reading a book without stimulating a light or creating a shadow. LED lights are also popularly used in signs since the light is bright enough to be seen from a distance.

Since LEDs produce light through electrons’ electrical activity between their phosphors, they are considered ‘on’ or nearly ‘on’ in terms of their efficiency. This means that they don’t consume too much energy to maintain their brightness.

The energy-efficient light bulbs use about eighty per cent less energy than incandescent light bulbs, which is why they are becoming so popular with energy-conscious consumers.

Are LED Bulbs Safe?

Have you ever heard the term “are LED Bulbs safe?” I can remember when my first LED light bulb busted, and it was pretty scary. There are so many questions that come to mind-

  • Are LED bulbs made out of mercury?
  • Do I need to change the bulb?
  • Or just keep it?

I will answer both of these questions momentarily and then go into more detail below:

The first thing to know is that it is not the bulb manufacturer that puts in the mercury, but rather, the supplier. When your new bulb starts to leak, the mercury was not placed correctly in the bulb.

When this happens, there is a huge problem because the bulb has very little electricity, and it will start leaking extremely fast. This is when you need to contact your supplier and tell them what happened. Most people are extremely careful when putting in new bulbs, but this could have been a reason for bulb failure.

They are as safe as any other bulb, but they do have their limitations. The biggest one is that if you put mercury in your new LED Light Bulbs, you will have problems with it breaking down in six months. The only other important thing is the proper way to replace a bulb, which we will go over shortly.

CFL Light Bulbs

CFL Light Bulbs uses to replace incandescent in areas where there is no need for replacing or caring for an old-fashioned incandescent. A CFL is the most efficient bulb made today; it has a long life span and is very economical. CFLs do not require any special coatings or filaments; they are made of simple glass tubes filled with tungsten.

CFL Light Bulbs

The tubes themselves are a simple structure of two tubes twisted together, connecting to the base and the other to the head. A thin veneer of tungsten is attached to the outside of the inner tube through a small hole. This veneer also serves as a protective shield from damage.

CFLs also have a much longer life than their incandescent, sometimes having a life expectancy of fifty thousand hours or more. CFLs are available in three different levels of brightness:

  • Soft White,
  • Cool White and
  • Warm White.

With the popularity of CFLs, many styles are available to suit any decor.

The Dangers of CFL Light Bulbs

What is the danger of CFL light bulbs? Many people don’t know about this, but this kind of light bulb can cause you cancer. There are three kinds of this light source, and the one that gets the most press is the compact fluorescent light bulb (CFL) used in most domestic and even some international lamps and lights.

However, it is important to note that even though it is called a “compact bulb”, it has a different core than other types, which allows it to have a longer life span than normal ones. So you need to use the safest light bulbs

Tips For Picking The Safest Light Bulb

When searching for tips for choosing the safest light bulb, many other factors come into play. A common thread that we hear repeatedly is to pick a bulb with the

  • Energy star label: The Energy Star rating helps determine how efficient a light bulb is and how much money it can save you over time.
  • Type of glass: One of the most important factors when looking at the safety rating of a light bulb is the type of glass. It is always good to check the LED light bulbs and find out which is the safest to use. Many people will opt for those that have a safety rating of “B”. These bulbs use a glass that has been toughened and reinforced so that they don’t break or shatter.
  • Low wattage bulbs: Other tips for choosing the best light bulb look for low wattage bulbs. By choosing a less than 100 watts bulb, you will drastically reduce the amount of energy that your bulb uses.

Final Thoughts about Safest Light Bulbs

If you are looking for a good option between these light bulbs, you might want to consider LED light bulbs. While they do not last as long as incandescent, they use far less energy than the fluorescent kind and are far easier to maintain.

Since LED light bulbs are made of semiconductors instead of plastic, they are much more durable than most other bulb types and can last a very long time without having to be replaced. As they are made of semiconductors, you can expect them to get cooler over time, meaning that you will have fewer problems with shorts or overheating, and the lights will not be as bright as they once were.

The main drawback of using an LED light bulb compared to the safest light bulbs are that it is more expensive to purchase and may take more time to install than the other type of bulb. Still, if you are willing to pay the extra money, you will find that your home will be more lit for longer and that you will save a lot of money on your electricity bills.


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