When A Taurus Man Goes Quiet: What To Do?

What to do when a Taurus man goes quiet? Every woman has dealt with the frustrating moments when a man ignores her. Perhaps you could even say that it has happened just about every day since the birth of the first woman.

For some women, these moments might be nothing more than an annoyance, and for others, this may be a tough experience for them to endure. If you are looking for some advice on how to deal with this issue, keep reading!

Ultimately, the purpose of these articles is to give women the tools they need so that they can deal with this issue in a positive way.

When A Taurus Man Goes Quiet?

When a Taurus man ignores you, it can be uncomfortable to deal with, especially if you have never experienced this sort of thing before.

While it may seem like the man is angry and upset with you, that is not always the case. In fact, there are several reasons why a Taurus man might choose to ignore you or avoid looking at or talking to you that have absolutely nothing to do with you or what was said or done during the time in question.

5 Clear Signs A Taurus Man Ignores You

1. Ignoring You For No Reason

There are times when a Taurus man ignores you, and there is simply no reason for him to ignore you. While he may not be ignoring you personally, it can seem like he is choosing to ignore you because of something that was said or done.

When a Taurus man ignores you for no reason, it can cause a woman to feel confused and unsure about what she did in order to upset the man.

2. He Appears To Always Be Busy

A Taurus man will always appear to be busy with work or his hobbies when he is ignoring you or trying not to look at you directly.

When a Taurus man is busy, he may not have time to try to talk to or look at you. He will not respond in the way you are hoping for because he is trying to get things done.

3. He Is Avoiding Your Eyes

If a Taurus man ignores you and does not want to meet your gaze, he will likely look away when talking with him. This can make the woman feel like she is annoying him and that his behavior has something to do with her presence.

4. He Is Quiet

When you first start a conversation with a Taurus man, and he ignores you, he may seem distant at first. He may not respond to what you were hoping to hear or say because he is in his own world.

Of course, there is no guarantee that this means that the man wants to avoid you. It might mean something else entirely.

When A Taurus Man Goes Quiet
When A Taurus Man Goes Quiet

5. He Does Not Want To Talk

At times when a Taurus man ignores you, it can be easy for him to feel as though he does not want to talk about the topic.

He may feel as though he does not want to acknowledge your presence or talk to you. He does not have much to say because he is in a place where he feels as though he needs to be quiet.

What Does It Mean When A Taurus Ignores You?

When a Taurus man ignores you, he is likely doing so because of one or more of the following reasons:

He Might Be Nervous And/Or Uncomfortable

Not all Taurus men are confident in social situations, which means they might struggle to figure out what to say to you. He might not even know how to speak with you, which can make it difficult for him to respond.

If a Taurus man is responding in any way other than talking, he probably does not know how to deal with the situation and is trying his best not to seem like a complete fool.

He Does Not Want Too Many People Involved In His Life

While a Taurus man might be excited to have a girlfriend, if you start to involve too many people in his life, he might decide that he does not want to be your boyfriend anymore.

If this happens, a Taurus man will usually contact you at the very least and let you know what is going on.

He will probably do whatever he can to avoid any sort of drama that comes with breaking up with you while also trying his best not to seem like a jerk.

He Might Have A New Love Interest

If you are the Taurus man’s girlfriend, he is likely into you, and there is a good chance he will be into his new love interest as well.

However, because of this, he might choose to ignore you to avoid any drama that might come from dating both of you at the same time. If he really likes the new woman he is dating, chances are he will be ignoring her.

At the same time, if you do not like the idea of him dating other women, you might want to avoid acting out. This may be hard for you to do, but things need to work out in both of your best interests when it comes down to it.

What To Do When A Taurus Man Ignores You?

If you are looking for some advice on how to deal with this issue, keep reading!

1. Reinforce The Positive

When a Taurus man ignores you, he may be trying his best to avoid you. If you start to feel as though he is ignoring you, you can try to find what makes him happy, just like I mentioned above, and focus on that instead of picking at him or screaming at him in an attempt to get him to talk to you again or talk with you.

If this is not working, it may be time to send a polite text or email asking him why he chose to ignore it and what it means for the two of you (i.e., how it will affect your relationship).

2. Be Patient

If you are being ignored, it is likely because the man is uncomfortable with the situation and feels as though he is causing you pain. Do not be discouraged by this.

If there is a good chance that the Taurus man might have a new girlfriend, do not do anything that might upset him while he is getting his head around his new relationship.

Wait until you know what happened between him and his previous girlfriend before acting out or asking questions.

3. Make Your Feelings Known

If you feel the Taurus man has lost interest in you or does not want to be in your life anymore, you can send him a text message or email explaining this.

You can explain how you feel. Alternatively, you can ask him questions about his intentions. Tell him that he is a good person and that you are hoping to talk to him about your relationship.

4. Take A Break

If you feel as though the Taurus man will not talk with you, simply take a break from him. If he wants to be in your life, he will eventually contact you or re-engage with you when the time is right.

It might also make sense for the Taurus man to do some soul searching in order to figure out what type of relationship he wants with the woman in question.

5. Make Him Jealous

If you want to make the Taurus man jealous and hope that he will take some action, this may be a good solution.

However, this approach may backfire if a Taurus man is not ready to talk with you or has no interest in talking with you.

There is no guarantee that any of these approaches will work, but they can help you deal with the issues that arise when a Taurus man ignores you.

How Do You Cheer Up A Taurus Man?

While a Taurus man might seem dark and brooding, he is often a nice and kind person. While you might not want to cheer up your Taurus because you enjoy his company and do not want him to change, there are times when it can be difficult for him and helpful for you if you make a point of cheering him up. Here are some ways that you can make your Taurus man feel better.

1. Take A Vacation Together

If there is any way that you can travel together, this can be the perfect opportunity to help cheer up your Taurus man. He will need to do some packing, but other than that, he probably has little to do but follow along on your adventures.

If this is not a possibility, you can plan a long weekend trip where the two of you spend time together and really get to know each other better.

2. Help Him With His Homework Or Projects At Work

Even though you may not like what your Taurus guy does for a living, it is likely that he will be helping out with something or other at work or school. You do not need to help him with these things, but if you want to help out get some things done while talking and spending time with him, this can be great!

3. Take Him Out To Dinner

If your Taurus man is not ready to go out with you and does not want to be in the public eye, take him out for a nice meal.

He may feel as though he is shy or embarrassed around other people, but a meal together can help him regain his confidence and realize that you do not care what other people think of him.

4. Compliment His Work

If you like what your Taurus guy does at work, compliment his work. It might be hard for him to accept this, but if you make a point of complimenting something that he does, it will help put his mind at ease.

5. Take Him On A Drive

Talk to the man in your life about how he feels when he is driving and how anxious he may be while driving.

If this makes him feel uncomfortable, it might be great if you take his car out for a drive together. This will help boost his confidence and make him feel more comfortable behind the wheel.

The Bottom Line

There is nothing worse than being ignored by someone close to you, especially when it is someone that you genuinely care about. Do not give up on your Taurus, man. He is a good guy with a lot of potential, and he deserves some serious attention and affection at times.

While being ignored by him might seem to be the end of your relationship, actually, it is far from it. Remember what I said earlier – while you might not want him to change, he may need to work through some issues, which will help improve things in both of your lives. In addition, it can help boost your relationship if you get along with his mother!

Hopefully, this article has helped put things in a better perspective for those dealing with the problems that come from a Taurus man ignoring them or being mean to them.

If you have any questions or comments, please let us know. In addition, if you would like to help others by leaving a comment and sharing your experiences, please do so.

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