Why Are Women So Demanding In Relationships? Best Tips To Deal With Demanding GF

Women are often perceived as spoiled, demanding, and expecting more than men.

This blog post discusses why are women so demanding in relationships that sometimes the expectations of women do not get addressed and shows ways in which these expectations can be satisfied.

As men, it is important that we understand our role and responsibility in a relationship so that if something is not working, we can address the situation calmly and without conflict.

What Expectations Are Women Placing On Men When They Enter Into A Relationship?

1. They Want To Feel That Their Man Is A Catch

Women want to feel that they are with an attractive man and in high demand among other women. This, however, does not mean that he has been with many women and is considered a player.

2. They Want To Be Appreciated For All They Do

It is important that men express appreciation and love toward their women, no matter how small the gesture may be. For example, if she offers to cook dinner, it would be nice for her man to thank her for making the meal or even helping out around the house. Appreciation goes a long way in keeping the relationship healthy and happy.

3. They Want To Be Treated Like A Queen

It is important that men treat their women with a lot of respect. This does not mean that he has to act like she is a princess, but he should always be considerate and respectful.

Why Are Women So Demanding
Why Are Women So Demanding

4. They Want To Know That They Are The Priority

Many women enter into relationships because they feel that everything needs to revolve around them. It’s important for them to know this and feel loved (which will also show in how they treat their man).

It is also important that he knows that she is the one who wants this relationship, which again will help keep things healthy and happy in their relationship.

5. They Want Their Man To Make Them Feel Beautiful

Women often get insecure about themselves in relationships. This comes from feeling like he does not always consider her beautiful enough, that she does not deserve his attention, or that she is not good enough for him.

The important thing is to give her compliments and reassure her of what she has to offer in the relationship.

6. They Want To Be Listened To And Understood

Many women enter into relationships because they are tired of being alone, criticized, and taken for granted by other men in their lives.

This is why it’s important that men listen carefully and pay attention to what she has to say. Love does not mean that everything she says must be followed because she is the one in a relationship. It just means that he needs to respect her opinion and feel the need to listen to her.

7. They Want Their Man To Share His Feelings With Them

They want to know what is going on inside of him and how she can help him get through some of his problems. There may be problems in their relationship that he is trying to work through alone, so it is important for him to express his feelings (this can also backfire though if he becomes too emotional).

8. They Want Their Man To Know That They Are There For Him

It is important that men reassure their women that they are always there to support them. This can be done with physical contact and cups of coffee, which should be provided regularly.

9. They Want To Have Fun Together

If the relationship has become too routine, it’s important to spice things up by doing new things and taking time out for both of you as a couple (this will show her that she is still a priority).

10. They Want Respect

Men must understand this without being told they should treat her accordingly. It’s not always about the big gestures, but sometimes how she feels when he walks through the door and how he speaks to her when they are alone together.

How Can These Expectations Be Satisfied Properly?

It is important that men recognize these expectations to determine what works and what doesn’t. The most important thing is to show appreciation for everything she does. This means that women will be more satisfied with the relationship, and in return, it will make her want to be more supportive of him as well.

1. The Expectations Of Women Should Be Expressed Mainly Through Words

This does not mean that he needs to always be telling her how much he appreciates her, but rather that he would like to show it in his actions and how he treats her. This will make him more appealing, and she will want to stay with him for the long run, which is what is important.

2. Compliments Are Very Important In Relationships

There are many men who overlook this important aspect of relationships. If a woman consistently receives compliments from their man, they will feel more loved and appreciated, which will also make it easier for them to forget all the problems at home (if there are any).

3. The Opinions Of Women Matter

He must respect her opinions and listen when she wants to talk about something. It’s important, though, not to argue about everything she says because it can come across as being too controlling or even condescending. It’s a good idea that he treats her respectfully even if he feels different from what she says.

4. Men Should Never Undermine The Importance Of Communication In Relationships

Men often ignore this because they feel like they aren’t capable of communicating well enough and that they may say something wrong. It’s important that they communicate well with their women and express what they feel.

5. Women Should Always Feel Like They Are The Priority

This is not a hard thing to do, but it’s just that it’s important that he understands this. A lot of women will become frustrated in relationships if men feel like their relationship takes a backseat to other things in their life (unless the relationship is extremely important).

6. Men Want To Make Their Women Feel Beautiful

It is important that this is fulfilled so that she feels more comfortable with the relationship and with herself. A lot of women will easily feel insecure about themselves in relationships if they don’t always feel beautiful and wanted by their men (although, it is not always a woman’s fault if she does not always feel beautiful).

