Belizean Potato Salad: Simple Recipe In 3 Quick Steps

Belizean Potato Salad

Belizean Potato Salad is a dish that is typically served with either mayonnaise or a vinaigrette dressing. The salad typically includes diced green bell pepper, diced red onion, cubed cooked potatoes (white or sweet), and shredded carrot. Sometimes pimento leaves are also included to add color to the dish. These ingredients are combined with a … Read more

Juan Pollo Potato Salad: Simple Recipe

Juan Pollo Potato Salad

Juan Pollo Potato Salad is a simple dish to make, but it’s a favorite for anyone who has ever tasted its delicious combination of different flavors. And with this easy recipe, you can have your very own Juan Pollo Potato Salad in the time it takes you to boil potatoes! Now let’s go over how … Read more