Signs A Leo Woman Likes You: Accurate 20 Signs

Do you have an interest in dating a Leo woman? If your answer is yes, do you know some signs a leo woman likes you?

Do the signs she shows tell us if she likes us or not? Besides knowing about her secret traits, we have to know how to make her feel special by giving her enough time and attention.

Do not wait any longer. Let us find out more:

Leo Woman Secrets

Leo woman is a true sign of femininity. She has a natural ability to charm and captivate those she meets. Leo women can be very loyal to the right partner, and they are also known for not being very forgiving when it comes to matters of the heart.

Do you want to know what traits or characteristics a Leo woman possesses? You may want to think twice before going after her because she might expect nothing less than complete devotion and loyalty in return.

She expects her partner to reflect her magnificence in both his words and actions. If you can do so, then there is nothing you cannot accomplish together.

Leo’s woman is not very materialistic and doesn’t care much about money. If you have something to offer, the right words and actions will win her love.

Because she is a Leo woman, she can be very passionate at times, but do not expect her to openly show it in front of people as she still takes her responsibilities seriously at work.

A Leo woman prefers to provide for herself rather than depend on a man for money, so if you want to provide for your family, you should perhaps include a job in your relationship.

She also loves to have fun and enjoy time with her friends and family. If this is the type of woman you are, then you shouldn’t make her life boring by giving her boring chores.

Accurate 20 Signs A Leo Woman Likes You

1. She Is Always Happy To See You

If you have been attracted to her, you will find her always happy to see you whenever you are together. When she smiles, it goes from ear to ear. This is a sign she likes you.

2. She Wants To Talk All The Time

If she wants long talks with you about your feelings for her and makes sure that your relationship stays on track and focused on love, it would be a big sign that she likes you.

She wants to be close to you. It is not likely that a Leo woman would befriend a man who ignores her constant chatter if she was not interested in him at least a little bit.

Signs A Leo Woman Likes You
Signs A Leo Woman Likes You

3. She Seeks Your Company

When she is around you, she feels comfortable being herself. Be assured; this is a good sign that she likes you a lot. She doesn’t have to put on airs or play games around you.

4. She Tells You Good Things About Her Friends

If your lady friend speaks highly of her friends, it could mean that she thinks highly of you too. This is an indication that she likes you and wants the best for you too in your social circle.

5. She Is A Good Listener

When a Leo woman likes you, she will take the time to listen to what you have to say. She will pay attention to your words and your actions, and she will join in on the conversation involving you.

6. She Carries On A Conversation And Keeps You Interested

A Leo woman is good at keeping a conversation going, which means she is highly interested in what you have to say and learn about her.

This is a sign that she likes you, and she will continue to find ways to be with you if given a chance.

7. She Will Be Truthful To You

If you don’t like this trait of a Leo woman, then you should get rid of her because she will not tolerate lies around her.

If you are not truthful with her and can’t be honest with her, then it is difficult for the two of you to have a relationship.

8. She Will Always Listen And Not Judge You

When she is interested in getting to know you on more than just a superficial level, she will make time to listen to your story and analyze it properly before jumping to conclusions based on hearsay and gossip. She won’t judge or condemn you for any of your actions.

9. She Will Not Joke At Your Expense

If your lady friend makes jokes at your expense in front of her friends, it can be called humor, even though the joke may hurt you a lot – but if she thinks highly of you, she will not do this to you.

She won’t care what other people think and will refrain from hurting your feelings with her jokes.

10. She Wants To Go Out With You

If a Leo woman asks or suggests that the two of you go out on a date or to do something together, it means that she likes your company and wants to spend more time with you.

If you can know her to sign better, you can tell the difference between a Leo woman teasing you and a Leo woman wanting to be with you.

11. She Loves To Be With You

If she loves to be around you, it is because she is genuinely interested in learning more about you. This is the best sign that she likes you and will continue to make time to see you as much as possible.

You will also find that she makes time for any activities that the two of you enjoy doing together.

12. She Looks Forward To Being With You

If your lady friend consistently looks forward to seeing and being with you, then this says a lot about how she feels about your relationship.

She will drop everything she is doing to be with you, and it is obvious that she cares about your life.

13. She Will Want To Talk To You All The Time

If your lady friend keeps calling or sending messages to you, she will want to speak with you every day. This is a good sign that she likes you because it shows her affection for you and intends to be with you more.

14. She Stands Out In Your Life

When she stands out in your life, it means that she thinks highly of the two of you and wants the best for both of you too. If this woman likes a guy, he has taken a serious step up in her life.

15. She Will Give You The Time To Talk And Listen

If a Leo woman is always busy, it could mean that she only likes you at a superficial level. If she wants to be with someone and can afford to give the time and energy necessary for you to say exactly what you want to say and hear exactly what you want to hear, then it shows that she is attracted to you.

16. She Will Bring Your Friends And Family To You

If your lady friend brings your friends and family over to see you, there is something called love in her heart. This is a sign that she likes you a lot and wants the best for both of you too.

17. She Displays Her Affection To You

If she displays her affection to you in a public place, then it shows she likes you a lot. This is a good sign that the two of you have something in your relationship that cannot be said or shown in private. This is what she wants others to see – love!