7. Men Listen To Understand

It can be frustrating for a woman if a man feels like he already knows what’s going on and refuses to listen. He must listen to her concerns and try to find out exactly how she feels about certain things.

8. Men Should Not Ignore The Needs Of Women

It is important that he avoids focusing on the negative things about a woman and rather focuses on what she can contribute to his life.

Men should understand this concept without being told that it’s important because women take it personally when they are ignored (showing a lack of love).

9. Men Must Be Respectful Of Their Women

This is one of the most important things in relationships, and men should understand it without being told (it’s common for them to forget this concept when they feel like they have been disrespected or ignored).

10. Men Should Make An Effort To Do The Little Things

This can be as simple as remembering her birthday or taking time out of his day to show her how important she is in his life. It’s important that he doesn’t underestimate the importance of these acts and how important it is that he does more than just the big gestures.

When These Expectations Are Not Satisfied, What Kinds Of Behaviors Do Women Exhibit?

Women will start to exhibit certain behaviors that may be a sign of a problem if their expectations are not fulfilled. Men should try to understand this concept and avoid creating more problems in the relationship by not fulfilling needs that have already been expressed. If a woman starts to exhibit the following behaviors, it may be indicative of problems:

  1. She begins to criticize him and finds fault with him (oftentimes, this is seen as being too controlling).
  2. She becomes less affectionate towards her man (this can lead to sexless relationships).
  3. She becomes less communicative (this can also lead to sexless relationships or even cheating on her part).
  4. She begins to be more negative about the relationship and tries to bring it down (this can lead to the other problems mentioned above).

Women exhibit these most common behaviors in relationships when their expectations are not fulfilled. Men should try to understand her point of view and not create more problems because they will start to feel neglected and blamed for many of the problems that exist in their relationship.

What Is The Common Thread That Runs Through All Of These Issues?

The one common thread that runs through all of these issues is respect. There have been many times when a woman was grateful that a man they loved so much had shown them respect, but they ended up cheating on him or feeling sexually inadequate.

Men should understand that respect does not mean that they will be disrespected (as long as he does not cross the line of disrespecting her). He should understand that it is easy to please one other when you have a good relationship.

These concepts will allow men to be more successful in their relationships with women and see the importance of these things in order for them to have a better quality of life.

What Should Men Do To Improve The Relationship?

Men should make an effort to always respect their women and show them how much they care about them by doing things like:

  1. Loving her unconditionally (unconditional love is the only kind of love really worth having).
  2. Being honest with her about anything (honest communication is key for a good relationship).
  3. Listening to her and not interrupting her when she is talking (she does not always have to finish a sentence before he starts talking or asking questions).
  4. Not taking things personally or getting angry when she does not agree with him on certain subjects (this will really irritate him and cause problems in the relationship).
  5. Makes sure that he always spends time with her, even if it’s just for a few minutes at a time (they need this affection from each other).
  6. Always being there for her and makes sure that he makes enough time in his day to be there for her.
  7. Honoring her when she expresses her needs (don’t ignore it or tell her that she isn’t important).
  8. Accepting any decision she makes about the relationship (even if it’s not what he wants).
  9. Trying to understand why she does the things that she does and how to prevent them from happening again (he should not become so frustrated with her).
  10. Makes sure that he always enjoys being around his woman and never gets annoyed with her (men love women too much to get annoyed with them).
  11. He always makes sure that he always takes good care of her and makes her feel beautiful.

These are the top eleven ways to improve a relationship and should always be considered. These things are just the tip of the iceberg, but you can see how important it is to always respect your woman and keep her satisfied with you.


These are the most common problems that men encounter when trying to keep their women satisfied with them. These are very important things to consider, but most of the time, people don’t because they don’t want those insecurities or egos involved in their lives.

Men should always try to understand what women need and try to meet those needs instead of being selfish by ignoring them (this can cause many problems). Relationships are not easy, and people take pride in thinking that they can simply tell another person what they want without putting in any work. This is often a big reason why many couples fail.

Men should understand that love is not about their needs and it’s about their needs. He should remember that women will only show their love in a way that they feel is worthy of it. If she shows the man respect, he must always show her respect back (and she will never show him respect if he doesn’t).

These are fundamental things that men need to understand to help them improve their relationships with women and live a better quality of life. These concepts allow them to be more successful and happy in every aspect of their lives.


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