How To Get Julia Stiles Eye Makeup Look?

Julia Stiles Eye Makeup

For your next big night out, try this gorgeous but really easy to recreate Julia Stiles eye makeup look modeled after Julia Stiles’ look in the movie Closer. It’s easy to do yourself and get Julia’s model-status lashes without spending hours trying to. Julia Stiles is one of the most iconic actresses of her generation. … Read more

Isla Fisher Eye Makeup Tutorial

Isla Fisher Eye Makeup

Hello everyone! This is an Isla Fisher Eye Makeup Tutorial that I have put together. Like most eye tutorials, beginners and expert makeup artists can use it because it’s very simple and versatile. This one is probably my favorite, as it shows how you can achieve a beautiful look with minimal makeup. I hope you … Read more

The Best Eye Makeup For Dark Purple Dress

Eye Makeup For Dark Purple Dress

This article will tell you what dark purple is and give advice on the best eye makeup for dark purple dress. Purple is a color that takes the wearer away from the traditional colors of black, grey, and brown. It’s not your traditional earthy color. But because of that, it seems like this color comes … Read more

How To Apply Cheetah Eye Makeup Stickers?

Cheetah Eye Makeup Stickers

If you love wearing makeup but would like to avoid the chore of applying it every day, then Cheetah Eye Makeup Stickers may be just what you need. These easy and convenient stickers provide a fun and easy way to quickly create that perfect “Cheetah Eye Makeup look. This new and innovative eye sticker was … Read more

How To Get Claudia Schiffer Eye Makeup Look?

Claudia Schiffer Eye Makeup

Some people think that Claudia Schiffer eye makeup is too simple. But those people are missing the point. Yes, her look is rather stripped down and not as complicated as those of the Kardashians and other celebrities that we’ve grown accustomed to seeing in tabloids and magazines. Michelle Phan would call this a “natural beauty” … Read more

How To Create Avatar Inspired Eye Makeup?

Avatar Inspired Eye Makeup

An avatar inspired eye makeup is an eye makeup look that mirrors avatars in virtual worlds. Virtual worlds are simulated environments where people’s avatars can do new things, experience many different things, and have real lives. Avatars are the representation of a person in these worlds. Avatars inspire the makeup in this look. A lot … Read more