Toxic Person Test: Am I A Toxic Person?

Do you want to know if you are a toxic person, and about the toxic person test? Toxic people cause much pain and suffering for those who get close to them.

They can be difficult, demanding, and impossible to please. Often, they don’t even realize that their behavior is bothering the other person or making them feel bad. If this sounds like you, then it’s time for a Toxic Person Test!

This article will discuss how to identify toxic behavior in yourself and others and provide steps on how to stop being toxic.

The first step is understanding what makes someone “toxic.”

What makes someone toxic?

You’ve probably encountered a toxic person at some point in your life. You know the type- someone who is always looking for something to criticize, someone who wants to start drama and won’t let anything go, or maybe even just someone rude without any provocation. What makes these people so toxic?

Well, there are many factors that come into play when determining whether or not a person is toxic, but one of the most important ones is how they make you feel. Toxic people don’t care about other people’s feelings and will do whatever it takes to get what they want out of them regardless of how negatively it affects others.

  • Toxic people lack empathy. They don’t see other people as feeling beings, so they tend to ignore or dismiss how their behavior is affecting others.
  • Toxic individuals are usually unaware of their effects on those around them and often blame them for being “too sensitive.”

The second step in identifying toxic behavior is recognizing that you may be toxic.

Toxic Person Test
Toxic Person Test

Recognizing That You May Be Toxic

The Toxic Person Test can help you determine if your behavior is making someone uncomfortable or harming them in any way. If it does, then the following steps will show how to change and stop being toxic:

Ask yourself: Am I purposely trying to hurt this person? Are my words and behavior designed to make them feel bad about themselves?

If the answer is “yes,” then you may be a toxic person. Toxic people will often indulge in gossip, put down others and seek revenge when they’re crossed.

If your behavior passes this test, ask yourself whether or not it’s normal to be this way. Toxic behaviors are often learned in childhood, so it’s important to examine yourself for a moment and recognize your toxic patterns.

If you’re satisfied that there has been no change or improvement in your behavior after examining the problem, then work on changing those habits. This will take time and patience but is worth it when you finally break the bad habits.

What is a toxic personality disorder?

A toxic personality disorder is when people have an unusually intense or distorted state of mind, often manifesting as anger. Toxic Personality Disorders can take several forms like narcissism and paranoia. For example, narcissists are excessively preoccupied with themselves and lack empathy for other people’s feelings; they may become angry if others don’t give them the attention they crave.

Toxic Personality Disorder
Toxic Personality Disorder

A paranoid personality disorder is a condition in which people are unreasonably suspicious of other people and cannot trust their friends or colleagues no matter what those individuals say or do.

Toxic Person Test: What are the signs of a toxic person?

Toxic people are usually not aware of what they do that is harmful to others. As a result, toxic people can be difficult, demanding, and impossible to please without realizing it.

The next step in identifying toxic behavior would recognize the signs in yourself or someone else. Again, it’s worth noting that some behaviors might seem innocent on their own, but a handful of them could indicate a toxic person.

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Some common signs to look out for are:

A toxic person trying to control others

A toxic person tries to control others. They do this because they are insecure and have low self-esteem. I want to show you how a toxic person can make your life miserable and the signs that someone might be trying to control you.

A toxic person think they are always right

Toxic people think they are always right, and to them, it’s all about winning. They will say anything that comes to their mind to win an argument. Toxic people do not care for the feelings of others and only want to be validated by being correct all the time.

You change partners often

Toxic people change partners often because they cannot maintain healthy relationships with others; they usually end up in unhealthy relationships that create the same problems that caused them to have been labeled as “toxic.” In short, toxic people don’t know how to keep it together – both personally and romantically.

A toxic person is afraid of relationships and friendships

A toxic person is someone who has characteristics such as manipulation, lying, deceitfulness, and domination. They will use these personality traits to take control over their partner or friend’s life. This type of person may also fear relationships and friendships because they are incapable of being vulnerable to another human being.

A toxic person talk about themselves all the time

A toxic person talks about themselves all the time. They never take responsibility for their actions and blame you for everything that goes wrong in their lives.

A toxic person can’t apologize

A toxic person can’t apologize. They are so used to getting away with bad behaviors that they don’t see anything wrong with them. The only way for them to stop is if they get caught in the act or feel like there is no other choice to avoid losing something important.

A toxic person afraid of what people think or feel concerning them

Toxic people have a fear that others will think or feel negatively about them. They deal with these fears to try and control the people around them, which in turn makes those people feel more negative emotions.

A toxic person is unhappy

A toxic person is an unhappy individual who takes out their frustrations and insecurities on other people by bullying them or being passive-aggressive. They have an extremely negative outlook which they project onto those around them, so it’s important not to let those toxic relationships define you!

Toxic Person Is Unhappy

A toxic person know they are doing something wrong but can’t stop

Toxic people know they are doing something wrong but can’t stop themselves because they use manipulation tactics like guilt-tripping, making threats, making false promises, etc.

A toxic person is a master manipulator and may use emotional blackmail

Toxic people are masters at manipulation and often use emotional blackmail to get what they want. Learn how to identify a toxic person and the warning signs of their behavior so that you can protect yourself from them.

A toxic person doesn’t trust anyone

A toxic person is not someone you want to be friends with. They don’t trust anyone, are always suspicious, and get angry and defensive when challenged.

It feels like everyone is attacking them

A toxic person feels like everyone is attacking him. It’s because he puts himself in that position, and it’s often his fault.

How can you tell if a woman is toxic?

