10 Sure Signs She’s Too Good For You

What are the signs she’s too good for you? You may have found the love of your life.

And while that sounds like a good thing, it isn’t always good because some girlfriends are just too good for you. They will make you look bad, and feel bad, and you’re going to lose her soon enough as it is.

It’s now time to find out if she’s too good for you, and here are the signs she is: being too nice, wanting to hang out with your friends all the time, always agreeing with what you say, giving you back rubs, buying you gifts, telling you that she loves you, and so on.

10 Sure Signs She’s Too Good For You

10. She’s Too Nice To Everyone

If your girl cannot show many variations in her personality or she is too nice to everyone (even strangers), it means there’s no real excitement in the relationship, and you’re both settling for each other instead of searching for someone better.

9. She Wants To Hang Out With Your Friends All The Time

If she’s always hanging out with your friends and making new girlfriends, she plans to leave you and move on to a better boyfriend.

Women have a tendency to bond with women because they can be vulnerable, which is an essential part of relationships. That way, they will have someone to move with if the opportunity comes. Her best friend might also be a guy, so watch out for that too.

8. She Always Agrees With What You Say

She will be too nice to disagree or ask a question about the things you say she should agree or do. You’ll feel like your only source of advice, and she likes that!

Signs She's Too Good For You
Signs She’s Too Good For You

7. She Keeps Giving Back Rubs

This can be both physical (massages, hugs) and emotional (petting, kisses). If she’s always giving back rubs, it means she’s already thinking of leaving you to find someone who will give her the physical and emotional attention she needs. You’re probably not good enough for her if you don’t know how to read her signals.

6. She Buys You Gifts

We all love gifts, and we’re willing to spend money on them. That’s our nature, and that doesn’t necessarily mean that a girl is interested in us or for us, so don’t get your hopes up about it.

In most cases, when a girl buys gifts for you, she wants to get something in return and thinks that will be enough.

5. She Tells You She Loves You

This is a big deal! A girl never says those words to someone whom she does not love or does not plan on loving ever again. Trust me; you’re going to lose her one day soon because of it.

4. She’s Always Around You

If she’s always around you, it means she’s trying to get close to you. She wants to start a relationship with you and possibly even marry you, which is a great sign. But only if nothing goes wrong.

If she doesn’t plan on leaving her husband or boyfriend, there’s no real excitement in the relationship, and your girlfriend is too good for you.

3. She’s Always Friends With Your Friends

She doesn’t want to be just your girlfriend who you can do whatever you want with, and she wants to hang out with your friends all the time, which means that she’ll one day leave you for good. She does not know how to separate her life from yours, which is a big red flag for bad things to happen.

2. She Never Fights With Your Friends

This is a huge sign of bad things to happen. If she’s friends with your friends, it means that she has no hesitation about leaving them, and she also knows you will be angry, hurt, and sad if she does leave. Once you go on a trip together or meet her parents, it’s over.

1. She Shows Off Her Body

You’re with a girl who wants to show off her body to you. She’ll do it in sexy clothes and might dance provocatively or even undress in front of you so you can give her a back rub.

It doesn’t matter how she does it, but if your girl’s doing any of these things, you’re in big trouble because she has no intention of keeping herself for you or the relationship, which means the relationship is doomed.

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