18. She Is Affectionate

If your lady friend squeezes your hand, gets too close to you, touches your back, and touches your arm every time you talk with each other, then this certainly indicates that she likes you and has affection for you as well.

19. She Looks Out For You And Protects You

If your lady friend has a fierce and loyal protective instinct, then she would certainly do whatever is necessary to protect you.

This is an excellent sign that she likes you a lot and wants to see you happy but can be overly protective, too – to the point of making decisions for you.

20. She Will Be More Than Just Friends With You

If a Leo woman is more than just friends with you, she is keenly interested in your success and prosperity because you are a very important part of her life and don’t want to lose you.

She will defend and support you means that she thinks highly of you and wants the best for you.

When A Leo Woman Misses You?

If she is not interested in you, she will miss you only when you don’t respond to her texts, calls, or emails and when she cannot contact you. If a Leo woman misses you, it means that she likes being around you and enjoys learning about your life.

A Leo woman will miss the plans she has for the two of you, especially if the activities are something that you have never done before. She will miss being with someone who makes her feel special and makes a difference in her life.

Leo Woman Likes And Dislikes


  • A man with a sense of humor, who takes care of himself and has high self-esteem
  • Strong and protective men
  • Being the center of attention, being praised, and being the star of the show
  • Being feminine
  • Having a talented, good looking partner


  • A man who is a know-it-all or thinks he knows everything about life
  • Men who don’t pay attention to her or give her the attention she deserves

Leo Woman Flirting Style

Leo’s woman is flirtatious, and she uses her playful charm and charisma to attract the attention of men. She can be outgoing, vibrant, and flirty, especially when she wants to meet someone.

Leo woman will make sure that she is dressed to make her stand out from other women. Her seductive personality can be used for romantic relationships and friendships. She is a loyal and affectionate friend who will do anything to keep you by her side.

Leo Woman Seduction Tips

Leo woman has a lot of seduction tips at her disposal. There is no doubt that she has the best seduction skills. If you want to experience seduction by a Leo woman, then here are her seduction tips:

1. Flirtatiously Telling You How Beautiful You Look

For Leo woman, flirting means being honest about your looks with a straightforward compliment. She will say something like, “You look so beautiful today.”

This can be used to tell you that you look good and attractive, or it can be used to tell you that your outfit looks good on you, or it can be used for any other reason.

Leo Woman Seduction Tips
Leo Woman Seduction Tips

2. Providing Honest And Open Feedback

Leo woman loves to receive honest and open feedback, especially regarding her appearance. She will ask you if you like her outfit. She will ask you if you like her hair.

She will ask you if she looks good or not, and she wants your honest opinion. If there is something that you do not like about her, then provide her with honest feedback about it.

She dislikes when a man does not give straightforward and honest feedback about things that he does not like about the way she looks.

3. Providing Honest And Open Compliments

Leo woman likes to receive honest and open compliments. She likes to know when the man she is with finds her attractive and wants her in his life.

If you find her attractive, tell her that you find her attractive and why. She will love it because it makes you more than just friends with a plan – right now, you have feelings for each other, which is a good sign that your relationship will develop into something serious if both of you want it to happen.

4. Be Her Protector

Leo woman needs a protector when she is around you. This may seem odd, but she wants someone there to protect her from all the bad things in life.

She will easily seek out that protector to feel safe again when she feels threatened. She will also want you to save her in times of distress or danger because it is your responsibility to be there for her when she needs you the most.

5. Provide Her With Your Support

Leo woman wants a man who can provide her with his support and the respect she deserves in the outside world.

She wants a man who will not allow her to be treated poorly, nor will he allow her to be mistreated by anyone else.

She wants you to stand up for her and be there for her as well. Leo woman likes a man willing to give his all for his loved one.

6. Be A Good Listener And Giver

Leo woman needs a good listener, which she can talk about everything that bothers or troubles her – particularly when it comes to the way she looks and how other people treat her.

She loves a man who is willing to listen to her and not only be an ear but a shoulder too. She needs someone who can listen to her when she needs support and encouragement, especially when she is in a difficult situation, and she wants you to be there for her.

7. Show Her Some Attention When You Are Around Her

She wants you to pay attention to her when you are together, so make sure that you give her your full attention when talking to you about something important.

She does not want a man who talks about sports or work all the time because she will feel that you only want her around for what value she can add to your life.

Leo woman wants a man who wants to be with her because of the person she is and not what he can get out of being with her.

What Does Leo Woman Want To A Man?

A Leo woman wants a man who makes her feel special, takes care of her needs, and is affectionate, loving, and forever faithful.

She wants him to be honest and respectful because she expects the same from him. Pay attention to how you treat her because this can determine whether or not you will be the one in her life.

The Bottom Line

Leo woman is a strong, self-confident, open-minded, and extremely successful woman who wants the best for herself in life. She will do anything to make her dreams come true.

If you have a dream that you want to achieve, you should be with this amazing woman. She will never let you down, and she will guide you through all the bad times in life.

It’s Important To Know About The Stars Signs Of People Around You.

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