It’s important to be able to identify the signs of a toxic woman. If you notice any of these symptoms in your current or past relationships, it may be time for some self-reflection and maybe even an intervention.

A Woman Is Toxic

Here are some red flags:

  • A lack of respect for boundaries
  • Constant emotional manipulation
  • Breaking promises
  • Lying
  • Controlling behavior 
  • Unpredictable moods
  • Expecting perfection
  • Inability to handle criticism
  • Bullying
  • Always blaming others
  • Jealousy
  • Blaming others for their feelings
  • Lack of empathy
  • Doing things they know will hurt people
  • Being unapologetic about anything
  • Putting themselves first.

More Info

Steps will help you find peace when dealing with a toxic person

When you’re dealing with a toxic person, it can be hard not to get angry or frustrated because everything is always your fault. It can feel like there is no way out, but these six steps will help you find peace when dealing with someone who thinks they are always right:

  1. Stay calm
  2. Don’t let them see how much they affect you
  3. Keep yourself busy
  4. Tell your story
  5. Communicate
  6. Seek professional help

How To Stop Being Toxic?

It’s time to stop being toxic. Toxic people are everywhere, and it is a struggle for most of us. Sometimes we can’t avoid them even if we want to.

Your boss, your coworker, your friend – they all have the potential to be toxic in some way or another. It takes practice, but it’s not impossible! Let me show you how:

Understand that ‘YOU’ are not toxic

It is easy to feel that you are responsible for the ills of others. This can lead to a toxic mindset and negative self-talk. In reality, it’s not YOU who is toxic; it’s your attitude.

The more positive you are about yourself and those around you, the less likely there will be negativity in your life and work environment. Change starts with YOU!

Recognize which toxic behaviors you exhibit

Research suggests that toxic people are hurting themselves more than they realize. Toxicity is a heavy, dark feeling that can become hard to shake off because it’s catching and spreading like a virus.

The negative energy from these behaviors can build up in the body and lead to anxiety, exhaustion, or depression. It might be time for you to examine which behaviors you exhibit so you can stop being toxic!

Understand that life is not a zero-sum game

Life is not a zero-sum game. There are many ways to grow and find success as an individual. For example, when someone takes on the role of being toxic in your life, they’re taking it away from you rather than adding to you. We must understand this to avoid these types of people and live better lives without them.

Always ask whether you’re harming another

It is hard to know when something we are doing is harmful. Toxic people can be manipulative and make you feel guilty for questioning their behavior. Therefore, it’s important always to ask whether your actions are harming another person, not to become toxic yourself.

Get to know yourself

Toxic people suck. They are bad for our mental health, and they can make us feel like life is not worth living, but if we want to stop being toxic, we need to get to know ourselves.

It’s hard work, but it will be worth it in the end because then you’ll have a better understanding of how your behavior impacts others and more self-control over your thoughts.

Healthy Solutions for Dealing with Toxic People

Toxic people are defined as those who cause harm, pain, or distress to others. They can be a difficult person at work or home; they may have been in your life for years, and it’s hard to get away from them because of shared friends or family.

Dealing With Toxic People

It takes a lot of energy being around these individuals, but you can utilize the following strategies to help deal with toxic people easier:

  • Acknowledge that their behavior is unacceptable and unwanted
  • Create boundaries by telling them what you want and do not want from them; assert yourself when they cross these boundaries. 
  • Set limits on how much time you will spend with them each week,
  • Take care of your mental health by practicing self-care such as eating well and exercising regularly.

Am I A Toxic Friend?

Do you have a toxic friend in your life? Maybe they’re always angry and unsupportive, or maybe they always need something from you. Toxic friends are bad for your self-esteem and can make it difficult to form positive relationships with others. Here’s how to tell if you may be dealing with one of them:

They don’t respect boundaries: A toxic friend will often cross personal boundaries without asking permission first or give unwanted advice about what you should do. Clear communication is key! 

They take advantage of their friendships: Toxic people often use their friendships as an excuse to get out of work, skip responsibilities at home, or guilt-trip others into doing things that aren’t their responsibility.

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How Can You Tell If Someone Is Toxic On Facebook?

There are many different types of toxicity, but the most common type that people think about is emotional or verbal. Emotional toxicity usually comes in the form of jealousy and envy- those feelings when your friend gets ‘likes’ on their posts, and you don’t. Verbal toxicity, which often accompanies emotional toxicity, involves name-calling and insults to get the point across.

What’s A Toxic Relationship?

A toxic relationship is one where you are not treated well. It can be emotional, physical, or verbal abuse. You deserve to feel love and care from the person in your life that you share. However, if someone says hurtful things to you or if they’re constantly critical of everything about you, then this isn’t a healthy situation for your mental health and sense of self-worth.  The important thing is recognizing when something feels bad to do something about it before it becomes too late.

What’s A Toxic Girlfriend?

The term “toxic girlfriend” has been used by men to describe their girlfriends who seem more like enemies. One reason why a woman might be called a “toxic girlfriend” is because she’s clingy and jealous, which can lead to suspicion and mistrust.

Are Narcissists Toxic?

Narcissists are the type of person who is self-centered and only sees themselves as the best. They might not be toxic to everyone, but it’s hard for them to have relationships with others because they’re more focused on what they want rather than their partner’s feelings.


The Toxic Person Test is a free assessment that will help you determine if you are, or have ever been, toxic to yourself and others. If the answer is yes, there may be steps you can take to change your behavior for both your own sake and the people around you.

We hope this post has helped illuminate some of these issues and offer solutions to stop being so toxic! Have any queries? Leave them in the comments below!


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