What Dressing Goes On Greek Salad: Best 10 Dressing Ideas

Are you trying to figure out what dressing goes on Greek salad? Greek salad dressing is the perfect way to add flavor and moisture to your salads.

Greeks are known for their love of olive oil, so it’s not surprising that Greek salad is a well-known dish in Greece.

It traditionally consists of chopped tomatoes, cucumbers, green pepper, onion, and feta cheese dressed with olive oil and seasoned with oregano. But there are many different variations on the dressing, depending on where you go.

Some people like to dress the salad with vinegar or lemon juice, while others prefer mayonnaise or yogurt-based dressings.

The type of bread also varies from region to region but usually includes pita bread in some form or another because Greeks love carbs!

What Kind Of Dressing Goes On A Greek Salad
What Kind Of Dressing Goes On A Greek Salad

What Dressing Goes On Greek Salad: Best 10 Dressing Ideas

Greek salad dressing is a light and flavorful alternative to traditional Italian or French dressings. It’s easy to make with simple ingredients from your pantry or fridge! Here are ten of our favorite Greek salad dressing recipes for you to try at home:

1. Traditional Greek Salad Dressing

This recipe uses fresh parsley, oregano, and lemon juice to achieve the traditional Greek flavors. It takes 10 minutes to make.

2. Greek Salad Dressing with Balsamic Vinegar & Roasted Garlic

This recipe uses balsamic vinegar and roasted garlic which is blended for an extra smooth texture that will compliment your salads perfectly!

3. Greek Salad Dressing with Lemon Juice

This simple recipe uses lemon juice for a nice citrusy dressing. Perfect for lighter dressings or when you want to add flavor without the extra calories!

4. Greek vinaigrette salad dressing

This recipe is made from white wine vinegar, dried oregano, garlic, and lemon zest, giving it a Mediterranean flavor. It takes 5 minutes to make.

5. Greek Yogurt Salad Dressing

If you’re looking for an even healthier option than traditional salad dressings, then this is the recipe for you! This dressing is made with Worcestershire sauce and yogurt, which gives it some tang. Perfect for trying if you’re new to yogurt-based dressings.

6. Easy Oregano Greek Salad Dressing

This recipe uses olive oil, red wine vinegar, and oregano, giving it a classic Italian taste. It takes 5 minutes to make!

7. Lemon & Chive Greek Yogurt Salad Dressing

This is a simple and flavorful dressing that is made with lemon juice, chives, and Greek yogurt. It takes 5 minutes to make!

8. Mediterranean Dressing

This recipe uses balsamic vinegar, olive oil, and seasonings, making for a bold dressing that will go perfectly with your salads!

9. Greek Salad Dressing

This is a simple and classic dressing that you can make with ingredients you already have in your pantry. It’s great for sandwich spreads or adding flavor to green salads!

10. Shallot & Parsley Greek Salad Dressing

This recipe uses shallots, red wine vinegar, and parsley, making for a bold dressing perfect for your salads or sandwiches!

Is Greek salad dressing good for you?

Greek salad dressing can be high in calories because of the oil, but it is an excellent source of nutrients. Extra virgin olive oil is a key ingredient in several Mediterranean countries and has been associated with many health benefits due to its high concentration of monosaturated fats, including oleic acid, which may have cardioprotective effects.

Greek salad dressing is an excellent source of B vitamins, including vitamin B6, which is significant because it helps your body break down the amino acid homocysteine found in protein which studies have linked to atherosclerosis and heart disease. Greek salad dressing also provides a low glycemic index carbohydrate from the tomatoes, cucumbers, onions, and pita bread.

The Bottom Line

Greek dressing is a great option for salad dressings because it adds some bold flavors while keeping the calorie count low. Whether you prefer traditional Greek salad dressing or one of the many variations, it’s easy to make and can be used on salads, sandwiches, or as dips!

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